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34 Year Old · Female · Invited by: FamousLove69 · Joined on January 12, 2007 · Born on July 5th
34 Year Old · Female · Invited by: FamousLove69 · Joined on January 12, 2007 · Born on July 5th

PLEASE DO NOT RIP ANY OF MY PHOTO'S ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~``I am very much in love with someone and I am not looking for any boyfriends or fast flings or anything like that. I am sorry and I am not trying to be mean or anything I just don't want any of you guys thinkin Im available when I am not. Thanks and I hope you all understand. and SORRY I don't have hardly any pictures up I will as soon as I can. I just dont have any recent ones right now.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LEAVE ME A MESSAGE : D I need some lol Get Your Own Voice PlayerManageCreate your own MySpace Countdown Counter Today!the thing says 21 but its wrong LOL Age: 20 Eye color: Brown Height: 5' 7 " Natural hair color : Dark brown Hair color now : Dark and Light brown and a little blonde UPDATE 1-12-07 ( dyed it allot ) But hasnt in two years and wont again shes growing it out. Born: July,5,1986 Heritage~ Canadian French Indian Princess Perfume: Britney Spears " curious "Astrological sign: CancerAlittle bit about me:written by me I find myself to be sweet,loyal, understanding sometimes , I am a good listener, sometimes I can be a real goofball too. I love taking pictures, making videos, swimming in our pool, going for walks, going for rides, Singing I love to sing and people say I have a good voice if you ask me to sing I may come off shy. I love to write songs, stories, poems stuff like that. I am crazy about wolves I collect wolf stuff and I also collect Tiger stuff. I love listening to music. I am into drawing stuff I draw a lot of stuff so it hard to say what I draw because I never really know what I am gonna draw. I Also like animals. I have a puppy named Kaos who was bornApril - 18 - 2006 Hobbies: ,Im crazy about wolves I collect wolf stuff and I also collect Tiger stuff. I love listening to music, Swimming, If you want to know anything else then you can ask me lol Favorite Color: baby blueFavorite Resturant: McDonalds Favorite movie/movies:Horror Movies, on the line, crossroads, 8 mile, Fat Albert, Meet the Fockers, Elektra, Child play movies chuckie movies, Shark tale, white fang 1 & 2, Waynes World 1 & 2, The Hollow, I like alotta movies. Favorite Shows : I watch alot Tv. If I aint watching Tv Im eirther in town shopping with my mom or on the computer.But heres an Idea of stuff I like to watch, HBO, CINEMAX, SHOW TIME, The Cosby Show , Roseanne , Fresh Prince of Belair and Wings on Nick@Night, rugrats, Magyver, all grow up Kim watches alot nickalodeon haha Kim also enjoys some lifetime movies from time to time. want to know what else I may watch just ask lol Favorite drink : Coke cola and PepsiFavorite food: Pizza pepperoni, Chedder and sour cream chips, Nacho Chips , Sherperds pie , and Smart food popcorn. Favorite book: Horror books Favorite animals: Tigers and wolves Favorite Male Actor - Mike Myers Favorite Female Actress - Jeniffer Green.Other Favorite Male actors - Denzel Washington and Adam SandlerOther Favorite Female Actress - Angelina Jolie and Uma ThurmanFavorite school subject: English ( but hates school and doesnt go anymore )This was all taken from a website I made in the about me section. But I am chooseing not to display the link sorry .

34 Year Old · Female · Invited by: FamousLove69 · Joined on January 12, 2007 · Born on July 5th
Photgraphy LOL Im my own model LMFAO Writing poems, stories, and other stuff. Nick carter Music Playing with my puppy Kaos. : ) whos laying on my bed lookin at me right now... with this ma come to bed I wanna cuddle look LOL 1 -13 - 07 12 : 25 am and he looks like hes gonna cry lol..so I better hurry up and hop in bed. LOL giveing people advice. uh Im sure theres more but Im tired so I'll get back to you later.
Uh well LOL lets see.... Britney Spears,Eminem,NICK CARTER,Christina Aguilera,Skye Sweetnam,Jessica Simpson,Backstreet boys ,Shania Twain,Celine Dion,Tina Arena,Good Charlotte,Brian Litrell, Aaron Carter,Carrie Underwood,Madonna,Cascada,Janet Jackson, The La's,Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam,Mariah Carey,Savage Garden,Trance,Leslie Carter,Nick Lachey,Journey, Well thats some from the top of my head and from my windows media player lol. Theres mor but I'll have to get back to you later. LOL
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AdviceFromSomeoneWhosBeenThrewItAll/ Thats my yahoo group for people who would like to get advice from someone whos been threw it all.
Video Games
I have a GameCube I just got it for christmas 2006 so I only have one game at the moment lol and thats The sims pets 2. I have never really been into video games. But that soon will change. LOL LOL I guess my skin killed my music text so just highlight it like your gonna copy it to read it lol I'll fix it later.

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