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Rebel Disturbed One's blog: "Hmmm"

created on 04/17/2008  |  http://fubar.com/hmmm/b207944
1964 - Snow 1965 - Hurricane Betsy 1968 - Snow 1969 - Hurricane Camille 1991 – Snow 1992-Andrew 2004 - Snow 2005 - Hurricane Katrina 2008-Snow 2009- ? Oh yeah. We getting another massive Hurricane, I'm throwing a Hurricane party, Come boogie with bay bay, It might be your only chance lol Would you guys even come? haha
This is just sad man. Heartattack on the feild
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R.I.P Jonathan Hiller
3/20/76 -5/1/05
"Let's Get Ready To Stumble"

Today is the day you left us three years ago, And today is the day we vist you for the first time since your passing. I just hope we can keep it together while paying our respects. We miss you, You showed us so much about life and happiness, We Honor it everyday by conituning to smile even when there's nothing to smile about, Just the thought of you. You'll always be with us. I love you. :(

Do you swear on your life that no one will cry at my funeral?
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