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ILOVEVAMPS's blog: "great news"

created on 04/29/2008  |  http://fubar.com/great-news/b211352
I just wanted all of my friends in fubar to know that I am single again. My friend Nataliya from the Ukraine was just out for money and a free ticket to the U.S. so I am looking for that one woman that can be true to me. If any of you know somebody out there that knows how to be faithful and honest in a relationship please let me know who she is. I would love to meat her.
Hello all I just wanted to share the news with all of my friends on fubar. In my past blogs I have spoke to you of my friend Nataliya from the Ukraine. Well as of today she is no longer just my friend. As soon as we can make the arrangments we will be getting maried. Wish me luck and I will be keeping all of you informed of what is going on. I hope to be posting a pic of the two of us together very soon. I wish all of the happiness in the world to all of you.
I just recieved an E-mail from my friend in the Ukraine. I have been talkint to her over the internet for a little over a month and in her e-mail today she told me that she has fallen for me. She also said that she wants to come visit me for a week or two in the very neer feuture. I am so nervous and exsited at the same time. If things go right I will be changing my profile and the rest of you ladies will just have to settle for being friends with me. I have been looking for someone to share my life with for a long time now and I had to find somebody that lives half the way around the world but I think that I may have found her. God dose know how to play is games with our lives but he dose give us what we pray for in his own time. I don't know if Nataliya and I will work out in the end But at least we will have a chance to make eachother happy for a few moments in our lives. Those are the times that we must all charish in our lives and not dwell on the bad times or the time in our lives that people have caused us pain. Pain and hurt will faid away in time but the love that we felt btween two people will go on for ever. Perhaps romance is not dead in this world and if we don't give up on finding it then it will never die. So I chalenge each and every one of you that read this blog to go out today and do something for the ones that you hold dear to you. Make them feel the love that you hold in your heart for them and see how the world will be change in front of our eyes.
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