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ILOVEVAMPS's blog: "Just because"

created on 04/28/2008  |  http://fubar.com/just-because/b211061
I am writing this because I need to express something that bothers me. I am a romantic and I have found that women today just don't want that anymore. I believe in becoming friends with someone before becoming romanticly involed with them. But Due to that I have also learned that once you become friends with them they don't want to lose that friendship with you. Dose that mean that I am old fassion? I guese so. All people want out of life today is a quick role on the floor with a $100 o the night stand and then complain to the guys like me and their friend that they wish they could find someone that knows how to treat them right. I will proble be condemed for writing this blog but I can't help feeling the way I do. If you can provr that romance is not dead in the world today I hope that you will. If not please don't even bother commenting on this
I just wanted all of my friends to know that I am single again. Yesterday I recieved an e-mail from my socalled friend Nataliya and I found out that all she wanted from me was Money and a way for her to get to the U.S. I should have known that was all that she wanted from me and I want all of you that tried to tell me that I am sorry for not believing you. I feel like such a fool for believing that someone that lives half way around the world could fall for me. Hell, I can't even find someone in the U.S. to fall for me why would she? Well I just wanted to let all of you know what was going on in my life and I will be in touch with you all soon.
Hello all, I just felt like writing a little something to let you all know that I am still alive. I was thinking about writing some more about my socalled friend that I wrote about in another blog but that is a dead stort and I am no longer going to waiste my time with it. I just want you all to know that I hold no hard feelings against her or her friends and I know that they can't help who they are. I am trying to learn to love those around me even with there flaws because I have enouph flaws of my own. If I have said something to any of you that has made you mad then I am sorry and I will try to change my ways. But I have been the way I am for a while and it is not going to be easy for me to do. So please, guive me the time I need and I will change in time. Life is to short to hate those that Have done you wrong in life for when you die it will follow you into the hereafter. Besides no matter how wronge Christa ever treated me I could never lose the love that I have for her. TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES!!!!
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