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This blog is to assist you on timing on famps. Observing some famps that have been run, a lot don't understand the timing to get the most rates for themselves and their families.

There are some "unspoken rules" on famps. I realize there is no mention of anything on the famp description on the power up page... so here they are...

1. A famp without a boomy isn't good. Yes it's true each rate you get goes to your family as well, but there is nothing to draw me or anyone else to come rate you. On the rare occasions I chase famps, I will bypass the ones running just a famp, and if I am put in "just a famp" I don't recognize it as someone to payback with a fampback.

2. Yes it is true, boomys last four hours and famps last three.. BUT... run just ONE famp per boomy. Famping is ALL about timing. you can run boomys back to back.. but not famps.

If you follow the timing below you can get a total of FIVE rate resets (when using big bangs as well) and three resets with just a boomy and famp. Big bangs are NOT mandatory and I only suggest them if you're going for rating achievements such as Fu-Affection, Fu Loved, Etc.

When you famp depends on what you are doing. If you are working on achievements through Dee and myself you will have a timed schedule for your famps... but in this blog we are just going to assume.. you want to run a famp. For the sake of showing timing.. I am going to say you are starting your boomy/famp sequence at 7PM. The main thing is the time between starting each power up.

7PM Start a boomy. This will reset your rates.

7:30PM Start your famp. THIS will reset your rates. Put Rates Reset in your status and if you work with pics.. this is when you would put your rates reset pic up as your default.

8:00PM. Start your Big Bang (if you chose to use one.. NOT MANDATORY). This will reset your rates. If you are going for a rate achievement I STRONGLY suggest using a Big Bang. Again use your status and pics to let folks know your rates have reset.

10:00PM Your Big Bang will end (If one was used) THIS WILL RESET YOUR RATES.. again.. status and pics.

10:30PM Your Famp will end. THIS WILL RESET YOUR RATES.. again.. status and pics.
NOTE: This is where a lot of people mess up and start another famp. DO NOT START ANOTHER FAMP at this time. If you do, it will waste a FREE rates reset and your timing will be off on your next sequence. 

11PM Your Boomy will end. This does NOT reset your rates, but at THIS time you can start a NEW Boomy and start the same timing sequence start at the beginning.

If you follow this blog you will increase your rates and the rates for your family several times. 

Good luck and LETS PLAY!!


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