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Time's are a changing.... and I guess it's that "deal with it or....." deal going now. I learn to deal with things all the time. And fubar's new slow speed on rating pics is just another one of those that we all have to learn to deal with or .... whatever we choose. I do refuse to gripe about it. Sure, it has slowed us down...but it's that "stop and smell the roses" kinda thing for me. Too many days and hours...we rush, rush, rush. Now it's time to slow down a bit and enjoy this fubar-land. Slow or fast.... let's make the best of it. I'm sure they (fubar admin) does get fustrated with updating the servers to accommodate all the new features and "our" way of trying to get by with using EZ rate and fast rate pics. I personally love to go rate someone and "look" at their pictures. Especially the personal pics that they have taken the time to make and put on here. A lot of these fu-folks have some great talents and I truly enjoy looking at their new ideas they come up with on pics. LOL... some are fantastic...some are crummy...but all are worth that special moment to "look". They are proud of them or they wouldn't put them on fubar and I am proud to rate them and watch their talent grow over the weeks from their first attempt to their latest. It's amazing, really. So...sit back, bite your tongue and enjoy what we do have. There are some fantastic folks on fubar and each one does have something special about them...something that stands out when you go to view their tooltip, profile, or pics. Smell the roses and enjoy each day at a time... each picture at a time. hugs n kisses to all... Dee
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