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48 Year Old · Male · From Houston, TX · Joined on March 17, 2006 · Born on April 23rd
48 Year Old · Male · From Houston, TX · Joined on March 17, 2006 · Born on April 23rd

well, I’m a real laid-back guy now days, I used to DJ a lot but I got married and settled down for a while, I still like to party but only on occasion or if I have a DJ show, I do work for a Records Center/Warehouse, I Don’t make a whole lot of money but it pays the bills, I’m a humorous person, responsible (now days anyway, lol) not much on sports, but like to watch sometimes,, not much on outdoors (except fishing,) I like movies , Sometimes I just like to rent and watch movies at home, I love food, (ha-ha obviously) I actually like going to the zoo and museums, and places like that, I used to not be much of a reader but I am getting more into actually reading , of course I am into pc/tech/internet stuff as well , I do have a car , Its not the nicest, but it get me to work and back, I drink , a lot on the weekends, but not during weekdays cause my job requires lots of physical and sometimes mental labor .I am also musically open minded and actually like to see bands play every now and then instead of dj's all the time, and of course I like to dance, I am a family person and real cool with my family in Texas, I have never been to college but came to the realization that I need to take some classes in something, guess its never too late. I have been married for last 3 years but we are separating on a good note soon and I will be moving back to Texas with undecided plans, (I have been in California for a year), Well, I spend a lot of free time on the pc, but occasionally like to get out of the house and shop for music, clothing, and electronics, as well as going clubbing, out to eat and other activities that may be suggested, im down for whatever and wil try anything twice,, , , will add more lata!

48 Year Old · Male · From Houston, TX · Joined on March 17, 2006 · Born on April 23rd
Sin City, Rise: Story of Disco Donnie, Hey DJ, Modulations, Better Living Through Circuitry, Its All Gone Pete Tong, Wild Style , Beat Street, Menace II society, Boyz in da hood, Friday, Dont be A menace To South Central While Drinkin Yo' Juice In Da Hood, The Doors, Hair, Spun, Salton sea, Still Smokin, Up In Smoke, (well, anything Cheech n Chong, lol) The Crow, Saw, Hostel, Scratch The Movie, Breakin I and II , Hostel & Saw
Grand Master Flash, Jam Master Jay, Maurro Picoto, Eric B n Rakim, Josh Winks, Frankie Bones, Tiesto, Grand wizard Theadoore, Robert Moog, Thomas Edison, theres more, but ill add later.................

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