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Invited by: 38455 · Joined on July 26, 2006
Invited by: 38455 · Joined on July 26, 2006

Adam the Tree has gained recognition over the past six years through his smooth mixes and track selections that can bring a crowd to its feet. He is known for his ability to flawlessly create sets that not only get the audience energized, but that also flow without interruption from beginning to end. He has transposed genres of music currently landing him into a smooth blend of tribal and progressive sounds. It all started in a small town in northern Wisconsin where Adam grew up and spent the majority of his childhood. The time I spent there has shaped many aspects of who Adam is. The organic elements of his music must have come from the great outdoors that he spent so much time enjoying during his time in this tiny town. As a child Adam never really had an interest in playing a musical instrument but he was always a huge fan of music itself. It wasnt until he was about 17 that Adam decided that he wanted to pursue the auditory arts. Adam was at my first organized electronic event when he first discovered his hidden passion for electronic music. Because of that rising passion Adam started DJing and has never looked back. The curiosity grew into a passion and his focus grew every waking day until it grew into something more than just a passion, it became his life.In 2000 Adam bought his first set of turntables. They were a cheap set and the mixer didnt even have an EQ, but nevertheless, Adam spent hours every day working on his mixing skills. After about a year of practice Adam decided it was time to show the world what he had learned. He received his first gig ever in Stevens Point Wisconsin for an event put on by the Studio Gangstas. After that debut, he received a booking about every three months or so. This continued until 2003 when Adam decided to move down to Madison, Wisconsin.Adam moved to Madison to finish school and to pursue his music career. He chose Madison as a jumping off point because he went to a few events here and he really liked what I saw. Once there, he started to intensely promote himself around the city. Within one month of his move, Syrenity Productions recognized his talent, and he received a spot as the only resident, tribal DJ. This position landed him a few residencies at some of Madisons local clubs. Not much later and Adam was offered a position with MC Audio ordering their Progressive House records. His DJ career was in flight. Between late 2003 and 2004, Adam played over 100 shows all over the Midwest. In 2005 things slowed down a little bit. Adam dropped Syrenity Productions as his primary production group due to creative differences, and he also started focusing more on music production and less on DJing. This was one of the turning points of his career and it inspired a new love for what he was doing. He had the opportunity to participate in a few studio sessions with other various DJ/producers in Madison where he learned more about the technical aspects of production. With this newly found passion of making his own music, Adam was inspired to create The Local Sounds Music Network. For more information on that please visit www.localsounds.com. From the start of 2006 Adam has been gearing up for the release of my first original EP (The Seed EP) and focusing on moving Local Sounds forward. He figured that it was time for him to jump into the lake and test the waters. If he wanted to help independent artists, He needed to understand everything he could about the trials and tribulations facing artists doing independent releases. Since doing promotion for his release he has been getting some great feedback on the EP, and was even nominated for a Madison Area Music Award for the first track on the EP Slow Seduction in the category of best electronic song. This is a brief look into the life of Adam the Tree. He is very excited and looking forward to the future and what it will bring to him. -Bio written by Lauren Krouze

Invited by: 38455 · Joined on July 26, 2006
What can I say about the music I like? I seem to be broadening my tastes as I age so I have a very wide spectrum that pleases my ears. For now I seem to dig something in almost every musical style I hear. In the end it really depends on my mood and how well and how well the piece was composed. As for what I typically play and produce, it's a mix of tribal and progressive house, though my style will range drastically depending on the show, the crowd, and my mood. Click below to buy music by Adam the Tree from - Adam's sets are an amalgam of house sounds, funky riffs, and some trance-esque underpinnings, complemented well by accents of acidy tones and some effects that are just un-classifiable. His newest mix, titled simply Winter 04, is a shining example of his unique sound. From Clubmilwaukee.com Click above for a mixed set Adam the Tree Winter Mix 04 Track List -Circulation Chocolate -Single Sex District (Meat Katie & Christian J remix) -Robbie Rivera Bangin the Beats (E Bais Treated Remix) -Redanka Out of the Dark -Nick K. presents Okazeon Coming home RMX pt2 (Peater & Tyrones Camouflage mix) -Eric Entrena Let the Music Move You (Dr. Kucho! Remix) -Mona Lisa Overdrive Born to Synthesize 2002 Austin Leeds Remix -Phasebase Acid Tribe -Castor & Polux Serenity (JF Sebastians Dont be Afraid remix) -Moshic & Landa Faza -Moody Preachers SP12 Resurrection
Crave is a short film by Swishface Productions. Music by Adam the Tree, and the actress is Nix.

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