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Voting & Scoring Procedures The DC-CAP performing Arts Semi-Finalist's Videotaped Audition will be posted on the DC-CAP website from Feb.20th to March 15th,2009. >Public voting will be conducted via the dc-cap website (( www.dccap.org )) >Encourage your Family,Friends,School & Community to go online and view your Talented Contestants. >Voters will have the Opportunity to rate each contestant with a 1 to 5 performance score (1=low and 5=high).By the close of the public voting, all competitor scores will be tallied and Judge's vote will be added to the Percentage of online votes received by each contestant. >The overall ranking by the judges and voting public will determine the selection of 10 Kennedy Center Gala Finalists. >All Participants will be notified of the audition outcome by letter on March 17,2009. Please DO NOT call about results prior to this date. >The Ten finalists will be competing at the Kennedy Center Gala for the Maximum Scholarship Award !! > My Daughter is in this Contest and We need your HELP !!! on helping her win this scholarship. Her name is Paige Borders age 17 a Senior this year 2009 also She loves to sing.. So please go to this website that I've posted (( Www.dccap.org )) and watch her video & listen to her Sing .. So come on & HELP this old DOGG & make Him Happy !! (( please )) SO CAST YOUR VOTE BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS ONLY ONE VOTE PER HOUSEHOLD (( that sucs )) >Dc-Cap website www.dccap.org Go to this website and vote for my Daughter Paige Borders in the 10th Anniversity Gala Celebration !! When you get to the main page click on Vote Now on the Right side of the page. Then you click on Vote scroll down until you see a list of students and scroll to the Right until you come to Paige Borders name and watch her Video and vote !! Its that simple .... Help Me Help Her Win Please !!! Spread the news to anyone that has a Computer and the Internet A.K.A Dogg947
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