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****Let me edit this just a bit... I feel I need to add some information... Do NOT get me wrong, it takes two to either make or break a marriage... I am not innocent by far... I have made my share of mistakes in the past 13 years, but I can honestly say that I have not deceived, lied, or forgotten the fact that I'm married... He has... I have tried in the past to make this marriage work... but a woman can only take so many times that her husband cheats on her... Twice he has been caught... Both times, he's denied it... Both times he threw it back in my face and made me the one to blame... There have been so many times that he's done this, but only twice has he been caught in the act, so to speak... OK, so maybe I am to blame for some of this, but does that give him the right to continue as he has done? No, it does not... ***** I do not even know how to begin this blog... I do not come to this site often anymore because of things that have happened, that I've seen, that I've gotten proof of... Every one of my friends know that I'm married, I've never hidden that fact... I feel that being up front and honest is the best policy... No, a few male friends could not handle the fact that I'm married, but hey, that was their problem.. At least I was honest... That's more than I can say about the man that I've been married to for almost 13 years... He is the one that is NOT honest with most women here, or at any other site he is on for that matter... He has told women that he is divorced and has been, when in fact, he is NOT.. He is still married to me... Why? That is a good question... I haven't figured that one out yet... But, this morning, it all came crashing down once again because I was "handed" proof of his LIES... In fact, I know this blog is going to cause a mini war here at home because once he reads this, that's when all hell will break loose... Normally I would keep this all to myself, but I'm done doing that.. Me and my kids deserve a better life than what we are living now... For anyone that has been "taken in" by this man.. I pity you... Here is my proof that I got this morning... The names involved have been XXX'ed out.. I will not reveal them to have them be put through the hell I know I will be put through.... XXXXXXXX [10:10 A.M.]: HAVE YOU TALKED TO DAVE OOOOOOOO [10:10 A.M.]: not recently XXXXXXXX [10:11 A.M.]: HE DONT LIKE ME RIGHT NOW OOOOOOOO [10:11 A.M.]: What did you do? XXXXXXXX [10:12 A.M.]: WELL, HE WAS LYING TOO ONE OFMY FRIENDS XXXXXXXX [10:13 A.M.]: HE TOLD HER HE HAD BE DIVORCE FOR 6 YEARS OOOOOOOO [10:13 A.M.]: Really? XXXXXXXX [10:14 A.M.]: YEAH I BUSTED HIS ASS WIDE OPEN OOOOOOOO [10:15 A.M.]: I see XXXXXXXX [10:17 A.M.]: YEAH DID THEY WERE A COUPLE ONLINE SHE WANTED TO MARRY DAVE XXXXXXXX [10:17 A.M.]: IWAS LIKE HOUSTIN WE HAVE PROBLEM XXXXXXXX [10:17 A.M.]: LOL XXXXXXXX [10:20 A.M.]: DAVE ADMITTED HE WAS STILL MARRIED *BUT TOLD SHERI I WAS LYIN AT FIRST* OOOOOOOO [10:21 A.M.]: What were you lyin about? OOOOOOOO [10:21 A.M.]: or just when you first told her? XXXXXXXX [10:21 A.M.]: WHEN SHE CONFONT HIM XXXXXXXX [10:23 A.M.]: I TOLD SHERI I WOULD IM HIS WIFE BUT, IDIDNT OPEN THAT CAN OF WORMS XXXXXXXX [10:25 A.M.]: SO, DAVE REALIZED WHO I WAS AND HE KNEW HE BETTER SHERI THE TRUTH XXXXXXXX [10:28 A.M.]: I EVEN TOLD SHERI I DONT LIKE HIS WIFE BUT, RESPECT HER SHE'S BESTFRIEND'S FRIEND XXXXXXXX [10:29 A.M.]: LOL SO HE HATES ME NOT I CARE XXXXXXXX [10:29 A.M.]: O:-) OOOOOOOO [10:29 A.M.]: Hmm and this is gonna keep me from tellin her? OOOOOOOO [10:30 A.M.]: When did al this happen? XXXXXXXX [10:31 A.M.]: ABOUT A MONTH AGO XXXXXXXX [10:32 A.M.]: FIRST PART OF JAN XXXXXXXX [10:32 A.M.]: I DONT CARE IF YOU TELL HER XXXXXXXX [10:33 A.M.]: SHE NEEDS TO GET AWAY FROM HIM XXXXXXXX [10:34 A.M.]: ONE DAY HE'S GONNA BRING HOME SOMETHING AJAX WONT SRUB OFF
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