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A few weeks ago, I made a personal decision.. for myself... I decided I was no longer going to spend my time here. Something happened, something I will NOT discuss with anyone.. so do not bother asking... I only come back right now to post this... to say what needs to be said and can only hope YOU read this.. YOU do not know all of me... you do not know what goes on in my my head... You do not even try to understand me. You say things, you do things.. but then walk away once again... You will not even take the time to try and understand anything about me... One thing you need to understand.. I will not 'break'.. I am who I am.. I love who I am... No, I do not love HOW I am sometimes, but hey, we all have to accept the bad along with the good... something YOU aren't willing to do... But I tell you this.. WHEN that day comes that you can accept me and a few other things.. you know where to find me... I'm not going anywhere... Now, with all that said, I'm out.. See you around...
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