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Dream's blog: "Be Careful"

created on 06/15/2008  |  http://fubar.com/be-careful/b223755
Over the weekend we had a poker run and one of my friends was in an accident. He had a rider and she was also hurt. His wife was in the car behind them and seen the whole accident and had to watch helplessly as the bike flipped end over end and the couple flew to the ground like rag dolls. The rider sustained a broken nose, lacerations on her face and right shoulder and arm. He has a broken right ankle and a broken lower vertebrae. He was supposed to go into surgery today but was in too much pain so it has been rescheduled for tomorrow. And no, he had not been drinking and the rider was only 19 yrs old and had not been drinking either. He had a helmet on, but the rider didn't. I am asking all my friends to keep him and his wife in your blessings. They are very dear to me & very good people. I am also asking if you ride please be careful even if you don't please be aware of the ones that are riding. Thank You So Very Much, Love, ~Dream~
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12 years ago
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