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Anything earned on this page, stays on this page. We need to raise fu-money for contests, auctions (wouldnt it be cool to be owned by a local entity?), helping of our members, and giving gifts and prizes. I have plenty of my own, so I am asking STRICTLY for donations to this page, NOT TO MYSELF!!! I know that we have some members out there with PLENTY of fu-money to spare. Would you please consider sending a little this way?? Also.... I know that sometimes you women end up with VIPs that you dont know what to do with. Would you consider throwing some VIP love towards this page?? Using all those 11s would boost the coffers, immensely !! and yes, they would get used!!! Just a request. If ya find it in your heart to send a little help, it will be appreciated. OH, BTW.... ANYONE who donates a gift of 10,000 fubucks or better ....... will be placed on the exclusive FAMILY list, reserved for contributors to the page. THANX..... D~Doggy - Founder of PacNW Pimpin!!!
I would like this to be a place where we can meet one another, if you so desire. Feel free to post announcements, requests, etc... in the comments. I , as the "moderator", reserve the right to delete ANYTHING that I feel is inappropriate, or offensive to others. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL, OR YOU WILL GO AWAY!!! I am going to see about promoting my lounge in here, so we can have a forum. I am also going to check into promoting the local band/musician scene, in our music section. If anyone can help with this, please contact me, either here, or through my regular profile. Any suggestions will also be taken into consideration, and gratefully accepted!!! thanks for the great responce, I hope that we all enjoy this. much love. Joe aka D~Doggy
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