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Male · From Portland, OR · Joined on April 28, 2008
Male · From Portland, OR · Joined on April 28, 2008

About the Pacific Northwest???

Those of us here, already know!!

We have practically ANYTHING that you could ask for in nature, all within a tank (or two!) of gas.
We have the hubs of modern technology, nestled within the history of the wild west.

We have ocean beaches, and high mountain peaks.
We have Intel manufacturing microchips, as the farmer plows his soil under, half a block away!!

Most of all, what we are the most proud of around here, is our diversity.
No matter what lifestyle, creed, code, or moral fabric you adhere to.... you will find somewhere to belong, here!!


Please FEEL FREE to join us, wether you:
~ live here
~ want to live here
~ used to live here
~ or just like the folks around here!!

This page is designed for us to find one another, without all the guesswork.

If you are a local { or close enough to claim the NW! }, please let the rest of us know where you are. I am aware that many folks on here prefer to NOT give out your location, thats ok. Maybe just post something quick to us, so WE know.


also... if you think this is a good idea, let someone else know, that I may have missed.

THANX..... D~Doggy {Mollala, Or}

Male · From Portland, OR · Joined on April 28, 2008

here I am,

D~Doggy-*Head Thumper for The Fort*

@ fubar

and, here is myself, my daughter, and some friends... fishin out of Garibaldi!!


yes, I live in Oregon!!!
Currently, I am hangin' out in a one-horse town called Molalla.

{ btw.... there ARE a couple of folks on here who have met me in R/L, and I am ALWAYS interested in meeting more!! }

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