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created on 04/03/2008  |  http://fubar.com/a/b204141
he doesnt care about everything he puts me through. he gets what he wants and then blows me off to hang with his crew. I love him, but i cannot go on like this anymore, and i knew eventually i would have to close the door. It was the entrance to my heart, which is now torn apart. I dont understand why i even try? 'Cause in the end i always feel like i wanna die. I've tried to make him understand how i feel, but i dont think he understands that those feelings are real. So confused about what i need to do... let him tear my heart out? - - - or tell him were through? this was a poem i had wrote for my ex...a while ago...
How much pain, how much hurt and disapointment can a heart take, how to you deal with a damaged heart, how do you forgive the one who was suppose to bring joy to your life,and he turns to be a nightmare. There are dogs that are much loving then any man; and how ironic it is that most men are likely to be called dogs, because they just come to satisfy their appetite, their sexual desires, and they care less what the other one feels. If you have been dump before be careful my ladies, be ready to be dump again be ready for a broken heart, get ready for another dump after the needs are fulfilled. How, how can a woman know who's laying in their bed, how can a woman know if he who says he loves you, is not lying. We are all broke,we are damaged creatures, but Oh! men have got no blood in their veins, theres one big purpose in their mind, when it comes to women; sex is the only thing they think of. Man, they see a soft hearted woman and thats the woman they pick to brake to damage, to kill their spirit and soul, they don't pick a cold blooded woman to brake and damage, no it's the humble ones that deserve to be treated like dirt, because they are so coward that they don't have the guts to chalenge a woman that chalenges them, they need to feel more of a man, and this is the way it's done, when in reality what is a man really; a man is the one who appreciates a woman, a man is to say no when is the right thing to do. A man is a gentleman, a man respects the feeling of other's and not only think of his. A man is truthful even if it means not taken you to bed, a man is simple a man when he does the right things. where are these men?
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