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jeannie's blog: "Poetry-1"

created on 11/06/2008  |  http://fubar.com/poetry-1/b257547

I cannot change you.
You cannot change me.
We can only change what we perceive.
But in doing so
It may all become unreal,
Not part of the deal,
Not following the drill.
So when you look at my face,
See deep into my soul,
Remember, I am only

Who your mind wants to behold.
If you don't like what you see,
Look inside yourself.
Don't blame me.
For in this life
I am
To be
Free from the faces you place upon me.
Free from the attitudes you seem to see.
Free from your chaos, your disunity.
Free faces.
Leave me be
To my Faces
of Peace.

Whenever you come around, my heart pounds as I hear the sound of a thousand angel's wings as they quietly ascend on high. And then I hear a sigh . . . which is mine, as I'm overcome by the utter and complete beauty of one so fine; while on your lovely face my eyes dine.

Whenever you come around, I see a thousand stars in a midnight sky; and the eternally perfect movement from sunrise to sunset as you walk by. I get an emotional and physical high as I'm forced to visualize the inner beauty that is displayed outwardly before my eyes. Whenever you come around, I feel inspired . . . by your beauty, and for it, I desire. Should I try to extinguish this fire? Or conceal it and make truth be a liar?

Whenever you come around, I smell strawberries and roses, Cool Water and Liz; lilac and jasmine . . . and I don't even know what that is. Just knowing you exist keeps my feet on solid ground; but I'm taken to new heights whenever you come around.

I'm not the same girl that you once knew, I'm battered and broken with nothing to lose. Years ago I held my heart and my pride so high on my shoulders, But that is all changing as time passes and my body gets older. I feel as if my heart slowly dies with every breath that I take, And that my dreams start to vanish with every day that I wake. I'm not losing my mind but I can't get a grip, Because all that I loved seems to no longer exist. I'm surrounded by people everywhere that I go, But I still feel so lonely but I will never let it show. I keep all my feelings a secret and my heart bottled up inside, I've learned to accept the pain to the point that it's now the biggest apart of my life. So for the rest of my time ill live empty and ashamed, Because I'm scared to leave my heart open and exposed, for it to be broken once again.


As I lay my head down on my pillow I feel nothing in my heart There is only one reason; something has torn my heart apart. I have thoughts of true love although I not what it really is I imagine that it's fulfilling and is surrounded by joyful bliss. I have hopes of one day finding true love to call my very own I'd treat him like a king and my heart will be his throne. It's not easy not knowing when this day will come I will know when its here, for my heart will cease from being numb. So I lay my head on my pillow with no feeling in my heart In hopes of one day finding my king, The one who will truly love me, who can mend my broken heart.
I know believe in love at first sight, That your heart can be won over with one glimpse into another's eyes. I once thought it was just a tale that lovers tell, Till the moment I looked into your eyes and you put me under a spell. From the first time I looked into your eyes, I know deep down inside, that you'd be the love of my life. You're my heart, soul, my only dream come true, I know this because before u came into my life I was already dreaming of you. It's no doubt that love at first sight is more than a myth, Because I fell in love with you before we even had our first kiss.
To you I give all that I am Its because of you I am a better woman So many rainy days have come and gone In your arms I feel safe and that I belong When I awake I have thoughts of love I envision you're smile, could you really be the one I do not know just what I want But when I'm with you, I feel the love Thoughts like these play with my heart There's something about you that made me put down my guard After alls said and done, I have you to blame I think im falling in love, hope you feel the same So to you I give all that I am, my heart In exchange for the love you showed me from the very start
Have you ever been overcome by a gust of shame or sorrow Have you ever cried over thoughts of what to come tomorrow Do you ever suffer for things you cannot help Do you ever get weak even though your body functions well Can you feel the pain that lingers deep inside Can you feel the hurt that joyful expressions just cant hide These are things surround that just wont go away These the things that define and remind me, there will be better days
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