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47 Year Old · Male · From Moore Haven, FL · Joined on February 6, 2006 · Born on January 1st
47 Year Old · Male · From Moore Haven, FL · Joined on February 6, 2006 · Born on January 1st

My life revolves around my Ipod && Cell phone I'm not on drugs, I'm just very HYPER most of the time I laugh way to much but it alright you still love me I love to dance/sing/run in the rain. at all times. I'm sarcastic! I wear flip flops all the time no matter what I love dressing different than YOUI Love my boyfriend Jay Mills!!

47 Year Old · Male · From Moore Haven, FL · Joined on February 6, 2006 · Born on January 1st
Shopping♥MOTOCROSS♥tennis♥ soccer♥Being With JAY♥Muddin♥Parties♥ Getting Dirrty!♥Flipp Flops♥Straightners♥Lip gloss♥ Long walks on the beach at dusk♥eyeliner♥ nail polish♥ shoes♥ abercrombie & fitch♥Mary Jane hehe♥ long conversations with jay♥ marco island♥ victoria secret♥ Hollister♥hot topic♥ Hanging out with jay&& his annoying friends♥ Mac Makeup♥ Nail polish♥ movies♥ music♥ rockstars♥ Jewlery♥ concert t-shirts♥ friends♥ American Eagle♥ Stop light parties♥ Cuddling♥ falling in love for the first time♥ Smiling♥ laughing at random people♥ Pictures and picture frames♥ Coffe♥ Late night calls♥My Cell Phone♥ Straight& Curly hair♥Ipods♥ Lips♥Sweet NOthings♥Nextel♥ Being loved♥Funny t-shirts!♥ My digital Camera♥Bonfires♥making out♥ Peircing&tattos♥Hoodies♥Mix tapes of love♥ long showers♥Slow songs♥Love songs♥ FRIENDS♥WAL MART PARKING LOTS♥Drunken Nights♥ Mountain Dew♥Smiling♥Laughing♥ Jay's crazy ideas!!♥
Godsmack♥ Mudvayne♥ Yellowcard♥ Panic! at the disco♥ Linkin Park♥ Disturbed♥ Brand New♥ The distillers♥ The Used♥ Taking Back Sunday♥ Nonpoint♥ Weezer♥ Relient K♥ The All American Rejects♥ Sugar Cult♥ KORN♥ Motion City Soundtrack♥ Green Day♥ Death Cab For Cutie♥ Halifax♥ Hello Goodbye♥ Fall Out Boy♥ Hawthorne Heights♥ HIM♥ Seether♥ The Veronicas♥ Nickleback♥ Head Aumatica♥ Staind♥ Slipnot♥ Shinedown♥ Sublime♥ A.F.I♥ Blink 182♥ Eve 6♥ DashBoard Confessional♥ KMFDM♥ Finch♥ Fuel♥ ICP♥ The Academy Is♥ Ashlee Simpson♥ Daphne Loves Derby♥ Hot Hot Heat♥ Tegan And Sara♥
Thirteen♥All the pretty horses♥White chicks♥BAMBI (MY FAVORTIE)♥ 8 seconds ♥Joe Dirt♥The nightmare before christmas♥Corpse Bride♥
Ashlee Simpson & MATT RATLIF!!!!!!!!!!

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