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Male · From Kennewick, WA · Joined on March 15, 2007
Male · From Kennewick, WA · Joined on March 15, 2007

ok here we go. im jacob michael hanson and i enjoy telling the cold brutal truth. im 16, my birthday is October 31st. my parents split up when i was 9 and that was the happiest day of my life. my dad is a sick fuck and my whole family agrees. i havent ate meat since i was 2 and i dont plan on starting any time soon. im really skinny. my family is amazed im still alive. im about 6 feet tall give or take a little. im 112 pounds. most people agree that my mouth is too small and i have really thin lips. i want a nose job too and i want to get my adams apple removed. ive been told i can be a tad racist at times. i judge everybody on the same scale, africans and mexicans just dont meet my standards most of the time. there are exceptions but its kind of rare. im an ass but im not sorry for it, people have treated me like shit my entire life. its a vicious cycle. im whole-heartedly against war but i understand that sometimes people just wont listen to words and somebody has to get hurt in order for you to be taken seriously. im not sure what i think about this whole god thing. i like organized religion, without it we wouldnt have nearly as many kind people in this world. we wouldnt have nearly as many evangelical psychopaths either though. the worlds funny like that, it might not seem like it at times but theres always balance in the universe, you might have a shitty day, month, year, but hang in there kid and try to keep your chin up and eventually youll have just as many fantastic days. i pop pills like a madman and love parties as much as the next kid. thats about it i guess. i love sour gummy worms, bubblegum, ring pops, blow pops, and diet rockstar. without my friends id be nothing.oh yeah, hello kitty, gloomy bear, brass knuckles, pokemon, etc,etc. all i want in life is to be somebodies hero. everybody needs a hero.

Male · From Kennewick, WA · Joined on March 15, 2007
I stopped knowing who I was years ago, I wouldn't even know what to put here now. I'm to blame for certain parts, after spending such a long time trying to be who people expect you to be you start to lose touch with who you really were to begin with. I remember what I was like growing up and I miss that boy dearly but he's done, he died a slow and painful death many years ago. I hate this new kid as much as the next person but when drugs and alcohol are the only things that subdue the beast there's only so much you can do. You could argue that I already lost touch with reality therefore I have nothing to lose by giving in to those things that make people more pleasant to be around, but I'd rather not risk it, I've seen what happens to the people that think like that.
I Love Scary Movies!! >D So When I Am Scared I Can Cuddle Up To The One I Love And He Can Hold Me Throughout The Whole Movie.
My Idol Ish Jeffree Star. Met Him He Ishhhh Soo Fucking Awesome!!!

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