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33 Year Old · Female · Joined on June 14, 2006 · Born on January 11th · 16 referrals joined! · 3 different people have a crush on me!
33 Year Old · Female · Joined on June 14, 2006 · Born on January 11th · 16 referrals joined! · 3 different people have a crush on me!

I got luv 4 those who luv me, dats my inspiration. But I luv tha hataz more, dats my motivation.

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My videos:

My new video! It's me driving my new bad ass ride :D

My old video.. me and ''AGGRESSIVE'' at the 2006 USA and world Hip Hop dancing championship


I'm Lelde. I was born on the 19th of january, 1988 in Latvia.

I'm a Cheerleader and dancing is my passion.

I've been dancing since I was 15. I dance in the Hip Hop dance studio ''AGGRESSIVE''.

It gives me opportunities to go to different contests and travel around the world a lot.

Last year I've been to the world Hip Hop dancing championship in U.S.A![You can watch the video bellow to see how we did.] Hope to go to the contest next year.

I have big plans for my future!! I'm planning on opening my own dance group called ''Big Bounce''! I want to become a high class professional dancer! No one can stop me on this!

I've been to many places and many things happened in my life lately. I've become more responible.

I'm a pretty outgoing person, I love partying on saturday nights and waking up dizzy on saturday mornings.

I can be a bitch to some people but only because they deserve it.

I don't smoke and I don't get along with people who do.

I always speak my mind about everything.

.. I'm single [I'M NOT JOKING!]. There have been some guys in my life but now it's over but don't bother: I'M NOT LOOKING FOR ANYONE RIGHT NOW! And all you virtual sex addicts can go to the next page. My webcamera is closed for u.

I love rap, Hip Hop, R 'n' B and Soul.

I can be mean but basically I'm nice so don't be shy if u want to talk to me... but I don't guarantee that I'll awnser. I won't awnser your letters if u'r just writing to me to waist your time or other pervert stuff u ppl do. Please don't write me those: ''Hey, watsup?'' or ''You're sexy as fuck '' letters. I'm warning you: NOT INTERESTED!

But if u wanna talk to me and start a smarter conversation: don't ask if i have msn! I don't have it, and if i am on cherrytap I'll talk only here, understand?

Yeah I'm a hard worker :P

Tuesday - 20:00-21:30

Friday - 16:00-18:00

Sunday - 18:00-20:00

My dancing graphic.

Just Dance,Dance,Dance...
Big Bounce* -> Hip hop, is so many things you can say about it, know what I mean?
Like, on the real, hip hop is like, just, beautiful
Hip hop is life..
If U wanna join'me,just say..don't be shy :) anyone can dance!!!
Now I ain't talking bout a little two step
I'm talking bout some that'll make you sweat!


You can say I¡¦m playin¡¦ games, but it¡¦s not the same
I ain¡¦t in to big names, but I like nice things
I watch boxing matches and uh football games
I wouldn¡¦t mind being an actress, but I love to dance
I like going out, talking walks and stuff
I don¡¦t remember many girls cause they talk too much..haha


Anywhere I go I¡¦m spotted
And everything I want I got it!


I heard she mad rich,
I heard she dead broke,
I heard she sniffin' coke...
I heard she goin to jail,
I heard she out on bail,
She done fucked up now,
Why she got her nose fixed,
why she got bigger tits?
Why is y'all on my shit damn -

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Besides God, what the fuck should I fear?
what don't kill me, could only help build me
I guess all that dirt just made me more filthy..


*You can be my SUPERMAN! Save me, here i am!*

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what people say about me:

1. Your rap is not bad :D But eminem sound better :D

2.She drives us all crazy with her dancin¡¦.. not only latvians.

3. My blondie ;*

4.She¡¦s a great friend.

5.you're so sexxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyy

6. It¡¦s a pleasure to have this girl by your side. She¡¦s fun!


8.She¡¦s my brother¡¦s lover :DDD lol

9.With a good sence of humor, loves chips and loves to get into trouble :D


11. Very sweet girl.

12.....good looking girl.....knows the taste of life;))

13.nelly...haha...okay okay.. crazy cheerleadrer :DD my half blond :D muah*

14. noticeable, beautiful, talented, a great dancer: that¡¦s Lelde!

15.she knows how to move her sexy body...luw this girl :)*

16. Sweet, beautiful, dances very well! She¡¦s a great person!

18. amazing girl ;D..ma hot cheerleader ;)P**

19. She has a very pure heart!!!

20. Not bad.

21. Awsome girl! You¡¦re a doll!

22. Pretty girl with a great body.

23. She¡¦s so beautiful and besides a lot more beautiful in person so u better meet her :D

24. She¡¦s a poser... what can I say ;)

25. What can I say about this doll? She is very smart!

26. beautiful girl wz perfect body& just respectable personality... :)

27. Understands ppl very well. Great person!

28. Omg... Girl with sweet heart and nice brains.... ;))~~~**

29. She¡¦s special.

30. nice

31. nice(:

32. She's Really Cute... =) Always speaks her mind even if her voice shakes [like it ever does ļ ]

33.This girl just can make Ya' World Rock!! And it depends on you how you want it.. the easy hard way ... on THE hard easy (sweet) way! Make a choise! ;)

34. Pure elegance

35. She's damn hot! :) You¡¦re really self confident and I like that in people.

36. No words can describe you. You¡¦re da best!

37. Sexy and a great dancer!

38. Sexy mama ļ Self confident, crazy and sweet. Gotta love her!

39. She¡¦s an animal :D

40.You dance like a goddess ;)) all eyez on u ;)

41. Beauty.

42. What can I say¡K.Very pretty girl and I love to dance with ya.. ass shaker .. :P

43. She has her own head on her sholders, doesn¡¦t let the haters get to her.

44. Crazy and unstoppable. :D

45. Cool.. she¡¦s my queen ƒº

46. Sweet, cute, dirty.. with her own style!

47. Very cool gitl. Time that I spend with you is always outta this world. You¡¦re one of the most precious ppl in the world. Loe you, Lelde.

48. Super girl :P_ Beautiful.

49. The most sexy girl in the world!

50. BAbygirl!!u...know

51. She¡¦s hilarious!

52. Hot girl! She knows how to have fun.

53. The blondest creature that¡¦s ever been born :D And that¡¦s very gewd ;)

54. Pretty, talented and very smart. Who cares that you¡¦re blond? :D

55. very very very pretty girl.

56. This is one good looking girl.

Want to add your own opinion about me? Than message me ;)

33 Year Old · Female · Joined on June 14, 2006 · Born on January 11th · 16 referrals joined! · 3 different people have a crush on me!

Traveling, Dancing, buying some good stuff, new experiances, meeting new people, compliments, my family, my friends, Big Bounce*


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I like rap and mostly clubin music


50cent, g-unit, bow wow, eminem, Pussycat dolls, Fergie, nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Ciara, Cassie, Crazytown, Akon, Timberland, Jay-Z, P Diddy.

you got served, step up, take the lead, bring it on, Not another teen movie, vanilla sky, dirty dancing 2

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