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50 Odd/Funny things about moi survey lolol 50 ODD Things about you! If you opened this, FILL IT OUT! Learn 50 things about your friends, and let them learn 50 things about you! 1) Do you like blue cheese? dressing,yes 2) Have you ever smoked heroin? are you on crack?? hell no!!! 3) Do you own a gun? yes 4) What flavor do you add to your drink at sonic? duh cherry limeaide 5) Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? some times 6) What do you think of hot dogs? like the wiennies!! 7) Favorite Christmas song? Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem(or however ya spell it) 8) What do you prefer to drink in the morning? power energy drink in tangerine strawberry 9) Can you do push ups? yes..I haven't been going to the gym 4ever 4 nothing!!!! lmao 10) Can you do a chin up? damn skippy lol 11) What's your favorite piece of jewelry? my magnetic braclet 12) Favorite hobby? D-I-R-T racing...WoooooooT 13) Ever been in a car wreck? Yes :( 14) Do you have A.D. No 15) What's one trait that you love about yourself? I am me & you cannot change me :) 6) Middle name? Lynn 17) Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment? it better not rain out the races or I am blowing something up I hope Joe gets better I wonder how many cars will be at the races 2morrow nite,since rain is out of MY thought process!!!! 18) Name 3 things you bought yesterday water,salad,cherry limeaide 9) Name 3 drinks you regularly drink water,water,& more water with cherry limeaide 20) Current worry? I can't tell you or I will have to kill you 21) Current hate right now? do we really have to go there?? 23) How did you bring in the New Year? OMG.....I am still seeing ppl who were where I was & eventually I will remember them ROTFF 24) Where would you like to go? to a dirt track!!!!!! 25) Name three people who will complete this? uh..... you tell me!! 29) Can you whistle? Yes 30) Favorite color? ReD 31) Would you be a pirate? No 32) What songs do you sing in the shower? Silver Springs is my fav "shower song" 33) Favorite Girls Name? Aquarius long story!! lolol 34) Favorite boy's name? Orion Michael :( 35) What’s in your pocket? just came from the gym...no pockets in U.A. shorts 36) Last thing that made you laugh? my lil workout heads ROTFF 37) Best bed sheets as a child? my strawberry shortcake set....they were so soft!!! 38) Worst injury you've ever had? prolly when my forehead swelled pretty bad when I was in a wreck & the car flipped n hit the cliff n busted mt teeth out & put a baseball size knot on my head...still got a dent,but didn't crack ny skull...I keep tellin u ppl its too hard!!! LMAO 39) Do you love where you live? oh yeah hap hap happity woo hoo 40) How many TVs do you have in your house/apartment? 4 41) Who is your loudest friend? DAWN MICHELLE!!!!! LMFAO 42) How many dogs do you have? 1 43) Does someone have a crush on you? LMAO I doubt it....lolol 45) What is your favorite book? I know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou 46) What is your favorite candy? omg SHOCK TARTS!!!! 47) Favorite Sports Team? my sons' baseball team,the RIVERDOGS!!!! GOOOOOO RIVERDOGS WoooooooT 48) What song do you want played at your funeral? Don't Worry,Be Happy 49) What were you doing 12 AM last night? wouldn't you like to know!!! haha 50) What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? YAY 2MORROW IS RACE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get to see all muh FRUIT LOOPS!!!! Miss Y'all soooooo much!!! LuV LuV
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