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39 Year Old · Male · Joined on November 25, 2006 · Born on July 13th
39 Year Old · Male · Joined on November 25, 2006 · Born on July 13th

Ah describing myself, always tricky. Names Law, Im always up for pretty much anything, like trying out new stuff and old stuff with new people (trick is convincing others!) id like to think myself a thoughtful guy and will go to hell and back while on fire and being chased by dogs to help out a buddy. Into loads of random geeky shit like computers, gaming of various kinds, star wars, roleplaying, manga, sci-fi etc, etc. Grew up in Hong Kong so into various Oriental stuff, been studying kung fu for a few years including wing chun, tai-chi and various animal styles. Live by myself in a my flat in Southampton, but visitors always welcome ;)


39 Year Old · Male · Joined on November 25, 2006 · Born on July 13th
Movies, Kung Fu, Music, Friends, Games of many varieties, Roleplaying, Comedy :) , Photography (http://cmndwedge.deviantart.com/), Anime

Like alot of different stuff, quite open minded but generally stick to the alternative genres. Fave bands at the mo: System of a Down, DragonForce. plus i love ennio morricone. ..

Love far too many films! Will just put some of my faves: Hard Boiled, Shawn of the Dead, Good the Bad and the Ugly, Star Wars (IV-VI), Heat, Pulp Fiction, Gladiator, Alien &; Aliens, The Big Lebowski, Matrix, Evil Dead Trilogy, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Akira, Tai Chi Master, Drunken Master 2, Police Story, Clerks, Mallrats, Transformers the movie, Gross Point Blanke, The Usual Suspects, Fear and Loathing.
simon pegg, eddie izzard, bill bailey, bruce cambell, sam raimi, john woo, slash, adam buxton, joe cornish, steve buscemi, clint eastwood, terry gilliam, eric idle, larry david, micheal palin, matt stone, trey parker and yoda.
Video Games
Wow a video game section!

My god i have been playing games for as long as i can remember, and love all games ever.

love every genre, spent far too much of my life on them, and always try to stay ahead of the gaming world news.

SO if you can think of a decent game i have probabbly played it :P

Have gone off MMORPGS for the moment, but was playing WoW, Everquest 2, DDO, Lineage 2, City of Heroes

Playing at the moment......
Gears fo war, 99 nights, Mark of chaos, drak crusade, Neverweinter Nights 2, Dead rising, Tekken 5, Ikaruga, Call of Juarez and Heart of Iron 2

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