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40 Year Old · Female · Joined on February 16, 2006 · Born on September 20th
40 Year Old · Female · Joined on February 16, 2006 · Born on September 20th

HI GUYS !! My Name is Taylor ...Scroll all the way down for tons of pics :) Im a 22 year old cutie from Toronto Canada ...woooo GO LEAFS !! I love to shop hang out with my friends, love to go to movies and most of all spend time with my two puppies whom i love to death :) I just graduated uninversity, so now its time to let loose party and have some fun. I am a score magazine model and latley i've been helping my brother at the law firm during the day.. but at night, i need to unwind and i get naughty on my webcam each and every day !! I have thousands of pics and vids in my free fanclub !! Join here for more

40 Year Old · Female · Joined on February 16, 2006 · Born on September 20th
I love my puppies i love spending time with them they are so f***ing cute !! I love love love movies... I am a huge hockey and football fan... i love poker i play texas holdem A LOT lol...and i love love love the UFC ultimate fighting .. i think mixed marshall arts is amazing :)... i am not reserved and I love to party..im wild and crazy heheh but i do have a serious side ... i just graduated university with a degree in criminology so i worked my ass off to graduate and now its my time to let loose and go even wilder.. with you.which is why i love being on cam because i get to let loose show off and get to know all of you while i do it :) its so awesome... i really cant wait to meet you all. I love reading, animals and music and i love being a model. I am a score magazine model and love it !! I love being naughty and crazy hehehe So, join up ill b waiting
I love all kinds of music im very open...but i do love some old classic rock of course acdc rules !! I also love hip hop, rock and basically anything i can move to cause i love to dance. I have tons of videos in my fanclub of me dancing to all of the classics heheh :) hope you like them !! Here is a preview of me dancing to one of my fav songs :)... if u love the pics and vids here know that there are so much more in my fanclub and by joining you get to know me a lot better :) ... if your not ready to join the fan club just yet why dont u join hereand get access to my most recent pics and vids :) !!
Ok i am a huge huge movie buff !! I see at least one movie a week. My top ten movies would be 1. GOODFELLAS 2. CASINO 3. SAW 4. SAW 2 5. ARMAGEDDON 6. SCARFACE 7. BLOW 8. WEDDING CRASHERS 9. SEVEN 10. FIGHT CLUB 11. PULP FICTION I Had to add 11 lol cant forget about pulp fiction :) ... While i cant really choose favourites cause there are just so many awesome movies out there the above are some that will always kickass :) OH AND WHEN IT COMES TO TV .... I'm a huge reality tv fan lol ..nothing like seeing real people make asses out of themselves lol :) So i love the survivor apprentice crap lol but i also love drama like i love csi :) ( of course since i majored in criminology ) hehe and i love the show lost :)
Well anyone who has ever followed their dreams their heart and stood up for what they believed in :). On a girly girl side i love pamela anderson, oprah

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