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59 Year Old · Male · From Folcroft, PA · Invited by: Firepie · Joined on October 22, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on August 3rd · I have a crush on someone!
59 Year Old · Male · From Folcroft, PA · Invited by: Firepie · Joined on October 22, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on August 3rd · I have a crush on someone!

General information - Punishment and Discipline in the bdsm lifestyle:

In the BDSM lifestyle there is usually a distinction made between punishment and discipline. B.E.S.T. slave training involves the use of both in the training of a slave.

Discipline is training employed by the Master to teach proper behavior and obedience. Discipline is described as instruction and exercise; training, whether physical, mental or moral. Generally the time spent training your slave to kneel, stand, speak and so on is defined as discipline training. It is also training to adjust attitude. One of the uses is to teach and practice proper behavior.

Punishment is correcting misbehavior. It’s a penalty imposed on the slave for wrongdoing. It’s used after the slave has displayed bad behavior to:

1) demonstrate to the slave that her Master is displeased,

2) show that the behavior was unacceptable and her actions have consequences and

3) provide reinforcement for a change to proper behavior.

slave training bondagePunishment focuses on behavior, intentional or not. Because behavioral modification is important; punishment can be administered to the slave if the bad behavior is unintentional. However, the method and severity of punishment may very depending on if the behavior was intentional or unintentional.

The slave may not like the consequences that her Master applies, but she accepts them because they apply to her and are for her betterment. Punishment should always aim to improve the slave's behavior.

Punishment does not always involve corporal punishment. Punishment is anything administered by the Master that is very uncomfortable to the slave for the purpose of changing behavior. It could be having the slave stand in the closet, go to bed early, restriction of privileges, ignoring her, caging, bondage, or many other forms.

Example: (ping pong ball and/or egg timer)

A ping pong ball can be used for both discipline and punishment, depending on how applied. A slave can be told to hold a ping pong ball to a wall with her nose for a period of time.

She can be placed in various positions then the Master starts an egg timer and the slave must remain in that position until the egg timer alarms. She is then given a second position to hold and the egg timer is reset. This can go as long as you wish, you can keep setting the timer and giving her new positions. Challenging positions can be used for punishment. Let your imagination be your guide. Many egg timers can be set for 30 minutes or more, if you wish to make her hold a position that long.

Punish can be the taking away of privileges; loss of the use of a computer, car, or television.

Another punish could be to have her repeatedly write out a sentence or thought on paper. This is helpful is he is not with his slave and wants to see a positive action taken by her before he gets home. He can tell her to write what she has done wrong or what she needs to do on paper several time and show him when he gets home. He can also sent her some place (another room) to write while he does something else.

In the bondage section of this website, I discuss some uses of bondage as discipline or punishment.

If the slave is a heavy masochist, then something other than corporal punishment might be warranted. It goes without saying, that punishment is not intended to be fun or provide pleasure. A slave should not be allowed to misbehave to fulfill her masochist needs and never rewarded for bad behavior. Don't let what you intend to be a punishment be a reinforcement for bad behavior. Being placed behind the couch in the living room or den for an afternoon can teach her a valuable lesson. If she makes a noise or disrupts you in any way, her time behind the couch can be extended. The use of physical bondage is not necessary, using mental bondage by instructing her to remain quite, still and out of site. In general, the more she loves pain, the less it should be routinely applied as punishment and the more care it takes in administering pain as punishment.

To enable a slave to properly serve you on a daily basis, she should have full knowledge of what behavior is expected of her. What is expected of her should be constant and clearly defined by her Master. This is why written rules, positions descriptions, and protocols are important. The importance of discipline training and communication can not be understated in the overall training process.

As I have stated in other portions of this website, not all Masters believe in using written rules, guidelines, and protocols. That of course is their decision. It is my opinion that written rules help provide a clear path for the slave and a stronger foundation for her change. I'll admit it takes more time and effort, but I believe the effort is worth it.

Punishment is a type of coercive power. Coercive power is one of the 5 forms of interpersonal power one person has over another.

Corporal Punishment in BDSM submission Training:

Corporal punishment is defined in this section as a deliberate inflection of pain used in the correct of an adult slave's misbehavior. The slave agrees as part of the correction process and healing processes that she will accept her punishment.

I divide corporal punishment into two categories; immediate and formal.

Immediate punishment is usually less intense and of a much shorter duration than formal. The purpose of immediate punishment is to immediately correct the slave for an infraction that is caused by a lack of attention to detail during training or to reinforce changes in automatic responses (habits), (failure to maintain eyes down as stated in the rules).

I have often heard slaves or submissives say that the worst punishment they could receive is the knowledge that their Master is displeased with their actions and this is worse than any corporal punishment that he could administer to her.

I fully believe that a good slave or submissive will feel sorrowful for displeasing her Master and this will provide motivation to correct her behavior, but I don’t believe that this sorrow is always enough to foster future correct behavior. This is especially true when training her to change normal daily behavior (habits and routines). Just telling her that she has made a mistake is not enough to insure change when the focus is on changing habits and routines. Punishment provides motivation to change.

Immediate punishment is useful where a change in habits and routine behavior is required. Two examples are when a slave does not say "Sir", each time she is addressing her Master or maintaining "eyes down" in her Master’s presence. These are habits you want her to adopt and immediate punishment is effective when she slips during training. A behaviorist would probably call this stimuli-response type training instead of making an attempt to changing cognitive thinking.

Now, this is easier said than done. Some actions that the Master require the slave to do may require discipline training and time to completely correct. Most habits and routines require not only knowledge but lots of practice to successfully change.

If you are to live in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship, many new behaviors have to be ingrained into the slave. They have to become part of her normal daily routine. This is achieved by providing her with the knowledge of what you expect, setting goals, applying discipline and punishment, providing positive reinforcement for correct behavior and encouragement. Punishment is only one tool used in the BDSM lifestyle for slave training.

Formal punishment is for more serious violations of the rules. It‘s not a result of a change in a habit but a conscious misbehavior or a misbehavior that a reasonable slave would be expected to know.

Examples are the intentional failure to disclose important information to her Master or failure to do a particular assignment in the allotted time (after receiving instructions). These are attitude problems that cause bad behaviors. This is also an example where a slave’s sorrow for displeasing her Master may not be enough to correct behavior. She was aware of her Master’s instructions and still failed to obey. She had full knowledge ahead of time that her Master would be displeased and punishment was likely.

Very often, stating that punishment is a logical consequence of bad behavior is an over simplification of the problem. Yes, what the Master sees is bad behavior, but more than likely the bad behavior is a result of incorrect (faulty) thinking, failure to pay attention to detail or other mental lapses. We think, then we feel then we act. In other words, it’s her thinking (attitude) that caused bad behavior. Therefore, only applying corporal punishment is not always the best action that a Master can take to correct the problem.

Examining and confronting the faulty thinking, before punishment, is an important part of the overall correction of behavior. If faulty thinking is addressed and corrected, behavior will automatically be changed. (Details on addressing faulty thinking is discussed in other sections of this website.)

In most cases, formal corporal punishment should have several steps.

Steps in Formal punishment:

Step 1 - After discovering the behavior that needs correcting, it’s often advisable to discuss with the slave what caused her bad behavior. What was she thinking? Why did she act that way? Why did she make that choice? How is the choice she made helpful in her slave training? Is she serious about her training?

You should also make your displeasure with her behavior and thinking known to her. Take time to insure she knows the depth of your displeasure.

Step 2 - Then the slave should be sent off, by herself, to think about her wrong doing and the punishment that will surely come soon.

Step 3 - She then should to called for and told to present herself in a punishment position. A short lecture should be given before punishment. Here you can again tell her of your displeasure and what is expected of her in the future.

Step 4 - Then comes the actual punishment. The slave should not be allowed to reach a frame of mind that would allow her to lessen the effect of the punishment (subspace or mental pain blocking techniques). She should be required to say "Thank you, Sir" after each stroke, and keep count of each stroke. If she shows signs of going into subspace or blocking the pain, force her out of that mental state, before continuing. Using a different instrument to punish her with than you would use for pleasure is advisable.

Step 5 - Immediately after the punishment, the slave should be sent off, (to a corner) by herself, for a period of time to reflect on her punishment.

After completion of all five steps, you should reassure the slave that her payment for the wrong doing is over, but you expect correct behavior in the future. Do not keep harping on the bad behavior after punishing her. Completion of the 5 steps should be an ending point for her punishment.

Helpful hints:

Learned behaviors tend to become habits and, therefore, are regularly repeated when the opportunity arises. Because of this, it is particularly important that punishment be applied immediately after the first behavioral deviation occurs, or as soon as possible, rather than after numerous deviations have established undesirable behavioral patterns. The longer an unacceptable behavior is allowed to continue, the harder it is to change that behavior.

Some consider altering behavior as having six steps that include:

1) describing the undesired behavior to the slave,

2) indicating to the slave why the behavior is undesirable,

3) determining antecedents and reinforcers for the undesirable behavior,

4) eliminating the cause of the undesirable behavior,

5) getting the slave to make a commitment to change the behavior,

6) providing positive reinforcement when the desired behavior occurs and withholding it or providing punishment when it does not occur.

Choosing the best reinforcement (positive or negative) for a slave is not always an easy task. To make it easier, here are some guidelines that are often used in business that can be applied to slave training.


The reinforcer must reflect your personal style and must be given in a personal way. Not only, be personal but make it personal to your slave.


It's important that you mean what you say and are not joking or being dishonest.


The slave must know exactly why she received a particular reinforcer. She has to know why she's is being praised (or punished). Because behavior is clearly a complex and ongoing stream, the contingency between a behavior and the consequence may not be clear. Pinpoint the behavior that you require.


Reinforce your slave while she is doing what you want. The longer the time between the completion of a behavior and the delivery of a reinforcing consequence, the less effective the reinforcer will be.


Use the 4:1 general rule. This means that every time you apply a negative consequence, you should find at least four opportunities to reinforce a desired behavior. By just observing people you can learn a lot about which reinforcer is most suitable..

59 Year Old · Male · From Folcroft, PA · Invited by: Firepie · Joined on October 22, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on August 3rd · I have a crush on someone!

Video Games

She lies forward over the sodomy stool, feeling its hard surface beneath her, listening to him at her rear, preparing her behind for chastisement. Behind her, methodically opening the flaps of the humiliation gown he’s made her put on, exposing the seat of her pantied bottom to the mirrored walls of the punishment room.

She looks straight ahead as he opens the gown to reveal her behind, her red strapped cheeks clenched tight underneath the sheer white punishment panties he’s exposed. She looks at the mirror in front of her, wondering who’s behind it, looking out at her. Who can see her there in that humiliating posture; already disgraced, with the greatest part of the mortification still to come.

He has the humiliation gown completely opened now, and he pauses to admire the view. Then tells her in a loud voice to reach back and pull her panties down below her buttocks. And then, after she’s done so, after she’s felt him strip her panties off entirely, to move her hands up to spread her cheeks and reveal everything between them.

She complies, knowing that the watchers behind the mirrored wall that faces her backside are enjoying the scene, enjoying her humiliation as she bends forward, her gown opened, her behind displayed. That’s why he’s invited them there, for their enjoyment and her shame. Corrective humiliation, he always calls it; and its effects on her are so drastic that she shudders even when all he does is say the words.


She bends forward, staring at the glass in front of her, at the watchers she presumes are behind it. She’ll never know who they are, how many have come – if indeed there are any there at all. But it doesn’t matter; even if the viewing areas behind the four mirrored walls of punishment room she’s in are empty, her mind tells her that they’re full.

Her mind tells her she’s being watched, and her senses conspire with that conclusion. Her ears prick whenever he stands still for a moment, seeking to hear the hear the telltale sounds of the people behind the two-way mirrors that circle the room. The sound of a throat being cleared? Of a sigh of pleasure as her behind is revealed, the humiliation gown opened, the punishment panties pulled down and off, allowing her to separate her legs wider, spread her cheeks further, present herself with her rectum completely exposed?

Or is it a faint cluck of disapproval at the fact that she’s been allowed to wear panties at all.


She keeps her face tilted up to the mirrored wall in front of her, her eyes towards the glass as she’s been taught, trying not to close them as she puts her hands back to her underpants, drawing them down to expose herself to the people behind the mirror at her rear. Keeps her eyes fixed forward as she feels him removing the panties, as she feels him spreading her legs further, exposing everything between them to the unseen eyes behind the glass.

He had her change into the punishment panties early – earlier than usual – and so it’s a relief to get them down finally, for the thick coating of Vicks he smeared in the seat before having her step into them has stung her strapped behind for several hours.

Vicks in the seat of her panties, stinging her behind. In traditional English correction, salted fat was applied across the red scorched bottomcheeks of a schoolgirl in the final stages of punishment in the headmaster’s study. Salted fat, to make the bottom burn; salted fat, after the strapping, while the girl sobbed over the stool. Salted fat on a strapped schoolgirl bottom, before the sodomy that, from the accounts she’s read, were a regular part of the pedagogical punishments of those long-gone times. Salted fat rubbed into the schoolgirl’s scorched bottom to further increase the sting before her rounded cheeks were spread, her tight anus Vaselined and then penetrated. The headmaster behind her thrusting forward, driving the culprit towards the opened window before her with each entry of the rigid organ into her bowels, with each entry between her martyred cheeks.

Driving the poor girl forward towards the opened window, inching forward with each penetration of her bared behind until, finally, she comes to rest with her face at the sill, her nose pressed to the glass, seeing the freedom outside as her behind is repeatedly impaled by her chastiser’s Vaselined cock.

The girl’s nose to the window, much as her nose is near the mirrored walls of the room. Her eyes to the glass, near the eyes on the other side, looking in.


She’s no schoolgirl, but, like those unfortunate young women of that earlier place and time, early that morning she too had her posterior bared for application of the punishment strap.

Woke that morning with a start, hearing his voice, the cold calmness of it, and all that portended. Woke, dressed, and glumly followed him into his study, where he led her to the old wooden school desk he kept there, made her look at it and endure his lecture as he stripped her panties down. And then, as she pleaded with him, bent her forward over the hard wood, her behind up, her panties neatly arranged below her buttocks to leave her sex and anus bared to his view while he got the strap, while he applied it.

And then, when her kicks and cries and pleas for mercy told her chastiser she could bear no more, she waited like that, buttocks raised and spread. Waited for the application of requisite unguent to the seat of her punishment panties and, inevitably, her strap-scorched flesh. Times change, she thinks, but whether Vicks or salt applied to a punished posterior, the effects are much the same.

As she pulls the punishment panties down, she feels the sudden relief of the cold air of the room blowing across her behind, the relief of the sudden absence of the Vicks in the seat of the underpants against chastised flesh. She knows her bottom glows bright red and shiny before the eyes of the watchers; still, she’ll take the mortification of having it exposed to the pain that the panties brings.


And so she lies there, over the stool, her behind bared, the panties down to her knees, her humiliation gown spread open. Waiting, knowing what’s coming next, anticipating it as much as she despises the feelings that the anticipation bring.

He begins the lecture, idly playing with the lace trim on the gown, with the dainty ties in back that she sewed by hand. The gown was her idea, a feminine variation of the plain hospital jonny he once favored; but she had found too late that the lace trim and other delicate adornments only made the basic function of the gown all the more apparent. Humiliation, pure and simply, the humiliation of having to show your behind, of being unable to conceal it. Of wearing a garment designed solely for exposure and accessibility; purposes that no amount of lace or dainty decoration can alter or abate.

He lectures, and the watchers – if they’re there – stare at her behind through the opened gown, at her white cheeks, at the deep crevice between them, at the occasional glimpses of her fear-clenched rectum that her motions over the stool reveal.

His voice rises and falls, but she can’t focus on what he’s saying; she’s too caught up in the humiliation of being observed. Too caught up in the idea of the eyes on her – caught up in it even though the reality of the watchers is unclear.

She’s imagining herself in their position, anonymous behind the mirrors, witnessing her punishment. She imagines staring at the face first, the culprit’s face – her face. Leaning forward to the glass to stare into the eyes, the pupils dilated, the cheeks shot through with shame. Viewing the behind, the cheeks forced apart by the position over the stool, the anus visible, the pussy beneath all too shamefully exposed. She would masturbate if she were watching; are they doing that now?

Consumed with this thought, she wishes her hands were free to rub herself, but he’s told her not to move them. Still, she is able to shift her hips slightly, feeling the hard surface of the stool rubbing her sex as she does so. No substitute for her hands, but the best she can do in the circumstances.

She hopes he doesn’t notice her motions; the penalty for masturbation during correction is a thick coating of Vicks between her legs during the session, and a bare-bottom paddling over his lap every night for the next week.

Holding a ginger suppository high in her bowels as the paddle crimsons her buttocks.


He’s done with the preliminaries now, and its time for the spanking. The first spanking, she corrects herself, the one she’ll get with her bowels empty. The second, of course, will be longer, stretching from the moment he opens the clamp on the enema bag up to the point 10 or 15 minutes later when he finally allows her to sit on the potty chair to expel. The third, during sodomy; the fourth, immediately afterwards, although, once he’s spent, the discipline is usually half-hearted.

She tries not to think about the spankings, and especially about the potty chair and the humiliation she’ll endure when he seats her on it. Her bared red bottom all too visible to the audience, its most menial functions on display for their pleasure and her mortification.

His cock, presented to her mouth as her bottom performs. That though, at least, is almost comforting.


He’s picked up a second strap from the table to his side, longer than the one he’d used in the morning; the instrument of the reformatory, heavy leather that will leave bands of pain across her already burning behind. It descends down without warning, a loud report as it meets the white flesh of her bared buttocks, and the eyes behind mirrors judge the severity of the instrument from the sudden stiffening of the culprit over the stool.

It’s a very Victorian correction: the reformatory strap; an errant young lady over a discipline stool; a strict older man administering the full correction to her exposed behind. In that situation, of course, the watchers would have been other teachers, there to witness the culprit receiving her comeuppance. Or, equally as likely, other students, waiting to undergo the same treatment, knees knocking as they stand watching, skirts pinned up, knickers drawn down, contemplating their own fates. Two or three other girls, perhaps, two or three more bottoms to be dealt with. Two or three more pairs of bare white cheeks waiting for the application of the strap across them, for the insertion of the Vaselined nozzle between them when the Headmaster washes out their spanked behinds.

And, that night, three or four tearful penitents bent over the ends of adjacent beds in their dorm room with their pajamas lowered, for the forced and forceful application of the headmaster’s stiff cock between their red cheeks and into their greased virginal bowels. One by one, as they squirm and cry and plead for mercy, promising, one after another, to be good. The kicking legs and futile promises ending only with the load injection of sperm deep into each girl’s red tensing posterior.

Put to bed like that, pajamas down, each behind still Vaselined, each behind full of sperm. She knows this will be her fate, sperm in her backside to conclude the session, sperm in backside when she’s led from the room, still in the humiliation gown.

Sperm, deep in backside when she’s taken home and put to bed. Waiting for him to come in and lie with her, rub her, give her release.

Sperm in her backside, after the spankings, after the enemas, after the potty chair. She’s excited by this thought. Knows she’s wet between her legs, knows she’s aroused, despite the pain the strapping brings her.

Or perhaps aroused because of it.


The discipline that evening is longer than usual.

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