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created on 03/10/2007  |  http://fubar.com/subliminal-lies/b63258

\"and the dude in the yellow hat??
no clue wtf I\'m doing with him yet\"

does he have a pet monkey?


 is he the zombie?


is he a zombie hunting motherfucker like Ash from Army of Darkness?
does he whack the zombie in the jungles of new jersey?


and get bitten in the process
so he\'s the zombie too?
then, does Shaun and Ed fly over from england to kill the motherfucker?
but he\'s smarter than them
he whacks \'em both and lives to conquer the quarantined New Jersey
which really, it should\'ve been quarantined from the get

and slowly, he begins to grow his Zombie Army
and he heads for DC
where he gets the president numbnuts, some descendant of Bush
and he just keeps getting bigger until he conquers the country
he has intelligence, see
he\'s not a typical zombie
and what he does, once his army reaches Cali

he gets into a plane and covers the entire country in napalm
and crashes the plane into the mountains
but it doesn\'t stop there
see, the fire rages into canada and mexico (where they say: ODELAY!)
and from there, true chaos rains
and i mean RAINS motherfucker
because it starts raining fire and weird green shit (thanks George! [Carlin not Romero])
and it sets into process this storm system that rips the fabric of time itself

where it totally fucks things up
and the entire planet goes poof
all because some jack ass had to get bitten by a zombie
and this jack ass in the yellow hat
had to be bent on global conquest
and in the process, of the fire, see
it sends the infected ashes of the zombies
which explains the green shit (THANKS, GEORGE! [CARLIN NOT ROMERO])
WELL, those ashes, see
they infected the trees and water
and while the planet went poof,
it\'s loaded with zombie DNA
and it comes back
with trees and blades of grass all zombified
it\'ll be fucking cool.
end poem

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