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Aug 8, 2008 Featured On: MyFoxMilwaukee Wow. I can't believe this left and right. Brett Favre has been traded to the NY Jets and some people just can't take it. I went on other websites, and they are talking about it the same way as here. And these are Non-Packer websites. And non-fox related websites. All the saying the same thing. Even Facebook has this. This whole Brett Favre trade thing reminds me of a old wrestling story line from 1997. Ask any wrestling fan about the Montreal Screwjob of Bret "Hitman" Hart from Survivor Series 1997 and they will tell you. The reason for the infamous "Montreal Screwjob" was concerning the WWE Championship and Bret Hart himself. Who proposed the job? Vince McMahon, which the fans found out years later. Previously, Bret Hart signed a contract to WCW and was willing to give up the WWE Championship if won or lost. We all know the sharpshooter hold that Shawn Michaels put on Bret that sealed the screwjob. Bret Hart shared his thoughts on this and the actions took place, and he wasn't happy about the outcome. Which led to a blackeye to Vince McMahon. To this day, it was, and is one of most talked about controversies in the history of wrestling. I remember the comment from Vince: "Bret screwed Bret". Then came the comments from the Canadian Wrestling Fans of saying "You Screwed Bret!" from all over. I can't imagine the same chant that could be heard in Lambeau Field or the Metrodome in Minneapolis. Maybe at Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, or Mark Murphy. Let me just say this. On the real: I still respect the gaming ability of Brett Favre. I do. That's one of the reasons why I still admire his comittment to the game. I know. All of the fighting through toughness of his father's death, and Deanna's Breast Cancer. But I, like everyone else felt the whatever shocks about the fact that he got traded out of Green Bay, after "the force out." Cleveland Indians Fans can take attest to this. Remember the CC Sabathia acquirement? Cleveland, now I know what it feels to lose a high quality player. I share your pain. I also go on hand to say that, businesses probably do decision making stuff all the time. And they don't usually favor others at times. I have a neighbor was doing work for the VA hospital for many years, and he was a good employee. But some where in the middle, he was doing more work that almost burned him out. Plus someone mentioned to him about "if he was the right ethnicity, he might move up or something" Talk about racism in the workplace. Stupid. Plus, my neighbor is African-American. And why is everyone, or about everyone, is dumping negative stuff all over Aaron Rodgers' playing style? What did he do? I know first hand that Aaron Rodgers is not Brett Favre. Everybody can see that! We all know what Brett can do. (Jets fans, ask for reference) But Aaron Rodgers is a dark horse, in my view going into the season, and has to prove himself, despite of the Family Night Scrimage. In other words, he has to make a name for himself! Period. I mean every football player probably had to do the same. And yes, Aaron might get hurt again. But you know what, just about every football player in the game, probably got hurt, or injured came back. It's a fact. So, I know that today is August 8th, 2008 or 08/08/08 and maybe it's crazy 8's. When August 10th comes, and it's on a Sunday, everybody get to church and pray! Pray to get your minds right! Probably maybe your Pastor may mention the trade thing in the sermons, I don't know. But my pastor might. Knowning him! If the pastor says to "get over it", in a spiritual sense, then get over it. Plain and simple. I mean don't we have better things to worry about? Even those who keep chanting "We Want Brett" from that website, or anyone else that is in hysterical denial, marching around Lambeau Field, or cursing at Aaron Rodgers, needs to grow up and move on. That's what Shawn Michaels said to Vince on Raw. There is still an election to decide for, and I don't know why one of Sen. Barack Obama's Democratic HQ's in Western Wisconsin was vandalized, with the N word, and spray painted with an X, with the message "Wrong Kind of Change" on it. If you don't like Sen. Barack Obama, don't vote for him. Look at the Paris Hilton footage about her plans for Hybirds and gas. Also, I know I have jobs to look for, bills to be paid, community stuff to work on, deciding to see if I want another College Degree, and other important matters. I know I'm not alone in this. So I say again, when the football season starts, after the Olympics, just try to watch the football games. If you don't like the games, don't watch them! The NFL is not going to save you from world domination. And if you are going to watch the Packers, and a big IF, ignore the haters, and just watch. I may watch them in the post-Farve era. Even if you are a Fantasy Football fan, at least you may have some new draft picks.
Thursday, July 31, 2008 There was an article that caught my eye on Tuesday. And I think it caught the eye of every American of African Decent (started using that term), and yours truely. The title was called: "House formally apologizes for Slavery and Jim Crow". I know someone out there probably is saying to themeselves, in bold letters or words: "It's about time! After all of our protesting, preaching, peace rallies, those telling us to "get over it" (I don't know about that quote) prayers, resolutions, and most of all, just talking about it face to face, on the blogs, on MySpace, on MyFox, on TV Shows, and uneasiness comments from Pat Buchanan, It's about time!" This apology proposal summarized I feel is like "another victory that was long overdue". Let me say that again, another victory that was long overdue! What took all this time just to get this out? Back in April, a talkshow host, Tavis Smiley was on Bill Maher's show, where he talked about Patriotism. Not the version that Fox News likes to see! (Flag pins, flag waving) He quoted Frederick Douglass about this version of the subject: "A true patriot is a lover of his country, who rebukes and does not excuse it's sins". He described about loving a country on one hand, which isn't nothing wrong with it. But also the rebuking part along with the non-excuse really sunk in. What is rebuking or to rebuke something? It's defined as: 1) to express sharp, stern disaproval of; reprove; reprimand. 2) sharp stern disapproval; reproof; reprimand - all from I know at some points, of summarizing highlights through the history, there were figures in a historical sense that rebuked the act of slavery and or Jim Crow against blacks. We can talk about Dr. King, Malcolm X, Black Panthers, and others. One of them was John Wesley, the founder of the United Methodist Chruch. By the way, his teachings are a great influence on Methodism, and ordained several believers of his teachings. He preached a sermon, "Thoughts Upon Slavery" back in 1774. If you have never read any of his sermons, read them! Whether you're apart of the United Methodist Church or not! Matter of fact, read this sermon first! As I was reading the message, or in this case re-reading the message, John Wesley in my view was talking about how the African slaves were treated from a barbaric sense to procuement. He went into detail about the punishments and surpassing them with inhumane acts such as fraud and violence. He even also questioned the American Slave Owners on their actions of using the slaves to their advantage. This is John Wesley describing the acts at the time. Knowingly overall in the sermon, he was man enough to say that the sins committed did not have an excuse. Even today, those who protest against the act of it, to me are saying in a same sense of Jim Crow/Racial Discrimination. Just recently, we all know about Whoopi Goldberg explaining to Elisabeth Hasselbeck about her mother couldn't vote in her hometown during the two different worlds comment. This was an example of Jim Crow. Yes, I know about the Women's right to vote. No question. Remember the Decibel Deepbar story, where an African-American Male couldn't get it at first because of his clothes and shoes and having his caucasian friend, Joel Edgar, to dress in the same outfit and went in, and his friend didn't? I think John Jordan, the black male was rebuking the bar's actions or sins of not accepting African-Americans patrons into establishments like Decibel. And by the way, I read some of the comments, and I think most of the posts from some, who defended the club, didn't realize how real racism can be. I said in my last blog about the stories of black patrons not being welcomed into some of Milwaukee's nightspots. Some said, "just change your clothes in all". Changing your clothes at home, isn't going to cut it that much. I think the club itself, needs to change it's clothes! The clothes of ignorance, segregation, or discrimination, if you will. And that goes for the some other clubs in Milwaukee's nightspots who discriminiate as well. I had a band teacher that once had a banner on his wall at Marshall High School that read: "Results Matter, Excuses Do Not". I can somewhat summarize the problems of inheritance here. The results of Slavery and Jim Crow against African Americans were just out there in crazy sense, but the excuses of those results did not settle in, as of humanity sense. I think the House, or the U.S. Government finally, and I mean "Finally" got this straight. I said this earlier this year, .....if America does admit the "mishaps", there might be full acceptance also. I think the words "Slavery" and "Jim Crow Laws" are part of the "mishaps" and I hope this apology proposal from the House, does start the full acceptance. I didn't say it would complete it, but I hope it would start it up. Just like in 1997, when President Clinton acknowledged the Tuskegee Airmen for their service in the Military, but also apologized for their treatment of Medical Experiments that plagued them for 65 years. That's right, 65 Years! I would also say that this apology from the House of Representatives would influence other ethnic groups to follow. Including Native Americans! If any group in game that would get it next, it would be them. We know it. They know it. I know it. And everyone else knows it. All in all, I can somewhat say that this preparation of the apology had to come out. From them! And it had to come out in a sense of admit. I only wish my grandparents and great-grandparents were alive to see this for themselves. Mainly this was for them as well, although they are not here. But anyway, this is also that can be summed as one battle that doesn't get the war victory. Discrimination is still alive and has to dealt with each day, as well as unresolved implications of Slavery also. So in fairness, I'm glad the House of Representatives really had to admit the inheritance dilemma that has in my view, bewildered African-Americans for so long. Make that too long! This my take. Right or Wrong. Just my thought.
Now for the last couple of days, I've been paying attention to the Beijing Olympics. Really, I have. So far I've been impressed with the Men's Basketball Team beating China on Sunday. This is not "The Dream Team" from 1992, but Kobe Bryant and company have labeled themselves as "The Redeem Team". And so far, they are redeeming themselves from Athens four years ago. All I can say if they can keep up the tempo and momentum against the other countries and to get an advance to the finals, gold medal round mind you, I think USA Basketball would not be reveared as the team that lost badly, like Athens in 2004! No doubt the squad does have some quality players like Lebron, Dwayne Wade, Jason Kidd, and yes, Michael Redd. From my standpoint, they should have Michael Redd playing four years ago, but anyway he's playing now and help the squad getting the Gold Medal. Now, even though that the men's b-ball team are paid athletes, maybe they want to have that Olympic Experience, not just winning NBA Titles or playoffs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enough basketball for a moment. I want to summarize the Men's Swim Team. I am not a fan of the Men's Swim team, but in the last two days, they were impressive. Take for example the story that everyone's talking about. The men's 4X100 relay finals for the medals. France, commented about the American's chances in the relay: "The American's? We're going to smash them. That what we came here for." Really? Now, I would expect any member of the U.S. team saying this, but France? So, I did reviewed the footage from, and I saw the entire relay. The Americans won! I'm saying myself, as well as the commentators, "Who's talking now?" With that motivation of hate, in my view the team just went out and played their part and simply put the competiton to rest. That simple. And I know the French swimmers had to look embarrased, or in this case "salty" after the loss. The American Swimmers: Michael Phelps, Jason Lezak, Garrett Weber-Gale, and Cullen Jones, the only African-American swimmer on the team. All of them won the gold. (Phelps' second). Let me just add, that when I mentioned that Cullen Jones is African-American in all, it's make me glad that a person like him of my ethnicity is doing positive things like olympic swimming. This is my take on him. Now, I don't know much about him, nor his interest and despite of other comments about the "it doesn't matter scenarios" That can be true. But, when I see, a person of my ethnicity, doing positive things as I mentioned earlier, it makes me glad that there are African-American men doing great things for this country such as going out with his team, with positive aspect of winning in the Olympics. I can see him as a inspriational factor of the next decade and he could say that "I was there when France was going to smash the Americans, and we went out there to prove them wrong in Beijing". That inspires me! I just had to put that in there. There's been lots of talk about Black men being locked up, shot, doing drugs, gangs, impregnating females and all the other negativity we see and hear mostly. But when you read about a person like Cullen Jones, or Tyson Gay or any other African-American athtete competing, and yes I'm including some of the US Women's Basketball team as well, all doing positive competitive things, it really shows there are some good, not always bad. Also those like Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, Vonetta Flowers, Jackie-Joyner Kersee, Venus and Serena, and I know she's not living, Flo-Jo. Just to be fair, I have looked at the women swim team. And the only person that caught my eye is Dara Torres. Remember the song that Aaliyah once sung: "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number". And already she has a Silver medal in the games so far. And to me she's breaking down barriers like Janet Evans. Got to respect that, even at the age she is now. To summarize, so far this Olympic Games has been enjoyable. And I can't wait to see what's next.
Jun 1, 2008 | 8:04 PM Category: Political Let me begin by saying welcome to June. Otherwise known as Black Music Month and the month of celebrating Juneteenth and Summer. This morning, I caught a footage on TV about Senator Obama leaving his home church in which he was a member over 20 years. The same church in which formally, Rev. Jeremiah Wright was pastor. We all know about it. And also the church has formally welcomed Father Michael Pfleger and some of his sermons in regarding Race, and America's "mishaps" are somewhat similiar to what Rev. Wright said prior to his viewpoints. I know what I said kind of makes me cringe at times, and others the same, but that's the reality. What do I think about this subject of Barack's Departure, is nothing new but slightly, to me is good for Senator Obama and his family to focus on the presidential run. Now the next question probably would be, what church would Obama join next? I've had church members or former church members left my home church for obvious reasons: One is the cold weather and snow. Knowing the midwest. Two, the pastor at the time, and some congregation members didn't seem to get along on the same page or some other ideal matter. Three, personal demons arised in church members that goes from decades or years back. Four, families leave for other cities for their own matters and safety. Five, even some pastors lie and drive congregation members apart. I remember over 10 years ago that one of my former pastors lied and deceited some members in getting his own way. And morely it effected my older sister who was attending Garrett Seminary at the time and really had needs of getting support from the church. But getting back to Senator Obama and his departure from Trinity United Church of Christ. I mean that was his choice to leave. Flat out. We all make choices in life right? With all the hype and him running for president, yes distractions will occur in anything, but this is not a play thing, nor let's have the Pastors featured in this election. This is like serious business at hand. I have to say if I were in his position, I would probably done the exact same thing. I don't blame him at all. Back in February, when the Primaries were going on, Michelle Obama made a statement: "For the first time in my adult life, I have been proud of my country." That was the quote she gave in Madison and for some took that almost a different turn. I've heard some say that "I've been proud of America since the first day, and I don't why it took Michelle Obama so long to accept that" in a smear type fashion. I know, media and politics. Thinking about that quote, coming from a black woman like her is almost rare to me to hear that, In my view. It is. I've even heard some black men commenting the same thing. I was reading a comment from BET's blog site that one man, who I'm assuming is Black, scripted that despite of that statement, he felt that African-Americans aren't considered or treated as "real americans". Now, let me just say, don't go overly patroitic! This is just one person's opinion. It's debateable. Calm down! Read the blog, "Obama Splits With Yet Another Clergyman " from Has yours truly been accepted by the same statement that Michelle Obama said? Well let me say that if you go to my myspace page: . And if you see on the front page on the right, you'll see your answer. I know it's one of those blogthings that are fake in all, but the message underneath says it all. Now what is a "real american"? I remember when Chris Rock had his HBO Special, "Never Scared" four years ago. And he had a comment or statements of "real americans" or Americans in general. Morely, it involved contributing anything American: He commented on three examples that Veterans are an example. By the way, mad respect to all the Veterans. No matter which branch in the Armed Forces. I can't say nothing about them. I have Veterans in my family and church. He also commented that those who came from other countries are another example in that category. Also he described on the sacrifices for the immigrants that endured. The third comment he said "Everybody else, you're just lucky" as in reference who are just born here, and haven't contributed anything that is somewhat "American". Go get Chris Rock's HBO Special, Never Scared on DVD or do a search on Youtube. I would show it here, but the clips do have explicit language. As hilarious as it sounds or appears to be, he does hit home with the issues like this. This also reminds me of Christians. I'm one yes. The United Methodist Church is part of that umbrella. I was told as a teen years ago that wearing a cross around your neck doesn't mean you're a Christian. Much as wearing a lapel pin on your jacket doesn't signifiy your American side of patriotism. What does it mean really? In my opinion, I may be wrong, it does come from inside. As in, "Inside You". And I would also say family values. My family can take attest to this. You can prove your Christianity by acting upon "the acceptance" that is instilled in you. Same as true patriotism. Just act on it instead of saying it to get other's attention. To quote one wrestler, Scott Hall (we knew him as Razor Ramon) "Don't sing it. Bring it!" or The Rock would say "JUST BRING IT!" Finally getting back to acceptance in regarding the "real americans" thought. I think it would take time just to accept it. Despite of the bitterness, this is not a fly by night, overtime work thing here. Now if it took Michelle Obama time (and I mean "TIME") just to accept the notion of being proud of America, in her adult life, it could work for others if they choose to follow it. Just like if someone accepts Jesus Christ as their personal lord and savior after years of doing work in and out of the church. Or coming off the streets after doing drugs, alcohol or other sorts of crime. It takes time folks. Seriously. No need to push envelopes! Maybe some might say if America does admit the "mishaps", there might be full acceptance also. I was watching a footage/news briefing from 1997 about President Clinton offering his apology to three members of the Tuskgee Airmen, who were at the time were given a false experiment in cure of syphills. The reason why it was false because the Airmen didn't know they were examined that way. Keep in mind that it took up to 65 years just to admit two things: an apology and accepting wrong doing. Read the article "Tuskegee Experiment and Apology" from the Online NewsHour website. Yes, this is my take. Right or wrong. Just my thought.
The news is still abuzz over the spark and surprised remarks of Barack Obama’s former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Now, granted I have never set foot in a United Church of Christ to hear a pastor like him speak, or in this case of delivering the "good news" for about 20 minutes plus on a Sunday. Now, this may shock some of you for reading this, but I’m going to say something that might say or raise eyebrows. I’m going to say it right now: It’s misunderstood. There I said it! Misunderstood from those who thinks he preaches hate. Even some of the pastors here in Milwaukee thinks that Rev. Wright’s comments are misunderstood. Read the article "Local Pastors Say Wright Is Misunderstood" from last week’s Journal Sentinel. First off, I never seen nor hear the comments or sermons of Rev. Wright in person, except on Youtube. Now I did caught some clips of the minister preaching about the problems that America had endured with blacks. Instead of asking "why he’s preaching hate", it should be truly asked, what was the motive? Or in this case, why did he say it? What was the purpose of him talking about "God (whatever) America" for the government intervene on the negative side of not leaving other countries alone, which would later, be regrettable. Or, his opinion of the government introducing HIV, and more prisons to the black community. This is the same pastor who earned degrees from Howard University, University of Chicago Divinity School, United Theological Seminary, stood as professor at Garrett Evangelistical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. This is the same campus where my older sister received her Masters in Divinity back in 1999, and it does have connections with the United Methodist Church, and Northwestern University. And believe or not, Rev. Wright once served in the Armed Forces, in the 2nd Division of the United States Marine Corps. I promised my current Pastor that I wouldn’t mentioned him on this blog.(whom is black and doesn’t preach hate) But we were talking about him today, I would say again, because he did mentioned him on Easter. And he summarized that some of the things that Rev. Wright talked about, most folks wouldn’t be able to say. It’s like, not to put anyone on the spot, to say blacks know about more of the truth behind America’s failures and mishaps, on the other hand, whites don’t want to hear it. But, it is what it is. That was the basis of the buzz sort of speak. It’s just like Bill Cosby four years ago when he was traveling across the country about proper parenting, crime, education, jobs problems in the black community. Or when he once said that "Milwaukee, you are city that is put on notice. I didn’t do it. You notified yourself". I have to admit, some of that was true. If you go to the library or an any other source, look up "A Commitment to Change" from 2004 which Bill Cosby was a guest at North Division High School. We (in reference to the city) have been put on notice based on what happened previously. And he was ended up being called a racist or a sellout against the Black Community, just because he said some comments that most people or some are afraid to speak out. Or, almost like Eugene Kane talks about race in the Journal, which some of it is the truth, but for some don’t want to admit the "point-blank range" truth, which is stared in the face. All of this, is like a big huge reality-check. Now since this is out in the open, do I have to agree with the talks or comments of Rev. Wright? Probably not. But his viewpoints are somewhat to examine even further. So why all of this? Why all the hype of what he said? It speaks for itself. Some of it maybe "radical", or "off base". Or better yet "off the meter". Whatever you think about it, it has generated a buzz for us to think even further of asking why and how. Maybe he’s a "Old-school" throwback of ministers that truly spoke out things that most people wouldn’t dare to cross the bridge. Or ministers who reminds us of churches that took a stand against the evils in the community, while others sit down. Obviously, that has been passed up too many times. Do I think that Rev. Wright didn’t provoke the truth of America’s problems with the government in a philosophical way? Probably so. Was he venting and not being anti-American? Absolutely. Now, what is Patriotism? defines the word as "Devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty. Or it can mean "Love and devotion to one’s country." Our ex-president Bill Clinton questioned Barack’s Patriotism as in during the General Election. Well, I read what Bill had to say, but let me say this. I think Barack Obama so far, is answering his Patriotism. I think he is. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I know he’s no General Patton, Norman Schwartzkopf, Tommy Franks, or Colin Powell. But I hypothesize, (still using that word!) that he expresses it in another view point. Take a look at his latest speech that he gave in Philadelphia last week, where he stood infront of 8 American Flags and talk about his family, his wife and kids. Plus his upbringings from his Kenyan Father and Greek Mother, in which he used them as an example of who he is. Hey, after I read that speech, and viewing it on Youtube, it begins to set foot to those who were asking, "who is really Barack Obama?" have probably got the answer. Ok it may not be the answer. But it could be a answer of starting to understand. Is that Patriotism? I don’t know what is. But whatever he expressed that day, probably got individuals reading. Yeah it was a cool speech. Well written and documented to a T, but behind the speech I think, is very clear of his objectives. Just my thought.
"Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster". Sun Tzu Here we go again! The hits on me being not getting married, or interest in marriage or having a relationship for some is like a bad rash. Now, I'm not saying this to every women, but to a "select few". Yeah. The select few who just won't quit or flat out and die! If you read my last blog, the one about stop praying for me to get married, I think I have sent a message to some thick skulls who might be in your family, on the job, at church or just some in general. Do I have to explain myself here?! Ok here's the story: It all began when yours truly was younger in my teen days. The days that you thought you were cool in all. And I've had everyone from my late grandparents to my living parents, older sibling, several church members, sister church members, neighbors and even a female Election Committee Chief Inspector asking me the same boring questions: "Why you don't want to get married?" or "How come you don't have a girlfriend?" "I'm going to hook you up." Or here's one "I'm just waiting for Stephen to get married" - in a teasable fashion. Or one time another church member said that she knew someone that was single for a long time and then came marriage. Really! You want to know, for real? I'll tell you. I have no interest in marriage at all. Sorry, but not for me. Look at the divorce rates! I made my own choice not to do it because, I have that right. It's my choice. To quote Marge Simpson: "Like it or lump it". Yeah, I said it! I'm not one of those so-called lonely types that keeps wishing day in and day out just to see if someone out there wants to get a hook up and vice versa. You see, I play "smart" by not buying into the perverbial BS of getting sucked in. Or being tagged. One of my favorite novels I like to read is called "The Art of War" by Sun-Tzu, and it does summarizes of how to "play smart" in battle by using your brain instead of weapons. For issues like this, I don't need to lower myself to make others feel great on this issue. Would this be degrading, a tease, or just playing mind games? I'm focused on finding a good career, good pay, having good health, playing my Saxophone upon occasion, but I don't need a female just to make me feel like I'm on top of the world. Oh, no I don't! When I do great things, that's my reward of gratitude. So, there are about 70% of black women in America (including Milwaukee) are still single. Boo hoo! I'm not the superhero. Bill Maher once said: "O like that was the cause." But I'll bet you that half or a third of them don't want to get married. I'm not making this up. Go and google it. And I'm sure they have been asked by their parents by "when are you going to settle down and give me some grandkids?" Remember that quote that my father once said "If you don't want to get married, you don't have too?" Remember that from my last blog? If you read it, I hope so! That should mean something. I'm sorry that I feel this way for some, but hey, I'm expressing my own thought about this. Yeah, I feel the interrigation pressure sometimes, but I don't have to give in. I think that's the problem coming from some women, (no matter the age, race, creed or class) of making the pressure game difficult for single men just to give it up. I don't have time for that. I'm on much more important stuff that is bigger and better. And it matters to me. Period. Everytime I'm confronted with this so-called issue, I feel like one of my favorite WWE Superstars, The Undertaker. We all know The Undertaker, right? The event is like Wrestlemania, and here I am putting my streak on the line against an upcoming opponent. They take their shots, but I also pull some tricks, and ended the opponent(s) with a Tombstone Piledriver, or that new Gogoplata MMA submission move. And my streak lives, and I'm still undefeated! That's how I feel against certain types of women asking about my business of me not getting married. Are there better things to worry about, like finding a career or getting your health checked or something? If you want to walk the aisle to get married, or get the digits, that's your choice. GodSpeed. If you are already married, same thing. You make a move that feels you, and you only. Period. However, if you want to remain single until the day you won't exist no more, then that is your right! Remember, this is America, land of the free, home of the brave, right? A country where a person like me can express my freedoms and independence to say, "I don't want to get married nor have a relationship because I'm not interested!" Sorry. I don't have to be a "perverbial linkage" just for some hook up. Why follow in everyone's path where you can blaze your own trail? That's what I'm doing. I'm blazing my own trail. Don't even try to come to my domain and profess about you jabbing at me about this issue. Or saying that it's just a fad. If I wasn't in a deciding mood like I am now, I would be in a relationship. Yes, I'm 31 years old, Single, living in beer capital of Milwaukee, no kids, and not thinking nor interested in marriage. Why? because I said it! I am just fine without a need for marriage and a relationship. And plus, I'm focused on me and what matters to me the most importantly! No need to hit the panic button here. "Wars come and go, but my soldiers stay eternal" - Tupac Shakur (1971-1996)
Ok, so you looked at the title and ask why? Why ask Why, as they say back in the 1990's. It has been asked like the red plague striking human flesh. It's has been asked before like your mother kept nagging to clean your room. This is the question I've been asked by some of the visitors who come ask for a hookup from some weird sites I've never heard of. Also from family, church members, city workers, bus passengers, even some folks in my hometown around asking the same preverbial question: "Why don't want to get married?" or "How come you don't have a girlfriend?" and many other interrigating questions from mostly women. It's becoming a bad rash of attacking my freedoms. My freedom to be and remain single. Let's see. I'm 31 years old, Single, Black, no kids, no plans for marriage, and nor plans to be married in a city where Beer, Harleys, and most African Americans Single Women continue to roam to find Mr. Right. I'm talking about Milwaukee, if you must know. Why the whole blocking thing? It's my right to say and express this as possible. Haters need not apply. I don't want to hear the phrases "Oh, the sky is falling", "The buildings are trembling?", "The world is shaking at a wits ends", or "Those who arent in a relationship are going to be gay." - WHAT?! Yeah right. That's just hype. As I indicated, yes I'm 31 years old, single, black, no kids, and not involved. Some of you are probably saying that "are you a player?" or here's a good one "I can't believe you're single at your age!" Believe it. Yeah that's right. No I'm not a player, nor a pimp because I don't fit that description. Nor I don't fit the mold of being "your catch", ladies! I've heard this question back in High School asking "Do you like girls?" What kind of question is that I don't understand? Scratching heads. Look, I do like women, only on a respectful level. As in being not viewed as sexual objects. Just everyday people, that's all. Just because I look at women, doesn't mean I'll go over and just ask for their number or email address to hookup. Not my style. I'm too much of a Christian to go for that. Maybe some are already hooked up, I don't know. Or some don't want to. Don't try to sweet talk me and try to change my mind that, I'll pray for you and someone will come and find you to get the hookup. Warning: Be careful what you pray for, because you might not get it! This interrigation thing is not important like finding a good career out of college. Or worshiping at your local church every Sunday. Or better yet, educating our children about the real reasons for the Birds and the Bees instead of Playboys and other Porno Magazines and Videos. And I know some of the women wouldn't do the same thing like me. I have cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends that got married and gave birth to children. But I also have cousins and aunts, uncles and friends that got divorced, and saying don't get married! Or at least some. My older sibling who is 6 and half years older than me, is not married and also proposed to be married in 1999. But the guy who wanted to propose, never got himself off the ground sort of speak. That taught me a lesson to stay single. What's worse that the women or girls, I've almost encountered were just asking too much from a guy. Like the car, house, money, not living with your mother/father, and many other their turn-offs. What's my turn off in women? Although I have respect for them, but I have to say "trying to trap men" and "tagging men". You know what I'm talking about. So the asking marriage/relationship crap continued years later, and today. And some women are continuing to ask and I continue to answer by the preverbial answer of "no". Why? It's my right and preogative. I choose not to do this relationship thing. In life, we all make choices, right? Even things like this. Just remember, like or not, I live in a country where freedoms are allowed to be expressed at times, known as the United States of America. I know I said it. And I'm expressing my freedom to remain single every day! And I have right to live my life as a Single Man as I see fit as long it dosen't hurt anyone.-like my parents. If I lived in another country where I have to get married because of a traditional thing, then I wouldn't have a choice right? Like Apu marrying Manjula from The Simpsons. I'm just doing my thing, while I'm still living and breathing in the troublesome world just like everyone else. So try to understand that I'm not interested. I don't need a woman to make me feel good. I get that when I get paid on the job, or in family work. End of story! You can put the offers on the tables all you want. You can put the mind games all you want. I play Mind Games too. - mostly on Defense. But remember this. It's a choice thing. Not an age, or a "supposed to do" thing. That's total BS! If you make a decision that suits you, then go with it. It's not your mother's decision. Nor father's demanding choice. I don't care what your sisters or brothers thinks. I'll go even furher what your friends, relatives, neighbors, workers, supervisors, or the church congregation thinks. It's only your choice. I choose to pick my battles and so far, I'm winning. Just because I do things alone like go to the movies, the mall, a candidate rally, or a car show, doesn't mean I'm lonely. I'm just fine without a relationship. No need to hit the panic button here!
Feb 13, 2008 | 11:17 PM Featured On: MyFoxMilwaukee With the second month still in effect, yes it's time for Black History Month. In one of the blogs last week, I know that some had a hard time coming to pass on why this celebration of still exists now. Some said that we shouldn't have it, or it's segregated, or it's just a waste of time because we don't teach our children more. Every ethnic celebration has a reason for it's upstarts and Black History Month is one of them. Like it or not, it is a celebration, and since this is a faith blog, it's can be joyous celebration for the achivements, contributions, barrier breakings, and difference makers that blacks made in the United States. Let me clarify a few: About 2 weeks ago in church, my pastor gave a sermon in regarding this year's election. He did mention that this is first election in years that has an African-American (as would most folks say) and a Woman going at if for the Democratic Side for the White House. Previously, he mentioned with respect about his reasons why we have a Black History Month: If it hadn't been for black history month, without the eyes of God, Blacks would still be labeled as second class citizens, under the negative power struggle of Jim Crow, Slavery, being trapped or lost in a country with the almost Christian-like values of religion that would hinder them based on their beliefs. That's what he said. Not me. What really urks me is that some folks think that there shouldn't be one period, or African-Americans should not be subjected to celebrate their ethnic month in February. Which African-Americans are they talking about? You know, when I think about comments, I wonder does anyone take the time to read about "WHY" black history month was created in the first place? If some of those who protests the celebration, took the time to understand, by reading more into it, there shouldn't be any arguing, protesting, boycotting, canceling of anything that pertains to the second month of the year. I also said, I don't hear any arguments about Hispanic Heritage Month in September, nor Women's History Month in March. But why is it always Black History Month? I don't understand it. That has to be put to sleep. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remeber last year when former America’s Next Top Model Adrienne Curry wanted to “boycott” BET and Black History Month from her MySpace blog, and I reacted in a blog called "This Model Needs to Chill Out!", and most of you telling me that I'm an American, period? Did you study slavery in school? Remember that? I hope so. I didn't delete any of the blog comments. I know that I'm an American Citizen, duh! No need to go "Overly Patriotic" here! Ok, Just take a chill pill and calm down! I fly my American Flag, Wisconsin Flag infront of my Sister's house every Memorial Day, 4th of July, and 9/11 just like everyone else. Even if it’s reading the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and at times reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. I was born in 1976, which was a bicentennial year! To quote my mother, "So hey!" The day after, Adrienne did make an apology on her blog stating yes, she meant what she said in her view, and her blog made some folks upset. Mainly Blacks! Speaking of that, if I were to sit down with her like a reporter, or in this case an educator, and ask her about her statement, I would be asking her: "Adrienne, do you know why Black History Month was started in the first place? "Who created it and why?" “Had anyone asked you about that before?” "What was the objective of the creation of Black History Month? She also confessed that she is an example of a failed public school system in her apology and she now understands. Well that's debatable. I would probably respond to say of what my uncle told me about one of my childhood nicknames that "you can protest all you want, but it's too late now!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This also reminds me of an epidsode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air back in 1991. I'm sure everyone watched the show during the six seasons. This was the episode when Will flunks his history test, and mentions to Aunt Vivian that if he were to study Black History, he would be interested and study hard. The epidsode was titled "The Ethnic Tip" from the first season. But apparently, after the lectures, Will did state that he read the Autobiography of Malcolm X three times. And Aunt Vivian asked "And that makes you a serious student studying of black history?" She also about the fact to Will that he could wear the t-shirts, put up the posters, and shout the slogans. This statement rung true to Will: "But if you know all the history behind it, you're trivializing the entire struggle!” This I would probably say to those who are looking at Black History Month also. When we were younger, we all probably nose dived into the" romantic part" of the celebration, but probably never had the chance to review or talk about the origin. Like I said, every ethnic celebration has a beginning, just like Christmas. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But getting back to Black History Month, to answer the call, Dr. Carter G. Woodson was so passionate about black history. He was the reason why we have a "black history month" now. Even in this technological, "my" internet site surfing, digital downloading, Xbox 360 playing, Nintendo Wii challenging, Summerfest attending, Ipod downloading, Digital Television switching, 21st Century! This week alone February 11-15 was the original "Negro History Week". It was centered around two individuals that had great significance of freedom of African Americans: Abraham Lincoln, and Frederick Douglass. That to me was the launch of the celebration. In earlier stages, when Dr. Woodson was about 20 years old, he was talking to some Veterans who fought in the Civil War, whom were black. The Veterans of the time told him that they fought in the war, but no one came to them to tell their stories - their experiences of what they went through. In other words, their stories haven't been recorded. Ladies and Gentlemen, this was in my estimation, a generated start of the birth of black history month. Now you why we have this now? It was long overdue. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For me, Black History Month is a blessing. That's right. A blessing! At least, I am able to learn about those who set the table before me. Or those who busted down doors for someone like me to walk through. Even if it's to cross lines of color to integrate with fellowship among other races or creeds, or maybe helped those to become the first to organize, created, assisted, invented and many other developmental ways to for me to tap into just like any other person. Those who prepared it such as Coretta Scott King, Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, Sidney Poitier, Hattie McDaniel, Diahann Carroll, Louis Gossett Jr, Michael Jackson (yes I did say Michael because of MTV and Thriller is 25 years old!) Shirley Chisholm, Martin Luther King Jr, Nikki Giovanni, Marian Anderson, Langston Hughes, Dr. Charles Drew, Madame CJ Walker, Mary Mcleod-Bethune, Dorothy Dandridge, Josephine Baker, Ray Charles, Rosa Parks, Garrett Morgan who invented traffic signals and gas masks; Lonnie Johnson, who made the Super Soakers a household name. He got the idea by watching water spraying out forcefully on ships. I read about him in Black Enterprise Magazine back in the 1990's about the invention. Now you know why they are “Super Soakers”. Continuing, more individuals that paved the way like James Brown, Wilma Rudolph, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Jackie Robinson, Malcolm X, Sojouner Truth, Tony Dungy/Lovie Smith who were the first black coaches to go head to head in a Superbowl, which Coach Dungy winning the Lombardi Trophy and becoming the first African American to win it. Even Mike Carey, who is an 18 year referee in the NFL, became the first African American Male to officiate in a Super Bowl. Just 20 years ago, Doug Williams became the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl. Even though blacks have made history, but are continuing making history. It's like infinity. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When my mother was talking to me about the black soldiers in WWII, she first mentioned that we had family members that served both in the Pacific and Europe. Those were my Granduncles, Ernest and Glenn McFadden. She also said that the black soldiers, who helped liberated Europe, went into the holocaust concentration camps first during the war, before the white soldiers came in. Yes they did, and guess what, that information didn't come from a school history book! The Egyptians back then, were black. Cleopatra was black, Nefreteri, was black, and even those who ruled as Kings, Pharaohs, and Queens were black too. And there were some information about Slavery, the word “Picnic” of how that intersected with Slavery, and the Black Kings/Queens, never came from the school history books either. It's the truth! I didn’t know. So that goes to tell you that history books, specifically school books, don't always tell most information! Some of that, I learned out side of school. I attended one of my Family Reunions in Detroit in 1999, and one of the stops on the tour was the Charles H. Wright African-American Museum. This is the place where I mostly learned about black history by some of the descriptions I described above. And the tour guide at the time gave us some insights of Black History, that weren’t mentioned in History Books, or from teachers! Don’t believe me? Go there! Yes, I am a product of Wisconsin Public Schools (namely MPS), as well as Wisconsin Technical Colleges and the UW-System like anyone else, but still I got the deep information of Black History through my family. Most of that information came through my late Grandfather, Robert Burton, Sr and my mother who always keeps me grounded on the subject all the time! Although this has nothing to do with Black History, but there was a time in Milwaukee that all the stores were closed on Sundays, except the Zoo and Movie Theaters. And I picked this up in a U.S. History Class at MATC. And the same about Thanksgiving, which really the Indians were the shooting victims by the Pilgrims, that started on a Sunday, after a church service. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now these are some of the things that have a significance of why there is a Black History Month or Black History in general. Hopefully this should shed some light to say, “Oh, now I know why there is Black History Month. This is what I’ve been wondering or asking about.” I wish there could be more comments like that. But I know that in today’s era, there are some and none beliefs, young black males still killing each other for stupid reasons, saying the N-Word, sagging the jeans, and etc. And just like the question I asked, “What is wrong with our people?” There was a time that Blacks took a stand against things in a positive light. I know that Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and other civil rights leaders are no longer here. They are not going to reappear again. We are dealing with a whole new monster in this young Millennium. I know that this has nothing to do with Black History Month, or Black History, but the educated process of all of this has to cycle in the mind. So, love it or hate it, Black History Month is not going anywhere. Yeah give it up! Some of us don’t like it. Well just respect it. There was a time I didn’t understand why there is a Black History Month either, now I get it. It’s all about celebrating black excellence, achievements, recognitions, durability, accomplishments, inventions and most of all, telling and recording our stories! This is my culture which has come far by faith. Although it's only one month, but Black History is an infinity to summarize.
The DTV Converter Box is out in stores Feb 17, 2008 | 2:05 AM Category: News If you didn't know already, the DTV Converter Box is now available in the stores. I bought a box (Magnavox brand) from Walmart yesterday and I hooked it up to an analog TV at home. Just to referesh your memory, the Government will be deleting the Analog broadcast and switching to Digital This month, next year. That will be February 19th 2009. So since all the hype of switching to digital on a regular TV, I paid my 50.00 at Walmart just to give it a try. And yes I did apply for a rebate coupon. Well anyway, I went into my kitchen and assembled the device to the TV. It's real easy to do. If you do get this, here are some of my easy steps to do it: 1) After the unpacaking, plug in the DTV Converter box into a wall socket by your TV. 2) Unattach the antenna's wire and plug into the "Antenna" In socket on the converter box. 3) Take the wire that came with the box plug one end into the "Antenna out" socket, and to the back of the TV. 4) If you have a Audio, Video wire set, the Red,Yellow and White Wires, plug those in the back of the unit and in the back of your television, if you have them. If you have the audio white and yellow video sockets, it will work with out the red. Extra Note: If you have a connection of a TV, VCR or a DVD Recorder, the DTV Box will work with this. To do the work, plug in the audio/video cords in the back of the unit, plug in the same cords in the DVD Recorder or VCR's Audio/Video "In" section. And plug in another set of cords of the Audio/video in the back of the TV. Put your VCR/DVD Recorder into input modes for a picture view. If you have a cable box, (without HD) use a RF Cable to connect to the Antenna In Jack on the unit. Plus, use the other end into it's Antenna In Jack on the cable box. After that, use an addtional RF Cable to connect the output jack on the cable box, and the other end to the back of the TV. Just for the record, this is an optional connection, but it's not needed entirely. 5) Switch your TV to channel 3 or Line In on your TV. Turn on the unit, and operate the remote by inseting the batteries. 6) When your unit and TV are on, you will see a screen that will first display the setup wizard. Select continue and the OK button on the remote 7) After that, select the language - either english, spanish or french. Then press the OK button on the remote. 8) Now you come to the screen of connection output. You have two choices: either select Audio Out, or RF Out. If you have an antenna, just select the Audio Out. If you have an RF Cable, use RF Out. 9) Now select your time zone. We all know this one. Select it and press ok on the remote. 10) This comes to DST, Daylight Savings Time. You can decide if you want it on or off. Since DST is coming up in March, you may want to select "on" and press ok on the remote. 11) This has the display modes: Letterbox, Full, or Zoom. Select what you want and press ok on the remote. 12) After that process is done, take your remote and highlight Autoscan and press the ok button. The box will begin to scan for DTV Channels in the area. Fox 6 is one of them. Another believe it or not, is Channel 4's Weather Plus. You rarely see it on Cable, but it's availble through the DTV box. And there are about 5 channels of MPTV, including weather updates from the NOAA. - That's part of the National Weather Service. This scan should take about a few minutes. When you see on the screen "Autoscan Completed", use the plus and minus buttons on the remote (the channels) to verify the unit is receiving the HD Channels. However, it would not pick up the Low Power Channels as of yet. So there you have it. This is my basic way to get start by using the DTV Converter. Just to refresh your memory again, if you have Satellite, U-Verse or Digital Cable, you're just fine. This is really for those who just have Analog TV's. If you want to know which store has the DTV Converters either check out Walmart (that's were I got mine), Radio Shack, or Best Buy. The prices are different according to the stores themselves. Or you can check through the TV Converter Box Coupon Program Website to find out which stores carry the device. The address is
Featured On: Alright, since just about everyone is almost intrigued with the Presidential Primaries thus far, I have to admit one thing about Barack Obama as a contender for the presidential seat. No doubt he has a speaking tenacity that would move people to take action, but the question is, is there a rhyme behind the reason for it? Let me clarify. Last year, I was watching Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO in which Professor Cornel West and Rapper Mos Def were on the show. Bill asked the question about the black vote being split between Hillary and Barack. Professor West, by the way he's a college professor at Princeton University, commented this on show last year. If you haven't seen any of Bill Maher's shows on HBO, I tell you, it would make you think! And by the way, the show returns on January 11th and the rating is TVMA if you must know. * Hilarious, yes. * Opinionated: maybe in a mature, partially content kind of way. * Political, of course! * Giving something to talk about or blog about, well ok! Here is a "snippet" I picked up from the show about Professor West's view of Sen. Obama from the show's transcript: WEST: No, let me put it this way: it is true – it is true, especially after 9/11, the nation has the blues, and there’s no doubt that the nation with the blues can learn something from the blues people. WEST: Now, Barack Obama has a deep solidarity with blues people who look at America from the underside. And he has a decency, he has a brilliance. The question will be, will he have enough courage and boldness. I support my brother, but I’m hoping that he continues to be bold and courageous because he can, in fact, come not to the salvation – no individual can save a nation; if a nation is sleepwalking and doesn’t wake up, then it will never be safe. [applause] [cheers] But an individual can be a catalyst, can be a cause to wake them up. And that’s what Barack Obama wants to do. He wants to redeem the soul of the nation. Keep in mind that this was last year, and after listening to Senator Obama this year with the Iowa Caucus bid, I can probably say that I'm listening carefully to the words, but I'm also reading between the lines, or analyzing. Yes, remember what I said last year about Eugene Kane when I commented about what is he really saying in his editorials. Okay, back to Obama. From my standpoint, I will have to agree with Professor West about the decency and brillance portions of what I think would enlighten the voters. Including, I think, "the Black Vote". That's right I said it! Yes, I know about him not having the experience like Hilliary Clinton. And the New Hampshire "lost" was out of nowhere like a blast. If you kept score before, the last time New Hampshire had luck for Clinton, was 1992. That's Bill Clinton. He was down in the first state and came back in NH within second with Paul Tsonges. That was dubbing him as "The Comeback Kid". I think history almost repeated itself with Hilliary even more. On the real, I respect Hilliary Clinton. Only because of the 8 years when Bill Clinton was in White House doing his thing, in a good way! And to add, the race between her and Obama in the Democrats would eventually heat up. Just like the Monday Night Wars between the WWE and WCW. Now the question is, can Barack Obama rebound and collectively keep the ship going for the next couple of weeks, or maybe a couple of months? I'll put it like this: If Senator Obama plays his cards right, I repeat, "his cards" , he would be infact a top shoe in for the President's chair, or the White House if you will. Partially, he would have to continue to get support in a positive way without the ramifications of comments that a "African American male can't be president". Or this by stating that he's "not black enough." Now in responses to that, give the man a chance. I was listening to Arthur Jones on 1290 the other day, that he summarized the responses like that, drags down the conscience of the can do spirit of "you can be anything if you put your mind to it". So therefore, the talking will stop soon. There are 10 months to go to Election Day, a couple of months in between there are 48 states to go, and Wisconsin, we know is smack dab in the earlier parts after Super Tuesday. Maybe a huge stake, I don't know. Despite of what happens between now, February 19th, and then, it's just like the NFL playoffs: anything can happen. Win or go home. Who knows, maybe Sen. Barack Obama can bring it more and make history.
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