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If you know about wedding or in one.. You that its crazy.. I know that I had a great time over the weekend my brother got married.. it was good.. I got pics to post but.. no room help move up in rate here.. I really need to level up.. lol.. HELP!!! Jeannie
Hey all... Welcome to Jeannie's Weekend Wrap-up!! Wow.. Trip to Indy!! Yes it was fun.. I told you all I was doing this!! Well it was hot and a nice ride to Indy about 3 hours give or take.... We stop off in a lil town for gas and a break... It was nice cuz went I saw the towns name I though about Kirkie.. She and her family lives there.... it was Wolcott... Back on road.. We get to Indy about 11 Chicago time.. LOL Got all checked in. They we went long at that hotel cuz it was huge.. We found the watering hole a bar in hotel which was no smoking.. soo the guys were eating that up!! Pretty Much all of Indy was non smoking just soo you know.. and Dont drink the water!!! Lmao!! We the girls ending up drinking a shit load of water and getting sick.. Cuz the water was different.. Oops.. I know it sucked ass... But at the bar we found this some really nice people and they taugh us the really cool game called Corn Whole... Yeah I didnt know what it was.. but it was fun.. I think it was a verse of Beannie Bag.. Off to the find the food.. it was good.. I didnt eat breakfest and had like 4 beer in like 20 mins.. it was that hot out... really nice place..After that it was off to the Swimming pool and it was fun.. Lisa, Melissa and Myself no guys for that they stay for a nap...after showers it was off to see downtown indy.. It was sooo nice... Beautiful.. They have a huge ass mall.. Huge I tell ya.. Huge... Finally back to get some well needed sleep.... that didnt happen... I hated the bed.. Sooo much... trust me you... hated it.. now its sunday.... and well wake up and breakfest time.. and off to the Zoo.... Yes.. I said Zooooo..... It was sooo nice... all the animals were sleeping... Damn it...There was sooo much to do at the Zoo.. I got to pet a shark... and Looking at them there eyes were soo wicked looking I was shocked... They walking.. I must add that my favorite the was petting the shark.. and feeding the gaiffe.... love the Zoo... After the Zoo it was lunch time and then it was that time to come home.. Mini-Vacation is now over!! Driving home...I got to drive home.. then it started raining I had to pull over.. and the town I was closes to was Wolcott agian we ended up stoping at that same damn gas station it was weird.. lol.. Again I thought to myself.. What is kirkie doing!! I miss her soo much... This was the weekend wrap.. Enjoy!! Thanks for reading.. Jeannie
Hey all you lovely cherries!! hi.. I am writing to let you all know.. I know I havent been here.. There is only on reason why I wouldnt.. Something happened with the interent.. It was down for a couple of days!! The problem is fixed and I should be back tommorrow.. Yeahhhhhhhhhh... Just wanted to let you all know.. that I am still here... Thanks cherries.. Have a great cherry filled day!! Jeannie
Dear Cherrytap Readers...... Hey!!! How you doing? Wow.. Just competely a wonderful day.. So I turned the big 25..... I am like NOOOOO!! but still had a nice day.... For my special day.. I spent it with family and the boyfriend in CHICAGO!!!!! Navy Pier is pretty fun. I enjoy myself.. (I lose big time in mini-golf, I 47 I dont know what par was) Unfortunately.... we went and left there and then it was raining its ASS off.. Again I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I was soaking wet (which at one point I just yell out.. get wet, have fun.. we are in Chicago)... We had a great dinner where they sang happy birthday to me.. (I turned bright red, but you know that was comming, THANKS MICAH!!!) Nice time really had fun... Called my mom.. THANKS TO THE FOLKS ON CHERRYTAP THAT LEFT ME SOME LOVE!!! Your all the bestest!!! And to the ones that called me and saw me.. Its turely been a great day and night.. Now that is about a few minutes til.. Happy FATHER'S Day!! To all the DAD's I really hope you take the time out to take 5 mins.. I bet your going to need it.. Thanks for reading, your all have been great.. Jeannie!!! Wow.. I had soo many cmail.. Thanks you guys...
Hi there friends and fans... I have about 2986 points 2 go before I can level up...and I need your help, please.. All that help I will return the love... Thanks.. Jeannie
Just found out that my aunt passed away... She when at up to heaven at 8:00 this morning.. Its has been rough... The whole family pulled together... and tried to make the best of the worst.. But she was up there for 2 days after collposing.. May your prayers.. Please include the family members that are taking this hard.. To ease their pain.. Thanks to all that... have keeped us in their prayers.. I thank you and my family does too.. Thanks... Jeannie
My aunt Terri.. My mom brothers wife.. collopsed yesterday morning, at 11:00 o'clock lastnite.. She was and i hope still in ICU!!! With 10% of pulling through this... Her Kindeys and liver have failed to work..I feel sooo bad for my uncle ron.. The whole family rally together lastnight... Well look like a small concert... Sooo They didnt think she was going to make it lastnight.. I dont know, I hope someone calls and tell me she made throught the night.. I heard from my uncle she was taking vicdin... and was taking aspian on top of it.. and between the 2 broke down her liver.. but i saw her in ICU... My sister, cousin, his wife and another uncle was in there.. With my uncle ron.. Just sad to see this... I am asking all of you that read this.. to give my family and everyone that knows hers.. Give us strengh keep us strong.... I ask you that you pray for the kids involved that they dont lose their mother... Thanks All.. Jeannie
Hey to you my friends and family.. I just wanted to share with you and your friends about this movie that really needs some ratings and comments... or review.. It only take about 5 mins and some seconds to view.. and about 30 seconds to rate.. Sooo Please visit the site and give a try.. its called the FATAL AGREEMENT!! Its about a female serial killer back in the 1900's.. She was from Laporte,IN mixed with some 2007 film making..(Look like a good horror movie to me..) Soo Please just take a look and you may like.. and if you could... Please repost this that would be really nice and I thank you now.. Take care out here on Cherrytap... Jeannie
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