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created on 10/17/2006  |
Ok Cherries!!! Here Is the First of many questions that need some help!! Here is the Problem: IM MADLY IN LOVE WITH THIS MAN. I LIVE WITH HIM AND WE WERE TOGETHER AT ONE TIME. WE STILL SLEEP TOGETHER BUT HE IS WITH SOMEONE ELSE NOW. AND HE IS MAKING HER LIFE A LIVING HELL. I WANT HIM BACK IN THE WORST WAY. ITS BREAKING MY HEART AS USUAL. ONE MIN HE IS TELLING ME THAT HE LOVES ME BUT HES NOT IN LOVE WITH ME...NEXT MIN HE IS LOOKING AT ME AND ASKING ME QUESTIONS LIKE Y ARE YOU SO GENTLE. WHEN HE AND HIS GIRL GETS INTO A FIGHT. HE WANTS ME. HE HASNT BEEN FAITHFUL TO HER SINCE SHE MOVED HERE TO BE WITH HIM AND I HAVE TOLD HER SO. BUT SHE ISNT LISTENING. NOW SHE AND I ARE FRIENDS AGAIN BUT HE IS STILL WANTING TO SLEEP WITH ME. I CANT TELL HIM NO BCS I LOVE HIM SO FREAKING MUCH. I DONT WANNA STOP. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO STAY STRONG AND NOT CRY OVER THIS..BUT AS IM TYPING TO YOU...TEARS ARE STARTING AND HE IS SITTING BEHIND ME TALKING TO WHITERIDERS WOMAN. I KNOW I SHOULD PUSH ON AND TRY AND FIND SOMEONE ELSE. BUT EVERYWHERE I TURN..THEY ARE EITHER PERVERTS OR UGLY AS HELL. I WANT HIM BACK. I KNOW IM STUPID FOR SAYING THIS. BUT HE HAS MY HEART. AND WILL ALWAYS HAVE IT. WHAT SHOULD I DO TO GET HIM BACK! Dear Heartbreak! I know it is hard to be with someone that is with someone else... First off.. No one should be with a someone that is talking shit... Its to painful.. Secondly, If you really love this guy you should tell him.. If he dont like what you have to say!! Then maybe you shouldnt let him in.. I know there are ugly and weird guys out there.. But your nice and kind.. Someone will love you for you!! And I give you kudos for telling her.. But she is stupid for staying.. I say if you love him like you write.. Then You should tell That you are the one.. and if cant have just you tell him to get lose and move on.. I really hope this help you.. Now Let see what the other cherries think.. Thanks Jeannie
OK..cherries.. I am adding this Blog and Calling it. Good Old Advise if you need some advise or in many cases a female Point-Of-View.. Please Just ask a question in my message or use the Shoutbox!! Whichever is better for you!! To keep it personal.. I will not say your name.. Just your problem.. Check back and you will see you get the answer!!(you never know there is a good chance that you can get more then one answer!! So will it hurt to just ask!!) So Please let me help you too.. Jeannie
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