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so there is a girl that i work with, she just started recently, and she likes to email me and talk to me. She was telling me about her and her boyfriend, and at first it sounded like they had this awesome romance and were totally in love...when i asked her if they were in love, she said "i guess"... they've been together for 2 1/2 years... then the strange part came...she was talking about how they have their hard times like anyone else, and that he is "bipolar and violent"..which made me ask if he ever hit her she answered very casually "yeah, a few times" the girl is barely 19 and she thinks its normal and OK for someone to hit her and it made me think... she calls him a little crazy....but who's really the crazy one?
i see a lot of profiles (or PERV them, as Alex likes to poke at me about), and one thing that seems to come up a lot is girls claiming that there are no good guys left out there, and wondering where they are... And at first, i wanted to say "they are out there", but then i realized im not even sure what they mean by good ones anymore...so I will give it a shot here... A good guy is nice, generous, humurous, romantic, respectful, sensitive, strong, confident, open minded, helpful, communicative, intelligent, understanding, energetic, loving, healthy, sweet, honest, trustworthy, trusting, and disease free... A good guy cooks for you, cleans, does the laundry, takes out the garbage, goes shopping with you, brings you gifts, talks with you, listens to you, watches your favorite movies with you, rubs your feet, lights candles for you, paints the house as you like it, mows the lawn, puts the seat down, tells you YOU are the most beautiful woman in the room, loves you for who you are and not what you look like, encourages you to hang out with your friends, doesnt get possesive when you have a guy friend, doesnt hit or throw things at you, helps you pick out shoes, helps your parents and is nice to them, holds you when you cry, cleans up after you when you puke, takes care of you when you are sick, surprises you at work with lunch, calls out of work to spend the day with you, plays with your hair until you fall asleep, holds without expecting sex, kisses you in public, holds your hand, makes sure its not over until you cum also, hugs you everytime he sees you, talks to you about his feelings and wants to know yours, forgives you when you make mistakes, treats you better than he treats himself, doesnt berate or belittle you, brings you your favorite treat when its "that time of the month", takes you out, dances with you, doesnt care what his friends think, talks to you during the game, looks you in the eyes (not at your breasts) when u talk, and is a great and loving father to your child/children is this about right? this guy is out there...and no, not all of them are gay...just most of them..hehehehe but even a guy like this gets cast aside. and its because people, not just girls, not just guys, but PEOPLE always seem to want more. People want what they cant have...they want the challenge, the games, the excitement of loving and losing and loving again... This guy exists, and he is all these things and does all these things. He isnt perfect, no one is, and makes mistakes like anyone else...but even for him, this just wasnt enough for the girl that he loved...she wanted more, she wanted to see what else was out there...she wanted something better, but she also wanted the excitement of a challenge... So when you wonder if these guys are out there, look past the ones that always seem to cloud your vision...look past the hunky guy with the dreamy eyes who all the girls want to fuck, look past the guy with the money and great car who likes to show off, look past the "really cool" guy who talks about nothing but how hot you are, look past the guy with 3 kids with 3 different mommas, and look past the guy whos macho or hard, and look behind them at the guys who are waiting to be paid attention to...they are out there, and they arent all boring or unattractive..some of them even actually wanna talk to u or get to know you i just wonder if this is really what those girls actually want...and how long before its not enough anymore...


is having a CRIMINAL RECORD not enough to tell someone that this guy is probably bad news?? if you know a guy has kids that he doesnt take care of, why are you f**king him?? why cant i be nice AND a slut?
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