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A question I'm often asked. Coaching is a sense of moving ideas and reaching passionate dreams one never thought could be reached. Coaching helps put those dreams and aspirations into a working reality. Coaching is not like counseling in that counseling labels pathology, provides treatment and focuses on healing. Coaching focuses on strengths and aspirations and provides a silent partner who sticks with you until you accomplish what you want. There is no diagnosis of pathology, no treatment, no illness to heal, and no insurance involvement. Someone has said that therapy is for those who are sick and want to get better, while coaching is for those who are well and want to get better. And that is the difference that makes the difference! Coaches provide techniques, enthusiasm, direction and the fundamental tools to help a client start with today and move toward his or her future. We strive to use similar and other tools to help clients play the game of life and all that is in it. The coaching concept identifies the condition for bringing real objectivity to a situation. Any performance can be enhanced by coaching, by identifying the process of keeping clients focused on goals. There are various types of coaching that we specializes in: Career, Personal/Life, Spiritually, Relationships, Transition, Retirement, Menís and Womenís Issues and Creativity. What we have found is that people get stuck in a rut and cannot progress with their future endeavors i.e. careers, jobs, relationships, etc. unless they take care of unresolved issues in their lives. We strive to purpose in people the need to represent themselves with physical and verbal professionalism when interacting with employers, supervisors, and coworkers, networking partners as well as other important individuals in their lives. We utilize visual and written aids, one-on-one consulting, seminars, workshops, various assessments, and shopping trips when necessary for selecting appropriate business attire, hairstyles etc. Our ultimate mission is to help people feel confident empowered and important, reach a sense of quality of life and when appropriate to ultimately keep jobs and get ahead in life! Our intention is to change lives by teaching people the necessary skills needed to represent themselves with self-assurance in a professional manner when interacting with others.
If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never know it was dark. Dark would be without meaning. C. S. Lewis
I have been receiving many questions about where I have been. Taking a break? Vacationing? Fell of the face of the earth? I couldn't imagine why I would want to take a break from helping others achieve their goals. I would LOVE to take a vacation. Falling off the face of the earth. Well, that would be just plain sad. So really where have I been? Around. I spent three very long weeks in western Pennsylvania driving on backroads. I have never seen so much road kill in my life! I stayed in a Comfort Inn living out of a suitcase. Not much fun. What was I doing there you ask? If I told you I'd have to kill you. Kidding. If you really want to know and if I know you well I just might tell you. Bottom line is I'm back and trying my best to catch up on hype in the real world. I hope to catch you online and vice a versa. Don't forget to watch my page on myspace too! http://www.myspace.com/lifecoachandmore
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