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On a day like no other two people manage to find eachother... Was it fate or just circumstance? His face flew by in a glance, she noticed a took a chance. He saw the sadness that day had brought her, he wanted to see what he could do... But alas the hope for that was few. She talked with him it seemed for hours. But the hurt in her had more power. Some how one day she became bold and and found the courage to ask him.. Will you be mine? He said lets wait and see when we meet, she said nothing will change.. just cause we meet. I am who I am, and you are who you are. Doesn't matter how near or how far. He said okay... But still a little hesitant. She tried to encourge the love that she felt.. Make him know that fateful day would break away the cant he felt. There Love it seemed to blossom and grow... until it came to a fork in the road. They two of them lied in two very different ways... Hurting eachother different but the same. This pain was not something that would just blow away. It would linger and hurt and stay day by day. The man he tried to pull from the path. Crush the memories the two of them shared. But she valantly tried to make him see that she truely cared. One day the pain that he was doing in pushing, became more painful than the initial miss trusting and heart crushing. She walked away and couldnt look back. He the switched gears and fought for a resolutiion. He wanted her heart, and her simple soul back. She fought against it as hard as she could... But her heart knew eventually she would... Reach out and love him, Because if she didn't then her heart would go dim. They have their stuggle, their moments of fear. They cry, but manage to cherish every tear. Beacause in those tears, are a hundred tears... Simply being wipped away. There love will grow stronger with each passing day. Do you feel the love from there fateful passing moment from that very first day. Was it fate or just circumstance?
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