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When I first saw her,
Her beauty I could not let go.
I So wanted her closer,
more than she even would know.
Her beauty held me in trance,
And keeps me till this day.
When I see her beautiful face,
I can never turn away.
Even without her smile,
would always have my heart.
And mine has lost so much,
All these days we've been apart.
Now she has returned,her beauty shines,
I cannot wait to hold her,she is close.
To see her in the mood for me,
Is something I want most.
Now in my arms,
and our smiles again appear.
Nothing between our bodies,
As we become one,nothing else near.
To feel me inside her,nothing I want more,
Every inch of her responds to me.
As we Embrace her smile again returns,
Forever she the only vision I want to see.
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