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luvspitbulls's blog: "unconditional"

created on 02/16/2012  |  http://fubar.com/unconditional/b346542

i found out today that davids liver issue's have gotten worse since going to the vet house. he is hopefully going to see a DR tomorrow, one of the volunteers has been making phone calls and seeing if he can be seen ASAP.  if he is seen chances are he will be admitted, so now we are faced with trying to find someone to take waldo while david is being fixed up. i have complete faith in finding someone who will foster for a little while as waldo is quite the ladies man  lol, he took to one of the volunteers when we moved him out from under the bridge, he is a great dog. still have people wanting to send stuff for them which is awsome i think. for those who have been following the story here or on the page thank you for caring enough to want to know whats going on . anyone who wants to follow it on face book here is the link so you can do so  thanks for reading 


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