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luvspitbulls's blog: "unconditional"

created on 02/16/2012  |  http://fubar.com/unconditional/b346542


i can see it your eyes, everytime i walk by. they call to me,i wonder why all the lies.

your not the "monster" or "killer" that they say, your looking for love, in your cage you lay

watching and waiting for your new home, your lonely and scared and all alone

the saddness fills your heart, as you start to lose hope, living in this hell hole, how do you cope?

i wish all the others, would see the pain inside, but its not easy to see, from them it does hide

to be so unwanted, neglected and abused, you had nothing but love, they simply refused

to see all the goodness and caring within, still you sit, not wanting to give in

if only they knew what fellings inside, you keep bottled up, not once did you cry

to proud to be bothered, by viscious lies and deciet, you lay in your cage, excepting defeat

the ones who once loved you, have all gone away, you wonder inside, cuz they didnt say

as they brought you inside, you were happy to go, as they left without you, you hung your head low

the time goes by, as you sit in your cell, you realize now, that this must be hell

so many before you, have taken the walk, never to return, like time on a clock

just know there is someone, who cares what will be, as i look in the mirror, i realize its me

 i am an advocate, i stand tall and proud, my voice it does echo, up high in the clouds

i will not forget you, i will not give up , your to young to die, your only a pup

try to remember , those days in your mind, when all was just perfect, all words were so kind

its not your fault, that you lie here in this place, i know you are broken, i see it in your face

no matter what happens, keep this in your heart, we will try to help you, until the day you depart

for we do care, what happens to you. even though those who loved you, have gone out of view 

i know that these words, cant take away your pain, just know that we will meet you again

 i will try to save you, ill do my best, a tear builds in my eye, as they lay you to rest

i hope that you know what you mean to me,  who do i speak of, the A.P.B.T



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