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Phoenix's blog: "Feelings!"

created on 12/16/2007  |  http://fubar.com/feelings/b168624


The wind blows around us in an ancient lullaby This place we found with walls touching the sky. Our wedding inside from the world we'd conceal and wander off secretly to show what we feel. If only the statues from inside could talk They'd lead us to path's that others have walked. The stories of live such as ours would be denied. The halls are quiet now waiting in disguise The archways reveal morning light from the skies. Minute by minute the clock hands march on As guest start to arrive the silence is gone My heart beat is rapid as I long to say How much I love you on this special day. And ow that I knew it was you all along that gave to my heart a special love song. As I walk to the stairs and proceed down the way I feel the ancient spirits begin to play. You can detect a slight sent of Marr I see you there, oh how handsome you are. Standing above them, a smile on our faces we have love on our minds in far away places. We silently chat our way through it, of course Then you offer your hand to climb on your horse. As everyone watches with gleams in their eyes We silently wave and bid everyone goodbye. The silence returns as we ride out to the night We turn to the other underneath the moonlight. And the binding is etched upon your should and mine A love that will continue to endure for all time. The spirits have given us their blessing too Souls fused by the heat of love so true. This place will stand as legacy to all That when you hear your soul mate call Grab a hold of them and hear your hearts hum.
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