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created on 10/02/2007  |
Ok... a few months ago (when I was unemployed and BROKE) my sister couldn't make up my half of the phone bill so she borrowed the money from our mom. Instead of paying CASH on the phone bill, my sister handed my mom her portion of the money, and my mom had the remainder in her checking acct. so she wrote a check. No problem, right? Evidently it was!!! The check bounced and Verizon failed to call her and let her know. (They won't call me, since the phones are in her name) This morning I tried to call a place and get some information before I went home from work and surprise surprise the phone don't work. My mom owes my sister almost $500 now. (BTW, that's not a normal bill... we had changed our plan and the bill went up for 1 month) I'm so pissed off... my cell is my ONLY phone!!! Right now (as I am between classes at school) my phone is my blood line. I need to have contact with my school councilors. No phone also means... no new pix of me :( Anyways... if anyone actually read this, thanks for allowing me to vent on u.
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