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This makes better sense when you read it from the bottom up. Since this is the e-mails... the most recent is on top (from me to him) Brace yourselves, there may be more to come. And if you're wondering, yes, this man is on Fubar as well. Protect your children at all costs!!! Heather: park mgr Dan: park owner Tristan: little boy that gave my daughter a black eye for no reason. Parent's excuse-- he was out of meds. Wow... Your intelligence level is lowering my IQ. I think you just need to back off and stop trying to have the last word. this is a battle that you are not going to win. The only people that need to know what is going on are Heather and Dan, and they already know that you're just blowing shit out of your ass because you're still pissed about the eviction of Lot 4. They all know that you're just trying to get even. and you've already stated twice that you want me to move. so there's your motive. Even though I just moved here a few months ago, I am capable of seeing that this isn't the stereotypical redneck trailor park that feeds on drama. Thank God for that because I can't stand drama. and what you are doing is just stirring it up. You're worse than a woman. And there is no need to repeat yourself. I've already told Heather that your lot is off limits and she went as far as saying that if your kids are in the road playing there's nothing she can do about them not coming in contact with Autumn if she rides her bike past your house and one of your demon seeds starts shit with her. You rent the lot... the grass... not the road. Looks like I'm going to be picking Autumn up off the bus from now on because I'll be damned if I'm going to allow you to put your hands on my daughter. And trust me, if you do, my ex husband will be up here quicker than shit and he's not a force to be reckoned with. He don't give a shit he'll fuck a person up and dont' care about consequences. You don't fuck with my baby! On 10/15/2007, fu796909@fubar.com wrote: just ask your self why dont the kids in the neborhood what to play with her they all say she is mean and is a brat so do your self a favor talk to the other people in the park i have no problem with the other kids and sence you move in the park there has been more problems with the kids than and it has a lot to do with your kids doing some thing to them or what so do your self a big favor andf keep your kid down there and ill keep mine down here and there wont be a problem and the next time the cops will be called and i dont give a shit what you think about me or my kids and the rest of the of the trailer park know how your kid is this is way there dont want her around and beside that why dont you keep your eye on your kids more than you do at lease i know were my kids are at all time you dont even know were yours is most of the time and you let her just go in other peoples houses and that is bull shit so you talk about beoing a good mother prove it ever one here evens know that you dont watch your kid this is the laast one i will write you so i hope i dont here from you any more and if you have a problem with this call the cops i dont care and i have a ;ot of people here who knows my kids and there is no problem with them On 10/15/2007, pilo2001@fubar.com wrote: You are such a snake. You try to talk out of both sides of your mouth and it just doesn't work. I had tried talking to you like mature adults, but you obviously can't comply because you started this mess with attacking my daughter. If this were a battle of wits, you would be way out of your league. Ever hear of the story about a boy who cried wolf?? That's you. Everyone knows that when you called Heather the first time sayin that Autumn supposedly scratched Mykayla's arm (or whatever body part you said) Autumn was sitting right next to me at Bob's house. And now you want to claim that she "choked" your son? Please, tell me another one. I talked to Autumn. I asked her what happened. She told me, and I have no reason to not believe her when she said that David pushed her and was calling names first. Autumn only acted in self defense, and she didn't "choke" him, she pushed him and her hands just happened to land on his throat. There's a book, it's called a Dict ionary, some time you should read it and see how it describes "choking" and "pushing". Believe it or not, they are 2 completely different things. You mind your business, and I'll mind mine. I'm not the type of person (like some people that live here) to go out of my way to make someone else's life somewhat difficult by making accusations about events that did not even occur. Where I come from, that's called being immature and well, I'm above that. Since your little demon seeds seem to have problems communicating and being nice to other children (this includes name calling and immitating Tristan by lashing out for no reason) then perhaps it is best that they stay down there and we (Autumn and I) will stay up here. Staying to myself and protecting my daughter from psychotic parents that seem to feel it is ok to even think about putting their hands on another child is what I do best. Would it be ok for me to suggest to you that I would beat the shit out of you r kids? Certa inly not. I'm sure you would have something to say about that, but unlike some people, I know my boundries. I also know that a threat is just as bad as actually doing it. Which is what you did when you stated, "i will bend her over my knee and bust her [Autumn's] ass". If you'd like to play games, I'm all for it. Lets play "Who's Lawyer Is Better". On 10/15/2007, fu796909@fubar.com wrote: i was there and saw it so just keep the little brat down there so if this is how this is going to be maybe heather will be inform about this matter and you can move out so i am trying to deal with it between us but i see that you dont want to work with it so you make the next call On 10/14/2007, pilo2001@fubar.com wrote: I just asked her what happened. and she said your little bastard child put his hands on her first. so before you go calling children names you better get all the facts straight. and you're damn right i would press charges on you if you lay your hands on my daughter, i will deal with her, not you. and i think it's awful funny that you want to point fingers like your children are perfect. but they are far from being innocent. Perhaps if your son wasn't so hateful and didn't try to take after Triston he wouldn't have any problems. I have told autumn that if anyone ever lays their hands on her to retaliate. Sorry your son doesn't know how to keep his fucking mouth shut. I'm also sorry that your girlfriend is getting evicted out of the park. You think that I'm going to get kicked out because of Autumn defending herself? You're sadly mistaken. Perhaps you should keep your kids in line and stop worrying about other people's children. I still have the mail you sent me saying that "kids will be kids" and all that other shit when I confronted you about your son pushing autumn and taking a swing at her. So don't even try to use that against me and change you story now. It's not going to work. It is perfectly legal for a child to defend herself and you've given me all the proof I need to turn this right around on you because you admitted that your son (when you confronted him) took the first actions. Grow the fuck up and start talking to your kids about taunting others. Tristan did not set a very good example for any of the children in this park and you are the worst parent in here for allowing your kids to play with him knowing his temper problems. And honestly, I was not one bit sad to see him go, and I'm sure as hell not going to be sad to see his grandma and that little 15 year old slut leave as well. There's already been talk of a block party once they move out. Sorry about your luck, self defense is nothing to get your panties in a bunch over. so much for acting like adults. way to go. On 10/14/2007, fu796909@fubar.com wrote: i just want to tell you that your brat was chocking my boy today and if she comes down and puts a hand on one of my kids again i will bend her over my knee and bust her ass and then i will call the cops and tell heather and dan so if you want to press charges on me go ahead i will do the same like you did on triston so do us both a big fav. keep the brat down there and there wont be a problem lot 1
I work third shift at a place where it's my job to make sandwiches at night. Subs, pizza subs, roast beef sandwiches, things like that. I was finishing up making this huge sub when the door to the store opened and I turned to greet the customer. I saw a man come in w/ a white grocery bag in one hand and a gun in the other. He was wearing black pants, black shoes, black gloves, a grey hoodie with a logo like ECO on it and a black scarf over his face. He was skinny, I'm guessing maybe 140 lbs and the same height as me, maybe an inch taller. 5'7". As soon as he came in the door he ran to the counter and jumped over it like some robbery ninja and pointed the gun at me and told me to come over and empty the drawer. So I did. Everything went into his bag including the $2 bills that sit on top of the alarms (if the $2 bills are removed from the alarm boxes, the silent alarm goes off) As soon as he had what he wanted (all of about $140) he chased me from out from behind the counter and told me to go to the bathroom. (Which was on the other side of the store) On my way back to the bathroom, I glanced outside and saw a dark colored car parked long ways in front of the door. I stayed in the bathroom, laying on the floor, watching out to see if they were going to come back. I was in there for what seemed like forever. Finally some real customers came in and started walking around. I heard one of the guys say "I don't know where she's at" so I figured it was safe to come out. I immediately called 911. The robbery happened at 12:48 am, I called 911 at 1:05... the alarms never went off. What if he shot me and I couldn't reach the phone? This has definitely given me a new out look on life. Cherish every waking moment with my loved ones because someday I may not be around to give her (my daughter) a hug and a kiss before bed. I'm scared shitless to work alone again at night. I should have known better, the place where my store is... there's nothing around that is open. Not much traffic.
My sister is a bitch, more so than I am! I just got back from my parents house. My mom and dad have been going through some tough times. My dad has been at his job for 30+ years, and the past 4 months (since PPG went under new ownership) he has been laid off for a week each month. Which takes like $1000 out of my mom and dad's pocket. My older sister owes my parents like $8000 and refuses to pay them back. I have recieved help from them, but I always pay my debts. My little sister is the same way... she's paid them back as well. Well, my mom's uplander got repo'd last night. I offered my vehicle since I don't have to go to work and if I need to, they can give me a ride and pick me up so they can use the vehicle (third shift) for work. Do you think that my older sister would lift a finger to help out?! FUCK NO... all she gives a shit about is the car my mom GAVE her. She doesn't call just to see how things are going, she doesn't visit to see them in person... she just avoids our parents at all costs. I call myself a bitch because I can be when I need to be... but avoiding ur parents just because u owe them money and they're really hurting, COME ON NOW!! And she had the balls to call me irresponsible. Pfffft.. as far as I'm concerned, she can kma and go to hell.
Now taking contestants for the sexiest abs. (Male or Female) Send me a fu-mail with your pic link in it (so I know which one to rip) Make sure that your photo album is not blocking rips!!!! RULZ: 1. Self bombing is a MUST! 2. No pics are to be submitted that show anything below the belt... this is a NON-NSFW contest! 3. Do not bother or taunt other contestants. Check their comment #'s if you have to, but do not down-rate or use profanity towards others. If such a situation should arise, I want a screen shot for proof. 4. Ratings count as comments as well, so if your friends cannot comment bomb, at least have them rate. 5. Pics of YOU please!!! Do not go rip a picture of Brad Pitts abs and submit that as your own. Lets be real here, people. 6. Have good clean fun! PRIZES: First place: Choice between... One month VIP One week Blast 10 Ticker messages Second place: Three day blast Third place: One day Blast Fourth place: One Ticker message CONTEST WILL START ON SEPTEMBER 15th AT 5pm EST (2pm pst). PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PEOPLE TO BACK YOU UP AND COMMENT BOMB!!! CONTEST WILL END ON SEPTEMBER 20th AT 5pm EST (2pm pst). I will be looking forward to your fu-mail! Please repost, share, circulate this bulletin. MMFWCL!!!!! --- 100% B!tch
It is obvious that with the help I am getting from my new found family and my TrueFriends, that I cannot get 30,000+ comments in less than 24 hours. I have decided that if anyone wants to stop bombing my pic, they can. We gave this contest our best effort and, well, second place is a hell of a lot better than nothing. Thank you everyone who participated in the bombing of my pic, I will be sending gifts out to everyone. I am not... (I repeat) I AM NOT giving up!!! I am just letting everyone know that they can take a break if they want to. I, personally, won't be in much to bomb because, like I stated above, there's no way in heck we can get 30,000+ comments in less than 24 hours. Again, thank you all for your hard work and dedication, you don't know how much this means to me. And if anyone ever needs any kind of help bombing, leveling up, or whatever else... let me know, you had my back... so I'll return the favor.
From 308 friends down to 96... Buh-Bye fake friends... who needs ya anyways??? Sure as hell ain't me!!
I have helped people level up when they post things like "1200 to go" in their status message. I have helped friends out with contests (comment bombing) and I have even gone as far as creating shout outs for all the people who I thought were my friends. Where is the love??? All I asked of anyone is to just drop about 100 comments on a pic for me in the contest that I have entered and no one has returned any favors except for a very few. Why should I have to feel like I need to join a bombing family just to have "friends" to back me up??? Yes, I'm pissed and extremely disappointed in a lot of my friends. Especially one in particular (he knows who he is) who just won a VIP all thx to me and another friend who emptied out our comments on his pic every day! So.. point of this blog (other than to bitch-fest) is to let everyone know that I am going to do an inventory of my friends list. Everyone who is a fair-weather friend is going to be deleted. This isn't MySpace where you just add people to add them. I don't care about points, I could give a shit less about Godfather and rank. To everyone who has been a friend to me, thank you so much! You know I will return all the love you have showed me. If you ever need anything, all you have to do is ask. To everyone who just wanted to be my friend so that they can view my NSFW pix or gain points off of me... To hell with you, and good bye.
Hey if you got some free time... I entered a contest and would appreciate all the help I can get. fan, rate and add her: *SEXYGIRLBLONDE* OWNER OF *THE DYNASTY CLUB*

@ fubar Then here's the link to my pic: Folder is blocked so you can't help a sista out until she accepts your friend request. Thanks everyone in advance... (D) (B) Cheers!
I need help comment bombing.. .contest lasts for 10 days... if you're bored, come by and help me out please!!! thank you
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