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Just Kapalua's blog: "Thinking"

created on 04/21/2011  |  http://fubar.com/thinking/b340688

I love my friends on here dearly and can't imagine not being on here anymore but recently a negative emotion is growing inside me that makes me question why I am here..That feeling is hate towards baby j and this whole game called fubar..All the fake profiles, bouncer checks and ridiculous leveling requirements. Not to mention that when you reach the top level, 45, game over. 

Tired of the clic of the top 200 chicks/dudes, keeping a lock on their positions through alliances and big bucks, actual money, not fubucks.

Simple fixes...New profiles have to have a salute pic no more then 2 weeks after posting the profile or that profile is cancelled 

Keep the bouncers to address problems but eliminate the bouncer checks

Keep the point requirements to level and maybe increase them but get rid of all other leveling requirements

Increase the levels above 45

Keep the cost of bling in actual money

If necessary to increase revenue, think about opening up Fubar to advertising.


But the bottom line is, keep this like happy hour, a fun bar were friends gather to meet and enjoy the company

OnlineGoing to be gone the rest of the day...Hopefully I'll ha...
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