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This is going to be competely off the wall but is more truth then you are willing to admit. Muslims hate the Jews, not the other way around. Israel lets the Muslims practice their faith in Israel, work, live and offers the same benefits (inculding medical) to all citizens of Israel. In fact, most Arabs in Israel like things the way they are. How much freedom do Muslims and non-Muslims have in their own countries?

Then there is America. We are a nation of immigrants and welcomed those immigrants. Do we have scars? Yes! We totally mistreated the native Americans and the slave trade was a black eye on America but that was in the past. Civil rights has tried to address those issues. If we are good Americans, we are color blind and by MLK statements, we should judge on the basis of content of character and not the color of skin. Are there racist whites, yes and they should be called out for their crimes but it is also just as obvious that there are racist blacks and latinos who are blinded by hatred. It is o.k. for whites to be called honkees, crackers, gringos and the like but never to use the n word or beaners, spics and the like. All of these words are vile and whomever uses them are racist, no matter the color of their skin. In the movie Die Hard With a Vegenance, Bruce Willis called Samuel L Jackson a racist, which shocked Zeus, but he knew McClain was right.

For many whites, it isn't racism which keeps them at arms length from blacks or Latinos, it is the fear of ever being accused of racism or discrimination.

The only solution is for everyone to bury the past, become color blind and view everyone in the world as our brother and sister


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