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Wanksters, gangstas, whatever you want to call them. I can't fucking stand them. But you already know this, don't you? Moving on...

Illegal immigrants. I have no problem with the legal immigrants, mostly because the legal immigrants at least TRY to speak one iota of English. At least enough to function in society, which is all I ask for. I don't want to sit down and have an intellectual debate, I want you to be able to follow simple directions and understand that $1.06 doesn't require a fifty dollar bill....

Door-to-Door Christians. Look, if I really wanted to know "all of the answers," I have Google. I don't care what faith you have, until you can draw a cubic sphere and create matter and energy, I don't want to hear your bitching. Stop parroting around about how miraculous your savior isn't....

Small children. Always wanting and disrespecting their parents and tearing up shit and sqealing and whining and- SHUT THE FUCK UP! Sit down, and if you make one more fucking peep I will punt your ass over the fence!...

Pacifists. Right up there with vegetarians are pacifists. Aw, boo-hoo. Is little Johnny afraid of hurting someone? Then eat cold steel, you crybaby son of a bitch. Society isn't going to change your diapers forever, sonny. Either grow a pair or look into suicide...

People who wear confederate flags on their shirts are a major source of irritation for everyone in America, especially when they accuse everyone else of being unpatriotic. Listen, dipshit. I know you have no way of sensing irony what with the total lack of brain matter and all, but it just isn't cute anymore. You're not a redneck, and if you are, then you still have no right to label people "unpatriotic" for exercising the rights that this country stands for...

Pregnant Middle Schoolers. The fact that middle school girls are getting pregnant just goes to show you how bad some parents are. It's all a lack of discipline, I tell you. If you beat your child's ass, they wouldn't think "Oh, I have the right to go out and have sex,"...

Emo. I'd say "emo boys" or "emo girls," but they've rendered it ambiguous and I hate them both equally. And who wouldn't? They follow a fashion trend based on suicide and being pathetic. At least I give them a reason to cry. In a way, I'm helping them...

The phrase, "you need to find God."...


Drug dealers...

Loud, obnoxious laughter...

People who wear cross necklaces then bitch at my friends for wearing clothes with satanic imagery on it...

Any politician who voted for illegal immigrants to collect Social Security without paying into it...

Having to listen to people bitch just because I said something "mean." Tough shit, assholes. That's my opinion- live with it, or choke to death. Preferably the latter...

Anyone who is offended by ANY sexual content....

People who baby talk to their pets. Animals don’t speak the language and they certainly don’t give a crap if you are mommy and you’re going to wash their wittle bitty baby bum...








im trying to figure out how i got 12 million points in 3 days...i just need to be bombed 3 times then i level...





just doing a quick welfare check on people making sure they are alive and whatnot


heading outto the pitt/rutgers game in a little bit...yes be jealous i got a free ticket to the football game



come love me kthanks

ok people heres the deal.....


yes i am in a 1 year rehab program for alcohol here in pittsburgh...my clean date is july 31st and i am doing very good here...after 6 months they are gonna help me get into school...


i am here not because i was forced to..i came here because i had a very bad problem and needed to do something about it before i not only hurt myself but someone else by doing someone stupid


i have drove drunk too many times...drank too much and let it control my life and now i am getting help for it...


there are many people who wont get help and they are the ones causing the most pain to others...especially their family


now with that being said.......




long story short...met a girl tonight..decided to start dating so the weiner is going away for now


thats pretty much it :)

so i just found out today my brother is headingto iraq in the next few days for i dunno how long..


apparently my temper and anger issues warrant a trip to a shrink...apparently they think its a problem when you punch a hole in a door and hit a locker hard enough it folds inwards...wierdos


oh and i need some letters from people it would be nice



tits up everyone

dont have much time right now...just wanted to say hi and im ok


y'all better keep writing dammit


address is in an earlier blog


i will bbl tho



so some of you know about my little mishap 6 years ago when i was in pennsylvania last...others that dont well its too much to write and i dont really feel like writing it all out but anyways....apparently the case is still open for some reason and until i figure it out i cant get into that program i was getting into but i really dont think its anything and neither does my case worker so hopefully it should be figured out today



basically at my court date to get released from jail the judge told me that he was releasing me on the condition i go home so i did


i hate this shit...it shoulda been closed 6 damn years ago and it isnt





it was a clerical error that happened when they entered it from paper into computer

when im gone im gonna need letters....like real ones


heres the addy

Andy Smith

10 E North Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212




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