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Outlaw Knight's blog: "Just some of my poetry"

created on 02/27/2010  |  http://fubar.com/just-some-of-my-poetry/b329829  |  1 followers

There is much debate concerning the topic of abortion

Whether it is a life or just some small unimportant protrusion

Some say that it cannot feel therefore it is not considered real

But I say don’t assume, when God says “I knew you before you were in the womb”

At eight weeks it already has his hands and his feet

Eyes are apparent those that will one day see their parent

It is not a lump, an object or a mass of insignificance

It is a human life that one day deserves to learn to dance

His hands have formed, hands that one day may perform

Perform a majestic melody, or perform a life saving surgery

He has already begun to move, ever so slightly in the womb

Moving a tiny finger, that one day he will use to touch his mother

But there are still those that would stand up and disagree

I say to you, at one point and time that was you, that was me

But what if the parents are just teens, what about them and their dreams

There is always another option, put the baby up for adoption

But what if the family has no money, can’t buy his food or clothing

I say things can change, you have seven more months to save

But what if it threatens the mother, she might lose her life

I say that is up to God, not you, not her and certainly not I

What about those who don’t believe in a God who created all things

The fact remains that at some point and time that was you, that was me

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