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M A C a M O N I's blog: "UNIVERSE"

created on 11/16/2021  |  http://fubar.com/universe/b372466
I’ve never chosen the woman I was, my path chose me instead. Whatever I needed, whatever life called for- that’s who I became. Whatever role I needed to be, that was who I evolved into.. Mother, sister, partner, friend, mentor, survivor, provider, protector.. I’ve been each of those and more. It wasn’t about what I ever wanted, but what I needed to do and be. I always did what I had to do to keep moving forward in my life. Truth is, I didn’t know how I’d make it sometimes, but I always found a way. I’ve been the one who everyone looked to for strength, courage and passion, and somehow, I was always able to become what I needed to be. I won’t say it’s been easy or painless, because the struggle I fought was almost overwhelming at times.. But I made things happen, because that’s who I am. I’ll never be fearless, flawless or faultless, but I’ll always be real, genuine and authentic. I love with all my heart and I don’t do anything halfway. My soul is filled with passion and I love hard when there’s love to be had. I fill many roles and I have a never ending list of responsibilities, but I’ve learned I’m capable of conquering anything. The fires that once threatened to burn me alive now fuel my drive to rise above and fly high. Maybe my plans don’t always work out perfectly and there may have been a time or two when it came off the rails, but I managed to find my way almost every time. I’ve provided for and protected those who needed me. I’ve loved my people who wanted me. I’ve fought for the ones who couldn’t do it themselves. I’m a woman of many talents, qualities and depths..born of the darkest times which forged my ironclad spirit. But no matter who I’ve been and what I’ve done, there’s always one part of me that I’ve needed most: The survivor. She’s the one that kept me going, gave me strength and lifted me up when I fell. Come what may, she’ll always be the part I value most, For as long as I will ever need her, She’ll always be there.
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