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Cerri's blog: "surveys"

created on 04/14/2008  |  http://fubar.com/surveys/b207136


Does the word "pudding" make you laugh? no, but the word peni*s does Do your parents consider the word "hell" a swear? hmm dont have any, and being a britt nothing is a swear word What do you think you mom does when she goes out? well i would imagine acts like the devil himself, if she is still around What food makes you guilty when you eat it? none Do chickens have feelings? yes they probably dont like it when thier head gets snapped off , lmao Do you know what a duvet is? If so, have you used one? yes when i lived in england and it was cold, here not so much Is there something you do to help you sleep? Or something you cuddle with? yes take ambien and read but nothing works, so i play on fu all night Is the person on your top number 1 your bf/gf? duh no its the internet Do you think the body is the most beautiful thing that was ever made? parts of them Do you consider cheese a major food group? which kind of cheese lmao One person that really bugs you: i really do not get bugged very easily Girl names you like: mine when pronounced correctly as in keeeri, emily, keeli. molly..poppy Boy names you like: neil.nathan.berry.sam. and anybody that gives me what i want lol Do you know the pepto bismol song? yepper You just started to sing it? no, but nearly dammit Are you an Oscar Mayor wiener? yes...whoops i thought you meant have i had one...well i dont think there has been an oscar *frantically tries to remember* Is your Fubar page set to friends only? no but some pics are If so, who are you hiding from? girls that report me on a daily bases What do you do when your on the toilet and you find out theres no toilet paper, and theres none under the sink? *cries* no, there always is...neat freak What would be the worst way to die? probably drowning in the ocean, or in an plane Whats your favorite food at thanksgiving? dont really each much so dont care Do you know the seven deadly sins? If so, what are they? yes, envy,vanity,sloth, glutton,lust, duh cant remember pride, and something Do you know where you were conceived? probably in a car How did you get your name? yes my parents gave it to me...lol no my dad was irish, its an irish name What's the last You Tube video you watched? Ron Paul Have you ever stolen a traffic cone? define stolen What's the weirdest thing you've ever collected? damn i am wierd so i havent a clue On average, how many texts do you send/recieve a day? sometimes tons one after the other for hours sometimes none When was the last time you ate at a Waffle House? never What is the advertisement at the top of the page? i havent a clue. umm how to get good and fat Are you wearing fingernail polish? on my toes What is the nearest photo to you? pic of Ed Vedder in weather beaten wood frame Who was your favorite Ninja Turtle? what...who...where..? What are you listening to? Ed Vedder theme song from into the wild movie, not your usual Pearl Jam, although his verbage is always beautiful, this solo album is just unbelievably beautiful Do you have your own room? i live by myself What do you think of Bush? so not going there , that would make this n s f w Have you ever failed a grade? nope in england if you do not go to school your parents will go to jail, damn why did i not think of that. Do you feel like crying? most of the time Would you like to learn how to pole dance? i knows alreaDY WINK WINK Have you ever gone commando? yes when wearing skirts Do you have gas often? no its way to expensive lol Can you burp the alphabet? Nope.... why would i want to?


1) SOMETHING YOU MIGHT FIND UNDER THE SEAT OF A CAR: a ton of mess at least 16 water bottles and usually my panties lol 2) EXCUSE SOMEONE WOULD GIVE TO GET OUT OF WORK: i need to get laid and its gonna take a while, damn its been a long time. 3) REASON A COUPLE WOU​LD WANT TO GET MARRIED: i have not a clue, maybe if they wanted to have children, cant think of another reason good enough, been there done that. 4) SOMETHING YOU WOULD FIND IN A BATHROOM: my ex hubbys toothbrush 5) A PHRASE WITH THE WORD "SHOW" IN IT: show me the goods because i am not gonna waste my time if its teeny , jk. 6) SOMETHING YOU WOULD BUY IN A HURRY: astroglide 7) ANOTHER NAME FOR​ "SEX": a good hard core pounding 8) SOMETHING A PERSON WOULD PREFER TO HAVE "HOT": sex,sex or sex 9) A REASON A PERSON MIGHT BREAK UP WITH THEIR GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND: cheating, bored, trust issues, found some strange 10)SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO SIT DOWN TO DO: ride him cowboy 11)WHY AN OLDER WOMAN WOULD PREFER A YOUNGER MAN: well if i did, it would be because they can go the distance, bring on those young studs 12)REASON YOU WOULD WEAR A HEL​MET duh because i am a nut job it is required 13)REASON A PERSON WOULD USE A COMPUTER to have cam sex duh 14)REASON A PERSON WOULD GO TO A DOCTOR: because my doc is hot so i will find one 15)SOMETHING YOU WOULD FIND AT A BAR: drunken idiots 16)WHAT A WOM​AN MIGHT BUY BEFORE A DATE: edible undies duh 17)SOMETHING THAT REQUIRES BATTERIES: well nothing sexual mine has a kick stand, so i guess the camera
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