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koreanfashion's blog: "smartphones"

created on 05/13/2012  |  http://fubar.com/smartphones/b348124



The dressing style is an interpretation of life, an attitude for life! Would you like to wear what kind of style to express yourselves? Just think that no matter what kind of style only after you have a try then identify whether suitable not suitable! Spring Japanese fashion street snap new series from wholesale Chinese fashion clothing shoes accessories online shop koreanjapanclothing.com interpret new season style!


Black Japanese fashion lace dress

The sun was shining everywhere filled with the breath of spring and throws away all the troubles out to the streets! Clear sense of black lace dress with 7 points of the sleeve design, filled with the taste of spring! Wind color quite a family name embroidered full skirt and cuffs, and just the right length to reveal your slender leg line! Travel of course, sunglasses and straw hat, if like then try it!


White knitted sweater + water blue pleated skirt

Lightly filled with a sense of quiet girls filled with the long period of feeling the surge of people want to be near. Comfortable clothing of pure and natural with her looks full of elves breath Relaxed personality of a solid color sweater with a breath of spring rich in water-blue pleated skirt with a simple, and make her look very mori girl style!


Khaki trench coat

Casual Hong Kong fashion style essential fashion single product, this loose khaki trench coat to your wardrobe have Simple and relaxed style with a casual Europe and the United States range of children, take a red stripe grid T-shirt and red shorts, hair covered face in the wind, a large dark glasses so that your overall mix exudes Queen style!


Black retro fashion dress

Simple elegant tailoring, good girls bump has caused the body to reveal! 2012 hot retro wave elements into a skirt with a sense of elegant mixed with a hint of sweet breath, a sense of transparency wave long-sleeved and decorative bow before the mind, for the whole sexy!


Black slim waist dress

Stylish black dress spikes many passers-by in the moment out of the front of the store. The clever handling of slim waist, so that your legs look more slender lines! Collocate with a black knitted jacket and appropriate accessories, simple and generous express atmosphere of strong woman! A pair of retro high-heeled shoes is fully trendy and fashionable!


More Japanese fashion items from wholesale apparel shop koreanjapanclothing.com.

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