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Korean Japan Clothing is an online Chinese fashion clothing wholesaler based in Hong Kong specializing in Asian fashion. It is one of the first Chinese stores that offers all kinds of Chinese fashion products, and Korean Japanese HK fashion are also available for sale at koreanjapanclothing.com. As a trendsetter, whether you are looking for current fashionable style or chic vintage inspired fashion, Korean Japan clothing has a wide selection for selecting


Very few women have perfect body and then only do some efforts in the dressing. But how to build clothing collocation can avoid weaknesses and show perfect body? Take a look at the latest Hong Kong fashion show to create the more self-confident figure.


Loose white Hong Kong fashion T-shirt, simple and refreshing colors, loose a degree of upper body particularly good, especially the design of the hem at the grasp fold, very chic. Divided skirts with a black base, just to cover the large hip bone, showing a slender figure.


Short tall waist coat, pearl trim design, small shrug, every detail are the United States style. Inside the ride doll collar white shirt, coupled with loose yellow pantyhose, flats exposed ankle was thin fashion.


This black and white striped casual coat, very simple and sober color, fresh and full sense of. Inside the ride irregular hem gray T-shirt, wearing gray leggings, shoes, fashion and comfortable.


Loose bat shirt, beautiful color and letter patterns, so this bat shirt looks more texture, the possession of the meat was thin. Pants with a plaid skirt, knee ten centimeters exactly reveal small spindly legs.


This match is ideal for girls with fat upper body, loose hollow sweater possession of live fat body look more proportioned pants of course want to choose more or less to match the exposed leg, so that the sense of more tall.


The splicing A word shirt dress, the combination of nude color with denim blue, handsome yet feminine, sweet and lovely collar, slightly expanding the hem, full of the taste of the girls, especially good-looking.


More Asian fashion clothes styles from wholesale clothing shop koreanjapanclothing.com!



Korean Japan Clothing is one of Japanese clothing leading online wholesale distributors. Hundreds of designs of fashion products are offered at website koreanjapanclothing.com. For everyday the latest trendy fashion items from designers are updated. Now Korean Japan Clothing represents one of the best Asian fashion B2C platforms for online shopping lovers worldwide.


Take a look at the new season Korean fashion floral dresses from wholesale Japanese fashion online shop koreanjapanclothing.com, work together to show the most stylish and confident appearance.


Since spring and summer are coming, a variety of dress make you can’t help but to put them on. In flourishing seasons, choose a romantic floral dress to create small fresh gentle lady image.


The light-colored denim jacket collocates with a pink floral dress, full of the taste of spring. With this body whether it is a work dating shopping is a good choice. The casual and without losing sweetness dress looks very fresh and generous.


Such a Korean style summer fashion tall waist chiffon floral dress is filled with fresh sense, a small woman full skirt, sweet and cute show more gentle ladies’ temperament. The version of tall waist looks very thinning.


Girl who like to watch Korean drama must envy the outfit of leading female role, casual and loose T-shirt, tight pencil pants or denim shorts with a pair of waterproof high-heels shoes look simple and ordinary, but the youthful flavor, in fact you only need a pair of soft pink high heels, you are able to be playful or elegant with relaxed style.


Inside orange knitted cardigan take a printed floral fashion dress in spring with a sweet lady, full of spring. Reveals a deep pastoral style is especially fresh.


Deep pink long cardigan collocates with a floral skirt is one of best summer modeling. This season the new style colorful point shirt dress looks very fresh and simple and elegant, full of the taste of the high class lady.


Dark floral dress collocates with aqua blue knitted cardigan, and from mature to release thick sweet temperament, and the streamlined design of the skirt bottom better highlight the perfect body.


More Korean fashion dress styles from wholesale apparel shop koreanjapanclothing.com!



Korean Japan Clothing offers you the best selection of ladies summer fashion shoes and wholesale fashion apparel at the most amazing wholesale prices! Its Asian fashion items are mostly from hundreds of manufacturers and factories from China. Next koreanjapanclothing.com brings you some new launched Korean fashion & Japanese fashion women shoes for summer.


Borrow lines in the Korean TV drama that a pair of good shoes can take you to ladder of happiness ". It is always thought that high heels are considered as woman's best friend, like the fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" that kind Mermaid exchanged a pair of beautiful feet with his pleasant voice, but only in order to be able to put on nice shoes and dance with beloved prince.


The face of the warmth of spring has arrived, whether ready to wear what shoes to attend the dinner. A luxury dress also need a pair of shoes to match. In the season, shoes, the biggest bright spot is the luxury use of the Diamond. Dignified and elegant style, sexy cut, shape and luxurious materials, plus the comfort of the heel, so that each pair of shoes are simply gorgeous, even more feminine. The beauty of women who, are you ready


Wholesale fashion ladies high heels sexy fish-scale pattern, fish-scale hollow design, creating flickering visual effects, coupled with diamond decoration, but also enhance luxury. Flowers face hollow sandals buckle design is more leggy slender, diamond luxury embellishment, so that the instep more sexy. The gorgeous high-heeled sandals, sexy tailoring, luxurious materials breathtaking expectations, the bright diamond embellishment of the T-word, it is gorgeous exception.


The upper decorative gold summer high-heeled sandals, gold sequins, and instantly enhance suction eye degree ankle buckle design is even more feminine. The hollow fish toe slope high heeled sandals, ship with the design, is not likely to cause uncomfortable. Ministry of T-and followed by the navy blue rhinestone embellishment to make footwear more luxurious. Slippers high-heeled sandals, diamond tassels installed, extremely sexy, fringed drape decorated with rhinestone is particularly sexy.


For many girls, the most appealing color must be pink, which ranged between cold and warm color tones not only closer to skin color but also more highlights female white and tender skin. This summer you must be ready for a pair of pink shoes, whether you have past through girlhood, as long as you are willing to choose a pair of pink shoes, then it can play effect by less age, exudes youthful and pink atmosphere. Come at once to take a look at your favorite style.


For more fashion high heels styles from wholesale shoes shop koreanjapanclothing.com!



Korean Japan Clothing is the Asian fashion distributor of wholesale clothing. All fashion items are guaranteed to be high quality and match best standards of the industry. Korean Fashion & Japanese fashion clothing online wholesale store Koreanjapanclothing.Com has been in business for over many years and aimed to bring customer best Asian fashion apparel with the lowest prices available.


Next together with wholesale fashion clothing from china online shop koreanjapanclothing.com to have a look at the Asian fashion models’ demonstrates of the most fashionable elements.


Many girls are lovers of stripes and wave point, and have almost persistent preference to clothes with such elements. Stripes and wave point is unbeaten classic pop elements, and this season it is still popular all over the world. Then in there are what kinds of nice pinstripe suit and wave points outfits?


This striped blouse is with slim cutting, for casual style to choose a white shirt to match, a kind of elegance and fresh feeling. Wear nine point jeans and flat shoes that very simple and comfortable style.


This set of sweet Asian fashion collocation, slim striped shirt with white Pompon chiffon skirt, the lady at the same time, sweet flood. Coupled with high heels, not only to wear clothing with tall stature, temperament is also very charming.


Inside the ride striped T-shirt backing skirt, simple and wild, and low-key fashion. South Korean actress has always been like under the clothes missing, a big show of legs. Coupled with black boots looks sexy overflowing.


This black and white striped casual coat, very simple and sober color, fresh and full sense of. Inside the ride irregular hem gray T-shirt, wearing gray leggings, shoes, fashion and comfortable.


Pink chiffon dress decorated by white dots looks extremely sweet and cute, tender and charming. Simple coupled with ornaments, fresh lady. Polka Dot control of the girls must tighten the closet.


Wave point chiffon dress looks especially fresh and sweet, full of the taste of prom girls. Bra styles is a little mature, embellishment of wood ears edges are very delicate. Collocate with black belt and Roman sandals, very refreshing feeling.


The white round dots orange T-shirt brings very fresh and lovely feeling. Inside take a white vest, down wear a light green slim pant, splicing color match is particularly charming, releasing strong kind lady taste.



Irregular waving point shirts, the design of a little perspective, bow decoration, very sweet lady. Wear high waist skirt coupled with a belt, high heels, and very elegant lady style.


More spring fashion products from wholesale clothing china shop koreanjapanclothing.com!



Japanese fashion wholesale shop koreanjapanclothing.com take you have a look at variety the 2012 summer amazing Chinese fashion dresses for sweet girls!


Early summer is coming soon, and sweet girls in the streets always are able to attract public’s attention! But you know how to wear that both sweet and will not appear contrived.


The elegant style and great cowboy punk perfect combination. The sleeveless processing is very seasonal, with the belt is very tidal, brilliant color and not exaggerated version of the type, the interpretation of Smart breath of the summer, the Heart is hard to praise the beautiful!


The brocade fabric is smooth and vertical perceptual very good, giving a noble sense of the shoulder of the disk flowers have a very good modification. Chest crimp and spread of the A-shaped hem to highlight the natural curves. Shut up the skirt is a very big bright spot, graceful even more style. Back invisible zipper is designed to facilitate wearing.


Miss in a noisy Asian fashion summer wearing a piece of elegant academic style in this quiet summer, the bright blue and pink checkered very comfortable, very visual style sense. Dayton group stitching cotton elegant shaping the design of the pocket is a lot of bright!


Random natural collar, take the cuffs on the variable performance of a relaxed and natural philosophy of life, the exquisite stitching in the workplace step skirt capable slightly the design sense of the pocket and skirt waist of more than a fraction of a woman's graceful and aesthetic.


Chiffon and denim stitching style met with a luxurious and futuristic gold pocket design, flash to create a sexy, shine, wild and strong femininity. The package side of the round collar and cuffs, shoulder loop of the details, sides stitching of the waist chiffon, good things come to a distinctive elegance.


The classic wholesale Japanese fashion style of the stripes used as lining the base, the open processing of large V-neck striped temperament immediately show out. Leave the design of two sweet and simple, elegant and soft outer layer of chiffon full sense of the exception to the overall color with a soft but does not mean pale and monotonous. Worn exudes the Icy sweet sense of transparent exciting this summer.


Pleated skirt crumple, embossed collar and cuffs, there is a sense of strong, high-end without losing monotonous, suddenly enhance the temperament and taste. A two-tier skirt and matching belt, fashion and art, fine, but not pretentious, pure reveals little personality, this summer day her hardest to become exciting.


The feminine short-sleeved denim dress. The lace collar is detachable, cowboy style with a punk rock sense of lace to the overall feeling of some women graceful and feminine; there are still people able to say that the cowboy would wear no feminine.


Classics are often the most simple, seemingly simple but delicate feelings of life and emotional moment to capture the small round neck, flat cuffs, elastic fabrics, and cozy version type, certainly not in the interpretation of a simple and sophisticated . The most eye-catching skirt handling, the tutu feel reflect the effectiveness of youth, then a thin net yarn. Overall sense of very fresh and delicate.


Fresh and comfortable, neutral style, showing the elegant taste, are installed with the collar and exaggerated pockets, very strong sense of presence, fine waist belt can change the shape, the sleeve is very seasonal, worn in body is very big fashion brand feeling.


Japanese fashion clothing from online wholesale clothing shop koreanjapanclothing.com!



Japanese fashion online shop koreanjapanclothing.com help you get rid of wear troubles in summer. 2012 latest Asian fashion girls wholesale apparel, so that normal girls also can wear with tall temperament.


A good figure of course looks very nice no matter what kinds of clothes for matching. A lot of girls may worry that their body is not tall enough to wear, so give up a lot of beautiful clothes.


Black piece casual pants, trouser legs the Harlan version that is stylish, but also can block legs fleshy! Wear very loose and comfortable. Slim waist design is very thin. Seven points cutting of pant has better effect of thinning.


Navy blue lace slim shirt is the favorite of short girls. At back big embroidered design is quite sexy. The deep V cut highlights the beautiful collarbone. Flounced cuff design is with a youthful vitality. Collocate with black wavy skirt, filling of a sweet little girl breath.


Sequins stitching lapel shirts, Hong Kong fashion type. The open neckline revealing a bit sexy feeling, the tied slack can both shrink the waist type and have effect of thinning. Collocate with a red miniskirt, reveal long slender legs, very charming style!


Waving point shirt made of polyester fabric feels very slippery down along. The big wave spots dotted very cute. Shrug of the style is very European and American style. With a high waist skinny jeans, instantly elongate the figure, modified leg line, very significant tall!


The casual cotton skirt, whether it is bottoming or to worn alone both are very nice. Simple vest designs are very cool and comfortable. Contraction of the belt can be very good shape the waist type, the whole style is very light and lovely, it is suitable for short girls to wear.


Black and white Bra chiffon striped dress is particularly sexy and feminine, but not exaggerated at all. It is still very lovely taste. Cotton fabric is comfortable and flexible. Slim cut can be a good outline of thy body


Who says shorter girl can not wear a long dress. An orange waist dress is the same charming and moving. Warm not only lining color, but also gives a sweet feeling. Very fairy dresses, shoulder flounced design is personalized fashion. Group of the body of the lining above the knee, both were comfortable.


Translucent carved lace shirt has great princess style. Lapels and cuffs dotted by rose petals look sweeter and more romantic. Below collocate with a hot hip skirt or high waist shorts, both are stylish and super temperament!


More Japanese fashion items from Japanese clothing shop koreanjapanclothing.com!


Korean fashion & Japanese women fashion shoes online shop koreanjapanclothing.com brings you the beautiful bohemian spring sandals shoes, comes to see which is your favorite.


May holiday is coming, the temperature is getting warmer, if sun shining spring day let you just around the corner, and want to go out. A pair of comfortable and stylish flat sandals shoes is essential for travel equipment.


In 2012 the high saturation of color, whether used on clothing or 2012 fashion sandals shoes and bags are popular. The comfortable rubber soles to step up will not feel stiff, flip design is more casual; the laces on the folding flowers to enhance these shoes are sweet index. Exquisite workmanship can be seen from the details of the plan, I believe put it on the streets can greatly increase you keep them coming back.


This flat sandals is drawing on the inspiration of wholesale fashion Roman shoes, Lake green shoelaces cross mixed, creating a retro contours are the color of the metal fixing clip "so that the entire pair of shoes more tough atmosphere. Is also a comfortable rubber soles, and MM compared to the preferences of shopping will like it?


Comfortable leather soles high heeled sandals shoes, the entire pair of shoes look different from a few root color hemp rope twist bundled together from, whether it remind you of the undisciplined Indian tribes.


This blue flat sandal shoes is the same to learn the essence of the details of Roman shoes, the color of bright blue crocodile skin, feel a great reason but also shoes expensive.


Movie "Avatar" for the fashion circles added more inspiration, turquoise, green, and tribal wind. Miu Miu's Avatar series of 2012 trendy sandals moved a large number of fans


At first glance thought it was a DIY sandals made by little girl using beautiful lanyards, red, pink, blue, cute origin, a pair of playful full of sandals, collocate with a princess dress or baby style clothes in spring, play-innocence nice to have it.


Every woman's shoes closet can not be without white, "icing on the cake" design also makes the shoes look not so monotonous, easy to match various styles and colors clothing.


More 2012 spring summer Asian fashion sandals styles from wholesale shoes china online shop koreanjapanclothing.com!




2012 new spring & summer Korean fashion & Japanese fashion items from wholesale clothing china online shop Koreanjapanclothing.com! Next Korean Japan Clothing will bring you several spring girls’ clothes.


As the saying goes that "woman dresses up for ones who make her happy", from this phrase it can be seen that the girls are very concerned about their own image in the hearts of others! If you want to give him a surprise, and then try to change your daily style to create a cute and sweet image, let him feel proud of you.


Flower lace dress

A combination of women like romantic and sweet elements, this to Flower lace jacket bursting out with blooming like flowers, beautiful. Against the hem and chiffon, such as Mu breeze flowing. With the flounced shorts, filling the pleasant atmosphere of a small woman. A hair fall down out of the heroine as a fairy, enjoy the release of soft.


Comfortable Asian fashion 2012 spring sweater for women

Pink sporty sweater makes girls full of youthful vigor of personality. Collocate with white fluffy coat, and more endearing. This outfit way makes the shape look richer. Using this with the girls, which skills should grasp or will only make the dress is too heavy.


Knitted sweater

Sweater for spring and winter, are essential. A green sweater with a fresh forest female wind, lace collar highlights the sweet. The unique cut of the hem, so that the shape looks like fashion a lot. More and more girls like mori girl style, and may wish to imitate this section dress up to win more popular.


Wave point England style grid coat

The collar of gauze dress highlights the charming qualities of the female, attractive legs, black stockings outlines the full charm of force. A Polka Dot element of the coat shape looks more visually, if not the body type small girls, or is not recommended with this jacket! Or the rather showing the opposite effect.


Butterfly Korean fashion clothing knot sweater

Very sweet sweater with bow element highlights the romance of little girls. Weather collocates with a jacket or worn alone, both can show high fashion sense! If you take off coat, inside the turtle neck can feel pretty, it is really impressive. Collocate with a skirt and become even more innocent girl.




Take a look in several new China fashion clothes recommended by wholesale China Fashion & Korean fashion & Japanese fashion online shop koreanjapanclothing.com!


Spring is an exciting season, and all start over again, all things are reborn at this moment! In spring, as a beauty-loved woman, you need for some warm bold rich colors to dress yourself up, so that the bright color series of dresses cheer up our mood!


Sweet lace slim T shirt

In sunny afternoon put on a spring outfit and go out to the streets! Powder blue with a breath of spring with this delicate lace short-sleeved T, up and down the echoes to create an elegant image of women look! Simple and delicate lace is the body with the key Oh, you want to feel the spring atmosphere, try this dressing collocation!


Sweet vest dress

Walking down the street the sweet lovely you is very favorite! Such a Japanese fashion dress is very suitable for dating with boyfriend! Three-dimensional design of flowers and lifelike! Shoulder bow design adds to your sweet princess dress white mesh fabric and the stereoscopic flowers converge enough captured the hearts of everyone! Worn alone or together with leather, different interpretation of the tune!


Japanese fashion casual shirt

Such a fashion casual shirt is the same with Fujii Lena’s wear, and presumably a lot of girls will like it! Fujii Lena, selected a bare shoulder dress collocate with this shirt, deduced sweet fashion style! Sharp folds of the skirt design, adding to the overall sense of style! Clear sense of shirts with shorts will make you a great shape!


Flouncing slim shirt

This apricot shirt leaves that yellow feeling, and at first sight you will get the impulse of occupy! Self-cultivation yellow shirt, sleeve of flouncing designed to increase girls sweet collar design allows you to spirit of the times, to be worn alone or with overalls are a good match rule! The girl’s selection of this body is a dark blue printed pants, very summer feeling!


White Japanese fashion lace summer shorts

Green lace blouse, white lace shorts, ocean wind sun hat, and all are filled with the breath of seaside vocation! This pure white lace shorts can be described as an essential single product for sweet girl in this summer, high appearance rate makes it focused! Spring is to make you light up, and quickly learn how to match!


More new spring & summer fashion apparel for women from wholesale clothing of Korean fashion & Japanese fashion online store koreanjapanclothing.com!



This time Korean fashion & Japanese fashion online shop koreanjapanclothing.com will introduce you some new spring Japanese clothing collections of after 90s girls. You may like their dressing skills more than their appearance! In spring that beautiful season, we should dress beautifully to illuminate this spring! Fashionable dress allows you to enhance the good karma, get romantic encounters.


Europe-American metal color dress

Like Europe-American style, like the easy uninhibited fashion! Very European-American style slim version dress, the use of two kinds of black and metallic rock the rich flavor of color to create fashions that fit the female body, amazing! The collar design is also a little retro flavor too! With high heels or Europe and the United States range of children, flat heels are OK!


Solid color Hong Kong fashion slim vest dress

Very wild feeling there Sky of pure blue color gives the general feeling and put it to feel the spring of this wonderful moment! Cotton the texture of the upper body is comfortable to have the texture, the design of the Slim models let it become the queen of both can be worn alone can also use the stack to wear clever way to show not the same style!


Plus size waving point shirt

See girls like Polka Dot shirt, it is easy to let us find the relaxed style of the BF style is still occupying the mind like the comfort girls! With black and white classic, it will not be eliminated because the wave trend of the mainstream, classic style with the feet of jeans or shorts, still it can easily expose your personality!


Bright yellow thin coat

Like clean, like nature, like good food to the pursuit of a lot of girls! This bright yellow thin coat for wholesale fashion is very worthy of the season to start, and elegant style experience in the small Ariel look cuter, wear it sweet soaring it! With hot pants and a simple T, uninhibited dress makes you very charming!


Europe-America style chiffon shirt

Clean white let us think of the feeling of blue sky and clouds! Pure and beautiful! The chic collar design is one of the highlights of this shirt! Light chiffon texture is more comfortable when dressed up. Collocate with wild jeans in the spring or summer, simple design also can explains big fashion brand style!


More Asian fashion news from wholesale apparel china shop koreanjapanclothing.com!




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