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61 Year Old · Male · From Florida · Joined on January 3, 2008 · Born on May 8th · 6 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!

Welcome to

Sonny Jay's World

I help those who want a home businesses of their own create a business that can last through any weather. I also help you optimize your online profile to get more exposure, better leads, and more prospects.

Sonny Jay's World
A Morning "TOAST" to YOU from ME! worth only a smile

Yes ... my name is Sonny Jay,
I really appreciate you looking at my PAGE!
PLEASE Keep stopping by and you will actually see
all my dreams becoming my reality!

Feel free to take a look around my friend
and find all the amazing things right here within.
You may enjoy the things that you read
Or listen to a read along with me
Even if it's only for a little while
I really hope and pray you leave here with a smile.

Thanks for stopping by ... Sonny Jay

A Magical Message

read along video with Sonny Jay


A Poem entitled

"The Fubar"

What do you do when you go on-line?
Are you just here to pass the time?

If you really like chatting around,
there is a perfect place where I can be found.
Have you ever been to the Fubar?
An on-line happy hour where you are the star.

The only drinking that I will ever do,
and the only bar I ever go to.
There is a lot of things that you can do.
And if you have a moment I can tell you a few.

Like reading blogs and creating your own.
Having a drink and not feeling alone.
Friends from around the world are crossing your screen.
Put a smile on your face as if you were in a dream.

The Fubar is what it is called
where the happy hour is the golden call.
Friends are made everyday
and some blast on your screen and wow you'll say.

I have to click on that one right there
and you know if you do they will be well aware.
For you will pop up on their screen too
and now they have the option to click on you.

I write poetry and create some designs
and it's my greatest past time.
But to have a way to show it for you to see
brings out the best in me.

You rate each other from one to ten.
Then rate their pictures time and time again.
The rates you achieve are converted to points
and levels you will climb cause fubucks are in this joint.

With each rate, you take,
fubucks you make for gifts and other keepsake.
Buy a gift or drink for a new friend you meet.
Giving a smile or a new thought while being discreet.

The Fubar is what it is called
where the Happy Hour is the golden call.
is the place for you to have a drink and unwind.
While meeting new friends that are so kind
and you don't have to spend a single dime.

A smile is worth more than a thousand good words.
For it allows your feelings a chance to splurge.
While being at home all safe and sound.
Not even worrying about another drinking round.

You create a bar tab for almost everything you do.
And it also lets you know who comes to see you.

Shout outs are just like an IM
So they can chat with you and you can chat with them.
Send a private message or have a crush,
for your screen is moving so there is no rush.

Watch your screen, for it will change.
And more friends will appear and are nicely arranged.
Don't get me wrong, cause you can spend cash
to buy a Happy Hour, VIP, or your very own Blast.
They are places on your fubar screen,
to advertise, your best scenes.
Your profile picture goes in these two spots
that new friends may like a little or even a lot.
If they really do like what they see,
they will surely click on thee.

The Fubar, is what it is called,
where the Happy Hour is the golden call.
is the place for you to have a drink and unwind.
While meeting new friends that are so kind,
and you don't have to spend a single dime.

By: Sonny Jay ... Copyright 2008 - 2015





'The Wolf Pack - Devious Devils'

Press Here to get your copy today

Written and Narrated by Sonny Jay
Complete book published by
Xlibris Corporation 2011 at Xlibris.com

A fictional tale about wild wolves
being devious in an un-humanly storm.
Step out of your world and let me take you somewhere
far from the norm.
These wolves can talk, stand on their hind legs
and make plans just like we do.
All they want is the Island
but find that the humans want the same.

In come six little creatures with quick little feet.
Moving so fast they will leave you stuck to your seat.
All they want is food
but in a storm it's beginning to be hard to find.

Here are three of the chapters entitled

'The Devious Devil'
'The Plan'
'Quick Little Feet'

which are now in my videos.


The Creation Of A Paper Ship

Watch as Sonny Jay takes a ream of paper,
some glue, and some string.
And with these three items he will construct
a 17th century style battleship.
Complete with sails, 22 cannons,
4 life boats and dual anchors.
This one is called "The Blue Bandit - Battle Cruiser".
A how to for those who have the time and paitence.



61 Year Old · Male · From Florida · Joined on January 3, 2008 · Born on May 8th · 6 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!


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    Sonny Jay needs... Happy Easter to all of you! This day is NOT about Rabbits and eggs. It's about Jesus Christ rising from the cave. What does a rabbit have to do with that? unless you believe Jesus was a rabbit!
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