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40 Year Old · Female · From Evansville, IN · Joined on January 11, 2012 · Relationship status: Single · Born on April 2nd · 7 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 37 different people have a crush on me!

Let me start by saying my name is Sheri. I am a divorced mother of two wonderful boys named Kenny and Matthew. I was raised by a Jarhead so that means I say whats on my mind. I dont sugar coat for people.I am a flirt so get over it. I use baby,darlin,doll,love,boo,sweetheart..... this does not mean I want you it means I flirt. ( this also does not mean I want your man) I am honest caring and will help those who help themselves. I am not a size 5 or do I care to be. ( i would look like a crackhead lol) I do not nor will I put up with drama on my page/sb) Attention people we are all adults on an adult website so dont bring your tickle me elmo,mickey mouse high school crap to my page please. If you done like me their is a unfriend button use it. I do not beg for bling on here. I do however buy credits and bling for fubux...I do not sit in my sb 24/7... with that being said if I dont answer right back dont stress it I will when I get it. I leave fu on when my computer is on but I do have a real life and real kids to deal with. So if Im on and I dont answer you remember I have kids who come befor fu. And trust me two boys you never know whats going to happen.I am a smartass most of the time but hey Im not fake. I am me take it or leave it... I love my friends and fam.... They rock all of them. I was raised where respect is a huge deal....(raised by a jarhead) so with that being said dont take my kindness as a weakness because I can and am a real bitch when need be. on the flip side to that I love to be spoiled so if someone blings me I am thankful for it. Here again this does not mean I want you ( or want your man).... I am single. I was married 10 years so yes I am single. I believe in the saying its all in the eyes..... because a persons eyes never lie.............. I am a music fan of all types but I am a doors junkie....... yes people I have yim and skype.....i use yim and am never on skype....if i want you to have my yim ill give it to you........ill give u my skype but here again I am never on it. I do cam sometimes and not Im not trying to get naked with you. Let me break it down three lines in my sb will not now nor ever make me was to cam with you..........And trust me when I say asking me first thing to look and rate nsfw is only going to piss me off.....Now I do have pics on my page that are open if you dont want to look dont they are marked.Anything eles you want to know ask I have nothing to hide about myself.


40 Year Old · Female · From Evansville, IN · Joined on January 11, 2012 · Relationship status: Single · Born on April 2nd · 7 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 37 different people have a crush on me!
ATTENTION ALL OF MY FUBAR FRIENDS AND FAM.... PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK.....AFTER THE FLOODS HERE IN LOUISIANA I COULD USE YOUR HELP THANK YOU.......https://www.gofundme.com/floodhelp16... This is the link to help me and my children after loosing everything. We got almost 4.5 feet of water in our home. I am thankful that we all made it through with no loss of life. Thank you to everyone who donates anything helps when you are starting over. And trust me when I say I will never take the little things for granted again. Again thank you and bless you.
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gave up games a long time ago hehehehehehe

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  • Ariesgoddess1976 OMG PEOPLE ....... I need your help the LE bling I not only need them for achievement but I LOVE THEM I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE TO have them ....... And I am Willing to make a deal I have fubucks... I will make SOMETHING SPECIAL for anyone who helps..... I would get them myself but I am starting over from the flood in Louisiana...10 feet of water in home me and my kids got out with the clothes on our backs. Got saved by boat.... :( So stop and leave me some love.....

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