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DarkLady's blog: "Shaman"

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Parades in San Miguel de Allende's San Miguel Archangel ceremony are really linked to the most ancient Mesoamerican traditions, and have grown in participation, including participants who may be unaware of the original reasons for the events or who the real keepers are for the ceremony. People watching parades may be unaware that the leaders often did not sleep at all the night before and that there is a poignant reverence for the Divine that gives them uncanny vitality and stamina for the arduous preparations, dancing, and serving meals late into the day's conclusions, all without having slept the night before.
Marcela Andre ConchMaya

Marcela Andre Lopez de la Cerda, reinitiating conchsounding after 800 years on the round Quetzalcoatl adoratory which is newly excavated, called the rain on 3 May 2008. Rainfall increased threefold.

In San Miguel Allende, Marcela Andre Lopez de la Cerda is the Lord Keeper of the Sacred Conch and was named Malinche Mayor by Don Felix Luna Romero in 2006, these are renewed ceremonies in the oldest descendants of Chichimeca royalty who founded San Miguel Allende and is the author of the preceding text on the Northern Boundary of Mesoamerica.

Alaska, northern Canada, and Greenland

Shamanic practices are also present in tribes in northern Canada, such the animism and shamanism of the Chipewyan and of the Cree.


In the Peruvian Amazon Basin and north coastal regions of the country, the healer shamans are known as curanderos. Ayahuasqueros are Peruvian shamans who specialize in the plant medicine ayahuasca, a psychedelic tea used for physical and psychological healing and divine revelation. Ayahuasqueros have become popular among Western spiritual seekers, who claim that the shamans and their ayahuasca brews have cured them of everything from depression to addiction to cancer.

In addition to Peruvian shaman’s (curanderos) use of rattles, and their ritualized ingestion of mescaline-bearing San Pedro cactuses (Trichocereus pachanoi) for the divinization and diagnosis of sorcery, north-coastal shamans are famous throughout the region for their intricately complex and symbolically dense healing altars called mesas (tables). Sharon (1993) has argued that the mesas symbolize the dualistic ideology underpinning the practice and experience of north-coastal shamanism.  For Sharon, the mesas are the, "physical embodiment of the supernatural opposition between benevolent and malevolent energies” .

In the Amazon Rainforest, at several Indian groups the shaman acts also as a manager of scarce ecological resources  . The rich symbolism behind Tukano shamanism has been documented in some in-depth field works even in the last decades of the 20th century. 

The yaskomo of the Waiwai is believed to be able to perform a soul flight. The soul flight can serve several functions:

    * healing
    * flying to the sky to consult cosmological beings (the moon or the brother of the moon) to get a name for a new-born baby
    * flying to the cave of peccaries' mountains to ask the father of peccaries for abundance of game
    * flying deep down in a river, to achieve the help of other beings.

Thus, a yaskomo is believed to be able to reach sky, earth, water, in short, every element.

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