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ItsUrAngel's blog: "ItsUrAngel"

created on 01/23/2007  |  http://fubar.com/itsurangel/b47830
Rest In Peace  peace rest
imikimi - Customize Your World My Dearest Robert, You are My Heart, My Life, My Love, & My Best Friend All The Good Times We Have Shared nothing could compare all the fun times We've had & Memories we hold even though some of our times were sad All the secrets that we have shared letting each other know that we cared all the fears we conquered together this friendship will never sever until the end of time i will always be here for you anything that happens anything we do when your day is lonely,dark and cold my hand will always be here for you to hold There are so many things I'd like to say But that would take me all day Now I wonder where to start Guess I'll say whats in my heart There is one thing I know that's true I'm blessed to have a friend like you Thanks for always being there And showing me how much you care As my new life started to unfold With you by my side I learned how to take hold There are times I didn't know what to do But I knew I could always turn to you Our friendship is one of a kind One most people never find I never knew from the start Just how much you would touch my heart I'm so glad you came into my life You have filled it with so much delight The connection we have, was not planned But it was there every time you held my hand I loved the way you turned on your charm Every time you held me in your arms the sparkle that was in your eyes I seen Every time you came close to kiss me So while we waited to see if this was right I enjoyed the way you held me at night If the time ever comes for us to part You'll always be right here in my heart You'll always be my best friend Forever and always until the end I WILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER INFINITY YOUR BEST FRIEND GLENDA ( YOUR GENEVA ) Things We Didnt Know - Rodney Carrington
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