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Wally's Blog
Just a hi to yall and to say Here I am. Been here a few months an getting a bit bored any nurses out, could use some anatomy practice ! let me know!
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Urban Legend # 9
A business traveler goes to a lounge for a drink at the end of the work day. A person in the bar walks up as they sit alone and offers to buy them a drink. The last thing the traveler remembers until they wake up in a hotel room bath tub, their body submerged to their neck in ice, is sipping that drink. There is a note taped to the wall instructing them not to move and to call 911. A phone is on a small table next to the bathtub for them to call. The business traveler calls 911 who have become quite familiar with this crime. The business traveler is instructed by the 911 operator to very slowly and carefully reach behind them and feel if there is a tube protruding from their lower back. The business traveler finds the tube and answers, "Yes." The 911 operator tells them to remain still, having already sent paramedics to help. The operator knows that both of the business traveler's kidneys have been harvested.
I start down deep Within a beating heart Then something happens And my journey starts   I have to possessions So there's nothing to pack Once I'm gone I can never go back   My first stop Is that lump in your throat I can't help making Your voice drop a note   I linger there Just for a bit My friends shortly follow And there will sit   moving on up I've found a colored orb I'm just going to be More than you can absorb   Dancing there Making your nose run Glimmering and sparkling There is the sun   Now I fall down From your eye I'm sorry dear I've made you cry   Now on your cheek I leave a trail My journey near over I'm feeling frail   There I slide Onto your chin From whence I came Others begin   My demise is on the front of your shirt The journey of a tear Hope it has worth The love I give Is with true sincerity But somehow it is met With laughs of hilarity This has caused Me great disparity I'm not looking For charity Just a litt
ok so i dont get why these guys got to run some lines they know are bull shit...come on just tell the truth...if you only on here to find someone to hook up with come right out and say it....if you are married and fucking around on your spouse let everyone....liers are the worst things ever....i would rather be beat the lied to
The People Like Me
I am more, than you could ever be. The things you did, can never break me. I am the wind the sun, the earth. The air that you breathe, memorize my worth. Take a deep breath, I’m that sweet smell. The fog appearing from the dirt, rising from Hell. Take a look around, absorb what you see. We’re coming for all of you, the people like me. The one’s that live on, long after death. Searching for corruption, through all that we’ve wept. We swim through a burning, river of tears. Until we are face to face, with our worst fears. For me that is you, and I am finally here. I have reached my destination, Can you feel me near? Don’t try to run, you cannot escape. I have come too far, you must pay for your mistakes. Weep if you must, for I once did as well. See what I saw, feel what I felt. As I reach inside, tear you apart. Do as you did, break your heart. Crush your dreams, rip out your soul. Then drag you down with me, in th
Something I Find Funny
A woman takes a lover home during the day, while her husband is at work. Unbeknownst to her, her 9 year old son was hiding in the closet. Her husband comes home unexpectedly, so she puts the lover in the closet with the little boy. The little boy says, "Dark in here." The man says, "Yes it is."Boy- "I have a baseball."Man- "That's nice."Boy- "Want to buy it?"Man- "No, thanks."Boy- "My dad's outside."Man- "OK, how much?"Boy- "$250." In the next few weeks, it happens again that the boy and the mom's lover are in the closet together. Boy- "Dark in here."Man- "Yes, it is."Boy- "I have a baseball glove." The lover, remembering the last time, asks the boy, "How much?"Boy- "$750."Man- "Fine." A few days later, the father says to the boy, "Grab your glove. Let's go outside and toss the baseball back and forth." The boy says, "I can't. I sold them." The father asks, "How much did you sell them for?" The son says "$1,000." The father says, "That's terrible to overcharge your friends like
Sweet And Innocent
I just found out that this site has blogging capability... hmmm I could have so much fun with this. What would a sweet and innocent girl like me have to  blog about?... You're mom's not reading this is she...
Liquid Iron
A Liquid Iron Supplement is beneficial for conditions of anemia, nose bleeds, tendencies to hemorrhage, chronic nephritis and many other conditions. In addition to its predominance in the red corpuscles, iron is found in gastric juices, lymph fluid, bile, eye pigment, hair and skin. Sixty to seventy percent of tissue iron is classed as essential or functional and only forty percent is storage iron. Essential iron is an integral part of hemoglobin and respiratory enzymes involved with the intracellular oxidation reduction process. When iron is in short supply, so is oxygen. Oxygen shortage leads to disturbing pulmonary circulation; lungs feel uncomfortable and stiff.
Thiết Kế Shop Thời Trang
“Trẻ em như búp trên cành Biết ăn, biết ngủ, biết học hành là ngoan”   Đồng hành cũng các bác trong thế giới tuổi thơ mộng mơ, Công ty thiết kế nội thất 12 con giáp hân hạng giới thiệu đến các bậc phụ huynh các mẫu giường ngủ cho bé mà chúng tôi đang thiết kế phân phối và tiêu thụ trên khắp thị trường Việt Nam và quốc tế Cách phối màu & ư tưởng thiết kế sẽ mang lại cho bé niềm vui nhận được món quà từ bố mẹ, các bé sẽ thích căn pḥng của ḿnh hơn, tập chung học hành và có giấc ngủ ngon hằng đêm….   Mẫu số 1 Mẫu số 2 Mẫu số
Máy In Hp
Bộ đôi máy in HP chuyên nghiệp dành cho văn pḥng mang đến giải pháp in ấn tài liệu tốc độ nhanh cùng khả năng copy, scan tốt, giúp tiết kiệm thời gian cho doanh nghiệp Đáp ứng nhu cầu in ấn với công suất cao Với kích thước nhỏ gọn, kiểu dáng đẹp, thiết kế chuyên nghiệp, máy in Hp LaserJet Pro 100 M125 hoàn toàn đáp ứng được nhu cầu in ấn với công suất cao của các doanh nghiệp hiện nay. Công suất máy in hp này đạt 8000 trang/ tháng với tốc độ in lên đến 20 trang/ phút. Nhờ công nghệ bật nhanh, chiếc máy in hp này giúp người dùng tối thiểu hóa thời gian chờ đợi với tốc độ
Bj's Daily Crap
I am so fucking fed up with fake ass people. People who lie about who they are or just fucking lie in general. Yes, I know everyone has told little white lies but you know what, a little white lie to spare someones feelings is a hell of a lot different from an outright lie for no reason at all. No, I'm not saying it is OK to lie for a reason, cause God knows there are a lot of fucked up people in the world who would swear in their own mind that the lie they told was for a "good reason". I never really understood pathological liars. I just want to crush a guys balls when he lies to me. I dated a pathological liar once and it was hell. You tend to believe a person at first but then after awhile you catch onto their lies. And I caught on. It became easier when the "white lies" turned into "tall tales". He wanted to marry me and was going to build me a house with "these two hands" and hell, he was lucky to have a pot to piss in. Another guy told me how much he loved me but he
Will you pick me up when i fall down? Or catch me before i can hit the ground? Will you be there when problems arise? Or make troubles disappear by being by my side? Will you wipe away the tears that roll down my cheeks and off my chin? Or take the pain away before they even have a chance to begin? Will you listen to the stories that made me laugh throughout the day? Or be the one, the only one that makes me giggle in that very special way? Will you hear my hopes, my dreams, my goals? Or help me reach them with every ounce of heart and soul? Will you except the compliments i recieve with no hatred or jealousy? Or make them pale in comparison when you express the beauty you see in me? Will you respect my demons, my fears, my past? Or make me safe and secure so they disappear at last? Will you agree just to save us from arguement? Or
For Real
"In the beginning, there was man. And for a time, it was good, but humanity soon fell victim to vanity and corruption. With the creation of the machine in his own likeness, man became the architect of his own demise. Though loyal and pure, the machines earned no respect from their masters. It was not long before seeds of descent took root. We need to unite and carry the message of our savior."............... "where did we go wrong? how'd we get so far from you? we must have lost our home, now we're just drifting away. this is a call to stand up and be everything we've been called to be. it's a call to stand for what is right. draw a line in the sand. people hear me, take a stand. it's hard for me to speak, cause it all starts with me and who i am. how can i expect to change unless i stand. this is a call to stand up and be everything we've been called to be. it's a call to stand for what is right. draw a line in the sand. live by faith and not sight. it's a call to all people, hear me
Can Someone Tell Me Why ?
Can someone please tell me why they say they are your friend and they tell you shit to make sure that you stick around and then five minutes later they are telling someone else the same thing ? They exact same thing !! Either Im just really stupid or theya re just that good !!
Will Be Back
kk folks i have to go for a while ...but i will be back asap ...till then keep addin and commentin ..and to those peeps that already got me added ty for ur kind comments ....smiles ..till im back tc and kisses
Get Busy Livin' Or Get Busy Dying! Is Goddamn Right!
Hey My name is Brandy, Im from North Carolina.. Im into rock, and metal.. I like movies that have gore in them normal is it is a movie that something gets blewed up, or someone dies.. THATS MY KINDA MOVIE.. I dont really have alot of people I call me friends but if you get that honor you must be special. I like to think I am a distured, and twisted girl.. Plus Im a smartass.. But if you cant be honest about your self to people then whats the point??? I guess I am easy to sum up by this. TRUST AND HATE LOVE AND FATE I DONT UNDERSTAND SOCIAL GRACE THE HUMAN RACE CONFUSE ME THESE WORDS I SPEAK BRING FORWARD A WORLD OF EMOTIONS EMOTIONS OF DREAMS LOST DREAMS FOUND AND DREAMS I SHALL NEVER SEE..
Wanna See My Tats?
Just some of my tats...I'll post pics as I get them... let me know what ya think :)
Blog Of Ultimate Pointlessness
So.. I just signed up here because someone told me to and i already have like 20 user comments. weird. but neat. so add me as your friends people. I like having lots of friends. i spend all day cleaning. all day. boo. i hate you cleaning.
Its Jus Pauly...
so please be patient while i figure all this out.
Mine, All Mine
Just For Fun
Okay so Im on my webcam and i got it set up on my LC page under my about me section! So if Im on cam you can peep me out on my LC page my friends! I usually post a bull. when im on it so keep ya eyes out! Love Boo-Boo
Hockey Is Back!
YAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Hockey is back. Go Canucks Go! All the way the cup.
Justice In America
Sentence of Reid Remember the guy who got on a plane with a bomb built into his shoe and tried to light it? Did you know his trial is over? Did you know he was sentenced? Did you see/hear any of the judge's comments on TV or Radio? Didn't think so. Everyone should hear what the judge had to say. Ruling by Judge William Young, US District Court. Prior to sentencing, the Judge asked the defendant if he had anything to say. His response: After admitting his guilt to the court for the record, Reid also admitted his "allegiance to Osama bin Laden, to Islam, and to the religion of Allah," defiantly stating, "I think I will not apologize for my actions," and told the court "I am at war with your country." Judge Young then delivered the statement quoted below: January 30, 2003, United States vs. Reid. Judge Young: "Mr. Richard C. Reid, hearken now to the sentence the Court imposes upon you. On counts 1, 5 and 6 the Court sen
i don't know which way is up. i haven't been so confused in years. his words have touched my soul. they speak to me with such clarity. why now? i can't get them out of my head. i can't get him out of my head. i want to know more. i want to see more, hear more. does this make me obsessed? probably. fascination moves me though. i can't explain this at all. it confuses me entirely and excites me too. this can't be normal... emotions so twisted your stomach churns... you know you won't sleep tonight, yet your so exhausted that sleep is welcome... now your on your knees before the porcelin trying like hell to keep the contents of your stomach from coming up the way they went down... the cool of the bathroom tile a calming agent you just can't find through any other source. the wave of nausea passes so you curl up on the floor crying yourself to hiccups, then the emotions flood, anger, sadness, despair, hatred, agony, and loss... the realization that the o
You Know You Are From Md When...
You know your from Maryland when... -You know more than 10 people who own boats, all at the same marina in Solomons. -You can pronounce and spell "Pocomoke," "Mattaponi," "Accokeek,""Havre de Grace" and "Silopanna" (Annapolis backwards). -You pronounce "Bowie" BOO-ee Not BOW-ee. Or BAUW-ee. -Someone asks you what school you went to - you automatically name your high School. -You know where 'lil it lee is (Little Italy) -You remember Harbor place as the horrible place with polluted water -When the Power Plant was an actual power plant -You know what the Dundalk/Seagirt terminal means -You remember BWI Airport as Friendship airport -You remember driving over the old Kent Narrows bridge that everyone fishes off of now -After eating crabs you wash your hands with beer -You love the Domino Sugar sign you can see across the harbor -You know Annapolis and Hopkins are national treasures and get a kick out of hearing them named in movies o
Goth Women
goth women are so pretty. i wanna be goth. but i need help!! ideas please.....
I Got The Keys, So Lets Put It Into Drive
Ok.. so I'm at work.. and bored to death.. we are soooooo dead.. and i wanna go home.. just thought id share that!!
She Did It 2 Months Ago
Papa Roach- Lips of an AngelAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Urban Wrestling Alliance - Halloween Heat
Well on the 21st October I will be going one on one against Damien Rose on UWA's Halloween Heat show. I'll be hoping to make my UWA record 2 wins 0 losses after a big victory against CM Fusion back in June. I'll let you all know how it goes (if you are interested or at least good at pretending you are)
Song Lyrics/country
When the rain is blowing in your face And the whole world is on your case I could offer you a warm embrace To make you feel my love When evening shadows and the stars appear And there is no one to dry your tears I could hold you for a million years To make you fell my love I know you haven't made your mind up yet And I would never do you wrong I've known it from the moment that we met There's not doubt in my mind where you belong I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue I'd go crawling down the avenue There ain't nothing that I wouldn't do To make you feel my love The storms are raging on a rolling sea And on the highway of regret The winds of change are blowing wild and free You ain't seen nothin' like me yet There and nothin' that I wouldn't do Go to the ends of the earth for you Make you happy make your dreams come true To make you feel my love In another's eyes I'm someone who Loves her enough To walk away from you I'd
I Got Tagged
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1. I have a tendancy to laugh at inappropriate things when I get nervous... (funerals and hospitals usually set me off) 2. To get ready for presentations to large groups or for long meetings I try to destress by visualizing my peers sex faces... It sometimes can bring on the inappropriate laugh but it usually relaxes me enough to give a killer presentation :P Man some people have scary faces lol 3. I say the phrase 'I am gonna be honest with you' way to often... I even annoy myself when I say it but I can not seem to stop... (thanks for pointing this one out DDD!) 4. I have to have a nice cold glass of milk when I eat a dill pickle. MMMM Pickl
My Profile Page
hey my friends, a couple people are having problems when trying to load my profile page. is anyone else having problems viewing my profile?
Well I am new here and this site kicks ass. My life sucks right now cause I thought I was going to have a child but I hate to break the new but I am not. Yep. Life sucks. gtg but ttyl Toober
some ass rated one of my pixs a 1 thank u asshole 4 that see ya joe new here tell me all about this thank u all so much want 2 talk 2 u all if i can joe looking 4 some one from baltimore city maryland 2 talk 2 so look me up thank u joe
well I'm going to tell you a story about my friend "Luke"...Luke has been taking some sleeping pills for a while...I'm not for sure how long he has been taking them but it's been a anyways Luke took his sleeping pill the other night and had one drink...we were on the phone and he told me he needs to get off the phone because his sleeping pill was kicking his we hung up and we both went to the next morning I called him to see how he was doing and he told me he had a hard on from hell and he needed help...yea well I tried and he was working straight thru lunch so "Wonder Cunt or Clit Girl" couldn't help him by the time lunch is over he tells me its hurting real bad so I tell him to go to the bathroom and jack from what I know he tried cause then he called me and told me that he was at the anyways yea needles in the penis and shit and blah blah blah...doctors told him he may never be able to get a hard on again...damn that woul
Just new here and testing things out...
A Beautiful Poem Written For Me!
Fall Photo Contest
Ive entered another Photo Contest, this one is the theme of Fall. The Photo I used was taken yesterday morning just round the corner from where I live Here is the Link for the Voting Just click on the photo
Ok folks here is the deal, I am one of those people who alway rate and comment on any profiles that are pimped out. I also repost those same pimps if i have already rated all I can on that profile. When i need the help and ask for it with the exception of a very few people it seems that everyone else id busy, those of you who did help out I really appreciate it and the love will be returned. Those of you who have not helped that too will be returned the next time you need a repost for pimps. I am not whining just pointing out that friends help one and other out when needed. i understand some of you may of had two friends in the contest and that is why you didn't vote, but I have 144 friends on here and with the exception of about 20 none of them even looked at the post! If this is what type of friends you are please remove me. Again if you are one of the ones who was helping out please disregard this rant, it does not apply to you. I did not know that there is a daily limit on how many
Heres some twisted thoughts...tell me, could you feel these words? REJECTION Naked to your words...Wounds fresh with stinging sweat...I throw my hands up in despair...Exposing my heart to your sharpened sword...i fear not the sound of it being unsheathed...It's a welcoming sound...With one upward swing the rapiers hilt fills with my darkened blood...You a maven with your poisoned words...As i lay before you darkness overcomes my immortal soul...You turn to walk away wiping your brow...Unaware of my darkened blood across your smiling face...My last words to haunt your every being... Heres some twisted thoughts...tell me, could you feel these words? REJECTION Naked to your words...Wounds fresh with stinging sweat...I throw my hands up in despair...Exposing my heart to your sharpened sword...i fear not the sound of it being unsheathed...It's a welcoming sound...With one upward swing the rapiers hilt fills with my darkened blood...You a
Misty Catherine
Okay I have the best boyfriend in this world, right? Well he gives me all his passwords. I love the fact he trusts me, he has all my passwords as well. But, I get snoopy and go to his LC page. I find him telling someone else he loves her more than she knows, of which he tells me that all day every day. Then I look into his sent gifts, and he is sending his ex girlfriend lots of sexual and love gifts just like the ones he has sent me. What is up with that? We were totally together on October 29th, and welp yeah that is when he was sending all that shit to her! She might be an ex, but on that day it looked like he obviously cared more than just a friend! I asked him to get rid of her on everything, has he? Nope sure hasnt, she is still on most of his YIM names, prolly on his MSN name, and is def. not on his LC page anymore, cuz welp I removed her. But didnt completely get rid of her. He is still a fan of her! Why in this world does this shit hurt? Can someone answer that for me?
The Band On My Profile.
This band is a hot Chicago land band. There making there way up through the ranks right now. It won't be long till ya hear them on the radio. I use to play drums for these guys a while back. So show some love, listen to there tunes, got to there web page and leave some comments.
Oral Sex
Okay boys and girls....I'm feeling kinda HA HA today, even though shit is kinda rough. Why is it that so many women will not admit to A) performing oral sex, and B) swallowing? The reason I am asking this (before some of yall go EWWWWWWWWWWW) is that you are the FIRST people to get upset if a guy doesn't do it. Me being the permanent scuba tank holder that I am, don't have a problem with it. In fact it's one of my faves (better bring an oxygen tank and a safety word with ya), but I just wanted to know why it's EWWWWWWW when you guys do it to us...but not EWWWWWWWWW when we go down on yall. I was having a HUGE debate on the train on the way to my stepsister's house today with these three wall st. women, and two were really BLONDE about the whole thing but one said she knew where I was coming from and suggested I post this blog to find out if women are really still in the EWWWW phase (or is that just in public or not amongst friends lol). For all of you guys that think that this
Just Wondering
i was just wondering if anyone actually messages people here or if they just add people for fun...if thats what this place is about then i must say its pretty lame...and i will take myself back to myspace...
Playstation 3
Before target had them, Before gaming stores had them they where on the internet and in newspapers across the world.Cost? Well about 2,500.00 to 3,000.00 dollars.Well Back then the Playstation was worshiped or something because the new notifed us that people are killing for these machines.So it wasn't a good thing to tell people you had one.It was a story of a little boy who parents bought him this playstation 3.The boy told people about and they killed him for his playstation. This message is for gaming people who enjoy there system.Lets keep what we buy to our selves. shhh!
One Week
The Greatful Dead
(1) From The Mars Hotel(2)The Music Never stopped(3)Just To Fuckin Cool(4)Truckin'(5)Space The Wheel
A Beautiful Lady!
hmmmmmm i got my menro( beauty mark) pierced :) yayay....Love the rush of pain,not so much the swelling

Once a little fisherman Went out to catch some fish. He thought he soon would have Enough to make a handsome dish. He sat alone on the riverbank Waiting for a bite. He sat so patiently From morning until night. He sometimes thought of bat and ball And other cheerful play, But the little fisherman Sat on all through the day. He felt hungry, So he ate some bread and cheese. But he was quite afraid to move And did not dare to sneeze. For he had been told that fish are quick Of hearing and of sight. And so he sat quite still Until the whinnying light. And not a fish had he caught, And now it was very late. And shall I tell you why it was? He quite forgot the bait! My dreams search to discover places I need to be carrying me far away providing shelter from this stormy sea. Grasping the smiles, the laughter all the joys that come my way creating an illusion that fills my empty day. My dreams give me hope and protects my every thought helps m
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Forced Perversion
Monday, November 06, 2006 Current mood: sore I KNOW everyone is interested in how my first colonoscopy went - and before you ask, yes I do have pics and will be posting them here soon for your viewing pleasure. How can I summarize problems found - other than known problems. The shot they gave me was so good, I don't think I would have cared who was back there or what they did. This kinda scares me a little... ;) However, I think I shall die before I ever again take ANY med designed to "clean me out:". The first drug Doctor Jellyfinger prescribed was some kind of mix that even made the nurse sick just talking about it. I went to the pharmacy and got the crap (no pun intended) but upon reading, smelling and seeing this stuff, death didn't seem so bad. AND you have to drink FOUR litres of it - in like 2 seconds or you will crap your pants before you can put it down. After much careful consideration, I decided to pass (no pun intended) on this drug. I s
A Day In The Live Of Dave
There still isn't much going on right now in my life, but in the next week to week and a half, I'm gonna be perminantly moving into my first apartment. It's about time I get out of my parents' house finally..haha! That's about the only thing going on right now. since this is my first blog entry, I'm gonna keep it short and simple. I really have nothing to talk about right now, so I'll just leave it at that, for today. Besides I don't like sharing too much of my life online, since one never knows who's reading their blogs, and what trouble can be started by people reading them.
Advice heres what i did. first of all, i did it when i was sick. when i have a chest cold, i can barely smoke. so i took advantage of the fact that I had to taper off the amount of ciggarettes I was smoking at that time, or whatever, (I am stoned right now) oh yeah being a stoner helps you forget that you want one. And it can help to replace them with something else, ideally something oral makes sense (i ate tootsie rolls like they were going out of style) ANYWAYS okay so the rest was will power and logic. Okay I am scared as hell of like serious pain, like hospitals and stuff freak me out. and I know when I get old, they're prolly gonna do painful scary things to my old body anyhow, but do I want to ADD to the pain? hell freaking no. i could die not ever knowing what it feels like to be hooked up to a lung machine and be great with it. Also, it didnt make any sense that I was PAYING the moronic fucked up government to KILL ME EARLY o
Kottonmouth Kings
Good Stuff
You Are 68% Sociopath The good news is that you're devastatingly charming. The bad news? You mostly use those charms for evil! Are You A Sociopath? Uncle Filthy@ CherryTAP
If You Don't Like My Blog Don't Friggin Read My Blog, Thankies! :p
a repost from my myspace blog: I'm SOOOOO SCREWED! Current mood: scared shitless Leave it to me. I tend to get under people's skin at times, pissing off the world daily because I'm basically misunderstood ***sniff, sniff, tear*** WELL, now I have gone and done it and I'm pretty convinced I may as well sharpen the blade and get busy cutting cuz this tops it. I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm topping the shit list of many a peep. I can name at least a handful of peeps whose top spots I hold, but this one may have gone to far. I have managed to PISS OFF SANTA CLAUS! WTF!!! Seriously, I have the letter to prove it and my, oh my is he disgusted with me. Lemme splain myself first, plead my case if you will: I'm sitting at the puter in a very disgruntled mood the other day and looking at Christmas this and that. I run across a site with a plethora of holiday what have you and see a "get a letter from Santa". Why the fuck not? Right? So I'm sitting filling in all the per
Poems I Have Either Just Made Or Made A While Ago! :p
well I hope your enjoying the pics off my sites and I love doing pics and adult work and shooting videos!!! Let me know what you think. Also I love to change up my style alot, as you can probaly tell by my page after a week I need something different, lol. I shaved my pubic hair into the V for a while and well seemed every one started doing that, so I just shaved it bald to see what that was like, now i want something different, what is the most unique hair design you have seen on a lady, or if you are a lady tell me, I want something HOT!!! Kisses Alyse
Dis Be Me
Whats up people my name is Jed but everyone calls me slimm I am a 26 y-o whte/italian male livin in vinton Va. Im in to goin out havin a good time chillen at the bar playin pool holla if ya got game Im also in to just sittin at the crib blazn and playin madden
Angel Eyes
Popping My Cherry
Well, my cherry has been popped! This is my first post! Love this site, Thanks to blueyescrying for the invite! I'll post more later but thanks for stoppin' by! Smooches to you all!
Poems, Etc.
To take the time to cherish you is just what I desire to do... To see your smile; to feel your touch your eyes meet means so much. To speak of love and not to talk; to hold your hand on a silent walk... For in my heart I hold the key I wish to tell you so you will see... Not with your eyes but with your heart tis an unspoken passion; a dying art... To have these times with you my love tis a blessing; a gift from God above _________________________________________________ A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, He said, "No". She asked him if he would want to be with her forever and he said "No". She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry, and once again he replied with a "No". She had heard enough. As she walked away, tears streaming down her face the boy grabbed her arm and said, "You're not pretty you're beautiful. I don't want to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever. And I wouldn't cry if you walked away...I'd die"
I Wanna Be A Pornstar!!
Hey everyone!! I am thinking about starting my own porn career and if anyone has any ideas or suggestions just let me kno!! MMFCL!!! ~!Michaela!~
ash@ CherryTAP
Help A Girl Out
So, I just booked my flight to Georgia for May. What are your suggestions on what I could do while I am down there. It's all new and I have never been there. Oh, btw, I'll be in the Savannah area. Thanks for the suggestions if you have any!! I am planning on getting a new tatt. I'm not into the butterfly/heart thing like most girls, but I am having a hard time finding something I like. So how's about helping a girl out and sending me a few ideas. On April 24, there was an 1,100 acre forest fire in my little bitty town of 2,000 or so. Officials rumor that it was sparks from a train that started the fire, fuled by high winds and the lack of rain. 6 homes were toasted to the ground. I am happy that there were no injuries. Once I learned what was happening, I got home and learned that I had a matter of five to ten minutes to evacuate my home and go north. The fire was so close that you could see it from the back of the apartment. I basically left everything, including my wedding dress and
Im Really New To This
Someone told me about this web site and I thought I would try it out. Didnt know it would be a little hard to get use to. Ive only been on my site twice I think so Im pretty new to this one. If you have anything that will help me in any way please let me know. Thank you.
Nascar Sarrow
Benny Parsons, who charmed television audiences with his folksy demeanor as much as he impressed fans with his ability as a driver, died Tuesday at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte following complications from lung cancer. He was 65. Parsons dies at 65Benny Parsons died Jan. 16 at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte Remembering B.P.Drivers share their favorite memories of Benny Parsons Parsons' true lovesMarty Snider says racing and people were B.P.'s passion Sign up for TrackPass now BUY THE NEXTEL i836 The former self-proclaimed Detroit taxi driver-turned-NASCAR racer never forgot his humble rural North Carolina roots, and it came through in every aspect of his life. Even though he gained fame as the 1973 Winston Cup champion and winner of the 1975 Daytona 500, Parsons understood that as a broadcast analyst, it was his job to aim the spotlight away from himself. "I heard someone say this one time and I thought it was fabulous," Parsons said. "Everyone can'
Music Events
I mentioned seeing the rest of the Spain shows and going to the Italy shows in my last blog I believe for the Europe concerts. I forgot to mention that, in between the Spain and Italy shows, we saw them in Zurich, Switzerland. Yes, I get around! AWESOME!! Well I just got to see one of the best shows. Well, Europe is ALWAYS good, but this show was just one of the best they have done! On January 16, 2007 in Granada, Spain. AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!!!! We, meaning my family and myself, are going to the Madrid show tonight, the 17th of January. I am so looking forward to this show! If you would like to learn more about the recent Europe albums and tour information you can check out their web site at: If the link isn't clickable, just copy and paste it into your browser address bar or type it in. It's easy to remember. KEEP ON ROCKIN' GUYS! Well, we ended up not leaving after the Madrid show. We stayed for the next two shows in Spain and t
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het everybody im new on this site and i was just wonderin if yall could stop by and check out my profile comin soon,very soon
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Why are you sad? [amazing pictures] For darker people You are sad because of your griefTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
Mid Terms
I am in school right now and i just finished my english mid term I already did a history mid term and i have a photography one too but I am skippin that!!!
Photo Requests?
To All My New Friends
Hey everybody, whats going on?? Everyone is so quieet tonight!! What are u all up to?? Why wasnt I invited? hehe Just wanted to say hi and see whats up with u all.....Say hi if u like.....ill be around! Well many of you saw me on my Blast, and so I havent gotten to talk to many of you! I have met some nice people and I am sure there are a ton more to meet. I am sorry I got a lil overwhelmed and couldnt say hi and thanks to everybody, but I have some time now and if you would like to actually introduce urself and talk I would love to hear from ya! I usually try and comment/rate the people I talk to. The best way to reach me is probably a private message, all the others disappear before i get to read them. So thanks again and bye for now. ~Cindy
The Truth About Online Dating
By Robert Epstein - Scientific American About two years ago I arranged to meet for coffee with a woman I had corresponded with online. I arrived early and sat at a table in a conspicuous spot. After a few minutes, a woman came to my table, sat down and said with big smile, "Hi, I'm Chris!" But Chris was not the woman in the online photos. This wasn't a question of an age discrepancy or a new hairdo. She was a completely different woman. Chris was in marketing, you see, and to her it was simply a good strategy to post photographs that would draw in as many "customers" as possible. I never said a word about the photos. I just enjoyed our conversation and the refreshments. A few weeks later I noticed that Chris had replaced the photos with those of yet another woman. In the U.S. alone, tens of millions of people are trying to find dates or spouses online every day. How accurate are the ads they find? And just how successful is online dating compared with conventional dating? These
The Memory Of Def Leppard Viedo !
Going To Make Ppl Mad At Me
I know this will make alot ppl mad at me ,so give me hell!!,My boyfriend is in Iraq and I'm mad as hell at Bush, but when my guy came home on leave ,he show me something that change my mind,,,Alot of younger ppl like myseft willn'T remember this because I didn't,,,, AND THEN HE SAY THIS,,,THEM PEOPLE KNOW WHAT IRAQ HAD BECAUSE OF CLINTON INTELL AND NOW TELL ME WHAT CHANGE ?NOTHING EXCEPT BUSH TAKING ACTION ON CLINTON INTELL BECAUSE BUSH DIDN'T CHANCE INTELL UNTILL 2003,YOU SAY NO WMD ,SO WAS IRAQ AFRAID OF THE U.N.HE LAUGH ,AND SAY IT WAS MOVE SADDAN WOULD NEVER HAVE DESTORY THEM... OK GIVE ME HELL
I Did It
Yea i did it i broke it off with her i have found a a new and better one i have done something that i so dearly needed i was tired on not smileing and trying to make her feel better and it just is a drag when someone tells you for 6MONTHS that she is going to breakup with her boyfriend and then not do it and all you can do is just set there and smile and hold her knowing that you cant realy do a damn thing all they do is fight and all i can do as stand ther and hold her tell her it will be ok it ant right and i did it i broke it off with her no more bitching at me for not giving her all my attention no more bitching at me for not calling her every night of the week and talk to her till she falls asleep no more bitching at me for random ass shit that has nothing to do with nothing i was sick and tired of it so you know what i say................................................................................................................................................
Hottest Man Contest!
I'm in the Hottest Man contest which just opened up and will be running until next Friday. Please rate and comment-bomb to your heart's content! Here is the pic link:
Busy Day
First of all I want to say THANK YOU to anyone who has, did, or will be adding me or commenting. Now that that's out of the way let me just say that I love blogs. Sometimes I have something very philosophical to say, feel strongly about something, or just need to vent about everyday life. I guess it may seem like a diary at times but I'll mix it up a little. Aight, until next time, turner out.
F.y.i ;)
Yep! Saw this fabulous new feature on another page and just had to have one:) I wanna see all my sexy cherries add their picture to it too, don't be shy...just do it, and leave me a sexy message with it;) Females can't cum from sex UNLESS, they're on top..and they're on top why? so they can stimulate their doin' their lil snake charm grindin'grab on our pelvic bones..which..really does nothin' for the key **** first..make her cum a few times...numb her up..then hammer away or soft and slow with alot of vaginal teasing with your magic stick to build it all up in the end, however u like...... now once ur inbetween her legs..don't just ****in' dive in there like a bum at a thanksgiving charity dinner...take your ****in'time I know **** is nearly irresistable...but don't act like it is.. lick her inner thighs, kiss them..kiss around her **** lips..kiss the lips etc. etc..finally once u've got your tongue on her clit..this is what u do..(u can use ur hands to sprea
I know I try still, you dance in my mind every time I close my eyes I see you, staring back at me and my heart skips, it cant be then silence before the THUMP just say it, you know I will jump and fall, all over again for you this love I feel, from the depth is TRUE I know when you think your feel'n me, everytime you blink how could I control this, strong emotions this love, so deep like the oceans all is hidden, the beauty beneath oneday, it will escape, so grit your teeth then, I will not let go, keep you here in my heart, in my life, always so near as I hold you in my arms, this love I feel we never really touched, becomes so real it has been right from the start, yet is the reason you stay so far away, I bet I gamble my life, if I lose, at least I never will live to feel the pain, the hurt, forever as the days go by I try I know only when I close my eyes, I feel you reaching then I wanna tell you, I
My Pics
I was just wondering why nobody shows me any love and leaves me comments on my pic. I have almost 200 hundred friends and I have 4 comments. Come on ladies show me some love and throw me some comments.
Final Words
It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that everyone is happier with out me. I am a devil and i shouldnt be plaguing everyones existence. A sinner I am not, always true to my word. Loyalty is life to me. Although, I dont know what it feels like to have someone beloyal to me. Cowards are drawn to me, for i am the one who will believe them and lead them. But, a coward I am not. However, I will do anything for someone to love me. Pretty I was...not anymore. Not inside and definetly not out. I am a nobody wasting fresh air for the chosen ones. God please forgive me, please take me and love me. I want to be born again, into something great..I no longer want to be everyones nightmare causing them strife.....
I Need My Rateing Up
please do whatever it takes to get my rateing up im new to this
I Really Can't Believe It...
OK! HERE IS MY THING! I have helpped everyone that has had a contest and I will continue to do so...The problem I see here is there is such a double standard! People run aroung screaming "help me level up " Help me win a blast" Help me, Help me, Help me!! Then when you ask they just kinda...blow you off! Now this is not towards everyone, but here is my test! click the link below and comment and rate the pic..then come back and leave a message.... so is it this site just full of double standards? LETS FIND OUT TAX LAWS FOR 2007 WAY TOO FUNNY FOR WORDS The only thing IRS has not yet taxed is the PENIS. This is due to the fact that 70% of the time it is hanging around unemployed, 13% of the time it is pissed off, 12% of the time it is hard up, and 5% of the time it's in the hole. It has two dependents, but they're nuts. Issues still under consideration are as follows: Are there penalties for early withdrawal? Do multiple partners count as a c
Sexiest Smile Contest
Come Vote and Comment for me pleasee!!! Ill luv ya forever and let me know if u commented and i will try to return the favor thanks and luvs ya heres the link: Click and leave as many Comments as you can! Or alteast one lol ~Cindy Im in another contest, I know badddd meeee but i lost hte last one made me feel bad so i thought id try again hehe heres the link: Click and Comment if u have time thanks all Luvs ya ~Cindy
How To Eat A Gina
Sex 101: How To Eat a gina! Hey, I have a lot of respect for all you guys who like to eat pussy because there are too few of you out there. And I'm not the only woman who says this. Furthermore, some of you guys who are giving it the old college try are not doing too well, so maybe this little lesson will help you out. When a woman finds a man who gives good head, she's found a treasure she's not going to let go of too quickly. This is one rare customer and she knows it. She won't even tell her girlfriends about it or that guy will become the most popular man in town. So, remember, most guys can fuck, and those who can usually do it satisfactorily, but the guy who gives good head, he's got it made. Most women are shy about their bodies. Even if you've got the world's most gorgeous woman in bed with you, she's going to worry about how you like her body. Tell her it's beautiful, tell her which parts you like best, tell her anything, but get her to trust you enough to let you down b
Crazy Shit
Courtesy of
gary will go to jail for ... Snorting Viagra 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
Getting Our Tax Refund!
Hi all I am just really excited i just called the bank a lil bit ago and we are getting our federal tax refund on Friday. WOOOOO HOOOO! We are still deciding on what we are gonna do about the cars and such that we need. We are gonna try to do two cars on one loan, but if not then we are gonna get hubby his truck and then fix one of the cars that we have for me to drive for right now. We also will be needing a new fridge, so will be looking in the papers and places close to us that a sale on them. Most likely will need a new washer as well, UGH! It always seems as if u need more then what u are getting hehe, at least for us it's that way! My son has his b-day this weekend, St. Patrick's day so gotta plan a party for him and get him his presents and such. That is when he decides on what he is gonna be getting. Well i hope you all have a great day and the rest of the week. Hugs, and all my lovin, Jilly
The Guy's Rules
At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down Finally , the guys' side of the story. ( I must admit, it's pretty good.) We always hear " the rules " From the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note.. these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE! 1. Men are NOT mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only if you want
Intimate Secrets
Ok so you’re considering getting a sex toy. Perhaps you want to spice up your relationship or want to have a little fun yourself. It’s ok to be curious about it. Many people use sex toys to enhance their relationship and sex life. Below you will find information on the most popular sex toys, what they do, where they go and why women love them! Let’s get started! Bullets and Eggs: Sadie's latest! The first book that shows you the intimate secrets on how to drive your lover wild with today's remarkably satisfying sex toys. Come discover all the shapes, sizes and sensations that'll excite you both-along with fun, safe ways to enjoy scrape-you-off-the-ceiling orgasms like you've never experienced before. Tastefully illustrated and temptingly readable, Toygasms! No-blush secrets to introduce your lover to hot toy-play. Stimulating ways to make every sex toy better. Over 40 toy-test techniques for mind-blowing orgasms. How to hide your personal sex toys from prying eyes. -Plus s
Game Sites I Visit
.thinkfulsolutions ( Got To See This One) copy this link into your browser and see a wonderful optical illusion. Unreal, let me know what ya think :) Wasn't for sure where I could list this on CherryTap so blog it is !
A Fairytale
This is going to sound crazy but I have found the man of my is truly a fairytale..I have met the most amazing man..his name is Michel. He is everything a woman could dream of..handsome, kind, caring, romantic and compassionate. Truly an amazing man. I love you Michel more than anything and I am so proud to be yours :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox
Terrorism- What Is It?
I am posting this because I want to encourage each of us to really think how this is defined. What makes it ok for our country to do this but if another country in which we do not live does it, we call it terrorism. I hope this gives food for thought I find the very first one most interesting. I also wonder how BUSH would define what he did and how it differs from this definition. *************************************************** Definitions of Terrorism on the Web: * is defined by the US Department of Defense as "the unlawful use of -- or threatened use of -- force or violence against individuals or property to coerce or intimidate governments or societies, often to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives." * The FBI defines terrorism as "the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any
I Think I Found Mr. Right
yeah i bet , how many time u done said that everytime u meet some one and u fall in love and u think your his ; body , mind and soul. and that he feels the same way. it's so hard sometimes when that person has u like that , everytime he touches your soft body and put sweet kisses from the tip of your nose , down to inner parts of your tigh feelin your wettness with his fingers. and all u can think of is how much u want him and how this body belong to him. u so wrap up in your own passion especially when he is about to take u and u feel his hard dick inside u at that moment he just don't take your body but your mind as well . now that he his u , u feel like this is it i found him mr right .but it only last but a min cuz the things he put into your mind and the way he makes your body feel in bed isn't really enough to make u feel completely his . not unitll he has your heart . and only the things he can do to make that happen . is to trap your heart and so right by u. then u can re
I Really Like This Site
i really am enjoying this site, i am making new friends and getting to talk to old friends again, it's got nice chat rooms, and nice people to talk too, so glad i tried it.
Joshdogg's Blog
I joined this site cause my girl invited me and i like it alot.. It is better than myspace in some aspects. But maybe ill be here more often.
I met Chris on here....just wanted to let you all know I am off the market. We got married last night in a very short but sweet ceremony. Thank you Baby Jesus!
I Love Sex
You have a sexual IQ of 133 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Deep In The Pit....
~A gravestone stands solid, alone, on a grassy field, as the grass bends lightly in the breeze.~ Those images kept flashing in my head, which was bad news cause I was driving on the freeway. Not that my safety was in jeopardy, during rush hour, top speed was 10 mph. But flashbacks of graves weren't what I wanted on my mind at the moment. I was on my way to Tara and focus shouldn't have been a problem. Tara's interest in me began the day I started at CommNet as a technical support agent. She always told me she liked techy types. She worked in customer service, and both of us dealt a lot with customers, so both of us wore business suits at work. Thinking about her Aurburn hair up in a bun, or some do started to give me wood, which was good cause this evening we were gonna let our crushes grow into something further. All that thinking allowed me to finally get to the freeway exit. And a few minutes later, I was parked and looking at her apartment building entrance. It was a sm
Random Info
anyways anyone got any advice or want to help me out lol so yea anyways dont know how this fucking happnd im a vrgn in college taht shits just fucked up. anyone that know any college chciks that help me with my prob it be apriceated reply back to this or message me if u could peace thanks
No More Hurt
Probably Fixin To Piss Off A Lot Of People
By Jim Jackson Since the Civil Rights movement nearly a half century ago, blacks have made a continuing series of demands from white people, and white people have bent every rule in the book to satisfy their demands. In the 1960s, white people put in place laws to remove race as a consideration for anything in America. Blacks were free to achieve anything they could. Whites then put in place “helping hand” and “affirmative action” programs to assist blacks into the mainstream. Although it violated the Civil Rights Acts, whites then added “quotas,” based on race, for blacks in every facet of American life. Whites then added “proportionality” to these quotas, insuring blacks of participation in the mainstream at the very least in proportion to their population. Finally, whites set up a politically correct system to prevent any criticism of anything blacks do or say. All of these protections and privileges have now been in place for nearly half a century. Black people have not had t
Ok 17 Hours
Many have commented on my pics and in mails about my weight loss so i thought hell i aint really blogged that so here goes. I've never been what you'd call a small framed person even though in my stocking feet I'm 5ft 2 high. Yes I know good things come in small packages but it depends would you call a hippo running full speed at you as a small package?. And trust me I was, trapped by my own stupidity rather than fix my problems I comfort ate till I tipped the scales at just under 22 stone. Let me tell you that height with that weight was bloody unbearable fitting in a bath was beyond a joke and forget taking life for granted your whole day is spent learning to get around things and trying not to break seats. I did try the diet sheets yep eat two salad leaves and enough grapefruit to cause a world shortage. It didn't work whatever I tried still failed through the comfort eating. I tried the new fat pills, yes the one that makes you evacate all fat that you eat. Tip if you use them f
Low Rating Punks!
OK so this will probably sound damn whiney but I don't care. I am well aware of the fact that I don't look like Pam anderson or Paris Hilton. I don't need barbie bitches coming to my page rating me 1's just so you can laugh and say ha ha ha look at me I'm pretty! Well look at me I'm fat but I'm damn intelligent and the funniest bitch you'll ever meet. Didn't your mama's ever teach you that if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all??? Of course here I am trashing you so I guess I'm no better LOL. But I would never rate some one a 1 or a 2 or anything other than 10. I don't know if that makes me a cherry loser or not but its just the way I am.
Flat Belly A little boy walks into his parents' room to see his mom on top of his dad bouncing up and down. the mom sees her son and quickly dismounts, worried about what her son has seen. She dresses quickly and goes to find him. The son sees his mom and asks, "What were you and Dad doing?" The mother replies, "Well, you know your dad has a big tummy and sometimes I have to get on top of it and help flatten it." "Your wasting your time," said the boy. "Why is that?" the mom asked puzzled. "Well when you go shopping the lady next door comes over and gets on her knees and blows it right back up." LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!
My Baby Sized Penis!!!
I have a tiny baby size penis and I am looking for a woman to laugh and make fun of it while she watches me play with myself online. I have a web camera and I really want to show you how tiny my little bitty wienee is. Please instant message me at if you are interested. I have a tiny baby size penis and I am looking for a woman to laugh and make fun of it while she watches me play with myself online. I have a web camera and I really want to show you how tiny my little bitty wienee is. Please instant message me at if you are interested.
Want to know if you're, or someone you know is a gentleman? 1. In the company of feminists, intercourse should be referred to as: a) Lovemaking b) Screwing c) The pigskin bus pulling into tuna town 2. You should make love to a woman for the first time only after you've both shared: a) Your views about what you expect from a sexual relationship b) Your blood-test results c) Five tequila slammers 3. You time your orgasm so that: a) Your partner climaxes first b) You both climax simultaneously c) You don't miss SportsCenter 4. Passionate, spontaneous sex on the kitchen floor is: a) Healthy, creative love-play b) Not the sort of thing your wife/girlfriend would ever agree to c) Not the sort of thing your wife/girlfriend need ever find out about 5. Spending the whole night cuddling a woman you've just had sex with is: a) The best part of the experience b) The second best part of the experience c) $100 extra 6. Your girlfriend says she's gained five pounds in
Can Anyone Really Say Why?
Persigue Tus Sueños...
Cherry Tap Stuff
This is how your site gets hacked....You will be surfing your page and reading the add requests. You may see a profile that you like. Then you may decide to add that person so you do. Very soon after you add this person you will probably go to post a comment. Then what happens is you will get a message that says YOU MUST BE LOGGED ON TO PREFORM THIS ACTION ...... DON'T DO IT! This is how they get your password...Trust me Immediately close your browser then Log back in. If you had paid attention as I do you will notice two things that are dead giveaways. The first one is how many times you have been viewed. I reset to Zero after every session so for me it was easy. Ninety Nine views in 30 seconds- NO way.Then the other thing is when the Fake Login page does come up. Look at the URL in the bar and you will see the word redirect in it. I hope you all post and repost this over and over. NEVER RE-LOG ON During a session Close Out and RE-Log on the proper way Not sure what is go
Without You
without you life will still go on but there will be no story in it without you the night will go on but I will not be able to sleep without you many questions will arise in the heart but there will be no answers the destinations light seems to be dim there is the dampness of the dew on the flowers the lamps will be lacking light if you are not with me without you sound is tuneless you are the light of the moon you are the support in storms you are the shining star in the sky in the path no matter who I am with I fall since I am lost in your dreams in the midst of thousands of names I look for just your name you are the sound of these moments you are the illumination you are the shore, you are my destination the happiness of the heart, the thirst of the heart you are my everything without you I am nothing if you can come then come, this heart is saying this to your heart
This Is My Baby!
xLotusx@ CherryTAP
This Ain't No Dang Rodeo
Two cowboys are out on the range talking about their favorite sex positions. One says "I think I enjoy the rodeo position the best." "I don't think I have ever heard of that one," says the other cowboy. "What is i t?" "Well, it's where you get your girlfriend on all fours, mount her from behind, and reach around and cup her breasts in your hands. Then you whisper in her ear, 'Boy, these feel just like your sister's,' and then try to hold on for 8 seconds."
My Song Book
Unnecessary Rudeness!
I have trouble understanding why so many cherries find it funny, amusing or "kool" to post photos of themselves giving "the bird", "the finger", the "international gesture of F**K OFF!" in photos they allow to be seen & rated. However can you possibly expect anyone with a sense of decency to rate your photos or your profile highly if you are more or less telling them where to get off? I have decided that any photos I see that include the gesture will get the rate they so richly deserve....a 1!
I'm Here, So Get Used To It
Just posting a blog entry since I can, and want to. Hi to everyone out ther on CherryTap. Feel free to add me, rate me, fan me, or whatever you want.
My Baby
HE is coming to Tucson today!!! I cant wait to move out of my parents house and get one with him! he is the best and I love him sooooo much1!!!
We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands
I had forgotten how terrible it felt to actually put faith in someone to do anything for you and have them completely fuck it up...Did I start dating Morrill again? sure feels that way. I have this new, amazing place, but I'm still unhappy. I have all the freedom in the world to do what I please, and I am still totally fucking miserable. I have been feeling more and more like shit lately in every endeavor, and I can't see a real end in sight. People who feel the need to lie in order to make their lives worse than yours piss me off to no end...they should probably kill themselves. Would that make me feel better about myself of the world? probably not, but it would be nice to know I live in a world without them Does taking shots at ex's make me feel any better? Not at why do i do it? because I am a bitter,sour asshole who has nothing better to do then constantly think about them and their happiness without me life is overrated...
The Twisted Fantacies Of A Dark, Dreaming Mind
Have you ever silently begged for a distraction, knowing no one could hear you, only to be answered in the most outrageous of ways? I was. Feeling annoyed and slightly on edge, i slowly walked back to my cubical from the team meeting. The changes made by my new boss had me less than thrilled, and i was no longer in a mood to go about my daily tasks. I'll admit, i had not dressed the part to please a supervisor that day. Wearing my aging brown sandals, baggy legged jeans with holes in both knees and a black low cut tank-top, i looked, to say the least, comfortable. I walked the building in a carefree way that had never made him happy, and now that he was my boss, i knew i would be called into his office to go over even more 'changes' as time rode on. But that day.... i'll admit, i wanted to do something. i was mad, who wouldn't be? When i tried to pass the Janitors room, i yipped in surprise as i was pulled in. The door was shut soundly and locked before my body wa
Kinda New At This........
well its the weekend now... party time woohoooo!!!!!! well i just wanted ot let you all know im very thankful for the comments on my last one... but annyways it is time for new blog now so here it goes.... well last weekend i and my wife went up north to pick up my daughter from her grandpa and we had a very nice trip but the hotel we stayed at kinda sucked tho ... (super 8) but i wasnt really thinkin bout that much as i was bout seein my baby girl again... the day came which was sunday afternoon i got that chance to see her for the first time since last november...she has grown so much since then i almmost didnt recognize her but she and i had a fun time all the way back home and my wife and i were taken pics of our trip and got this one of these 2 guys driving along side of us down the freeway lmao... and now we eare plannin to do alot of fun things with the kids durring this summer seein i have my baby girl for the whole year till school gets out next summer lol...and now i just wan
lemons is another name for boobs
i recently had some guy leave a coment on my profile saying that i had to stop talking to a women who i had met on ct because she was his, but the way i feel is this that wemon arnt posesions. i hate it when men say wemon are theres because in my opion wemon are tresurse. not posesions. let me know what you think
Party Line
things are always changing so what do we do now
NUMBER ONE IS WRITTEN FOR ALL MY MILITARY FAMILY THIS ONES FOR YOU ALL..... American Soldier They ask him why he's leaving, why he's shipping off to fight. They fail to see what's on the line, all their freedoms, all their rights. Comprehension is beyond their grasps that someone's got to go. And while every breath may be his last no fear, no doubt will he ever show. Because he knows that if he dies in some far off foreign land, that his valiant efforts may save the lives of his countrymen, family, and friends. And that girl's picture in his pocket, though how he longs to hold her will forever be carried in the heart of this true American Soldier. HERE ARE SOME RANDOM POEMS THAT I HAVE WRITEEN OVER THE YRS “Yes!” My joy is overflowing, you got down on your knee and have professed forever your special love for me. There was no hesitation, the moment I said “yes,” and gave life to the feelings I’m longing to express. I give
Why I Wouldnt Want To Be A Penis
5 reasons not to be a penis... 1. You're bald your whole life. 2. You have a hole in your head. 3. Your neighbors are nuts. 4. The guy behind you is an ass hole and... 5. Every time you get excited, you throw up and then faint.
Blog This!!!
Questions To Answer
Take this survey 1. The phone rings; who do you want it to be? 2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? 3. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener? 4. Do you take compliments well? 5. Do you play Sudoku? 6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive? 7. Do you like to ride horses? 8. Did you ever go to camp as a kid? 9. What was your favorite game as a kid? 10. If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew he/she was married, would you go for it? 11. Have you lied to get out of a date? 12. Could you date someone with different religious beliefs than you? 13. Do you like to pursue or be pursued? 14. Use three words to describe yourself? 15. Do any songs make you cry? 16. Are you continuing your education? 17. Do you know how to shoot a gun? 18. If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing you grabbed? 19. How often do you read books? 20. Do you think more about the past, present
You People Think You Have It Hard? (well Here Please Read)
You people think you have it so bad,with your problems like your boyfriend or girlfriend.That isnt anything think of all the people that have somethen that could really kill them like cancer or somethen like that.I mean think about it yall have it easy compared to them.Yall are all thinken what ever but if you really think about it we all complain about our lifes being so hard but those people with cancer or other stuff have to worry about if they are going to wake up tomorrow or how longer they have to live.. I think i have it pretty lucky to just have a whole in my heart i mean people think that im kinda wierd cause im just liven life like i dont have nothen wrong but i dont care cause mine can be fixed(hopefully) but the people with cancer 99% of the time cant be so im not preachen or nothen but please do me this think about what i just said please love Shelby Ginn
Pool Of Love
POOL OF LOVE I am your pool of love, Always ready for you to dive in And swim with me, To the deepest, darkest corners of my soul. When I am not with you, I wait in painful longing, Hiding my tears in the dew drops That slowly run down my sides. When you climb in with me, I bathe your whole body, My love caressing you gently With waters clear and warm. I am overflowing with emotions for you, And when I look up through the waves, Your sunshine sparkles through me, Creating colorful rainbows in my heart.
One Year
It has been one year since my dad died. Not a day goes by that I don't think about it. This past week was hard on me as the day got closer. I know he is up there looking over us, and I know someday I will see him again. He will always be on my mind. In honor of him, my brother and I are going to go to a Detroit Tigers game every year on July 1st. That was his favorite team and I know he would appreciate the gesture.
Just started my own blogg over at. Not much in there yet but soon hopefully filling it up with my writing and Art work
Lost (poem)
I am not a normal girl in anyway. I love getting durty and having a good time but what I like the best is Tattoos I love to give them and get them I have been doin them for about 6 months now on my own and I don't want to toot my own horn but I kick ass I will be posting pix on profile of the ones that I have done so check them out My favorite is the one I did on myself alright later
Hired Help - Great Benefits ;) Lol
I've added my 11th to the Sheik Swingin' Low Family! My very own 'Good Luck Charm'!!! I found her as I was running my fingers through her clover patch ;) lol I also have 9 other beautiful ladies who I have given positions to so far... a nanny, for my cyber babies (yes I have 5 now, twins and triplets lol see appropriate folder for pics ;)), a personal massuesse, specializing in tongue massages, my personal (and voluntary) slave, my personal caddy (Ball washer ;)), a lovely interior decorator who has a beautiful interior (and exterior) herself, my very own tailor making sure things are always a snug, tight fit ;) my personal model (I'm a sucker for a corset), a milk maid (always fresh) my very own personal cigar roller (you should see how she rolls my 'cigar'!) and last but not least... my very own good luck charm! :P Don't worry Sheik Swingin' Low has a position to put you in! *wink* lol I am 'Hiring Help'!!! Think you have what it take
First Blog
Fubar Bouncer
Invaded By A Swarm Of Conflicttion
My New About Me...
New Video
I have some really sexy DVD'S for sale if you would like one let me know..Can email me at Come see my new videos
Not A Man
Ayy Check It Out
Blonde Jokes
Not meant to offend.. some of my best friends are blonde.... Making Orange Juice A beautiful blonde woman and her husband were at home one night. The husband notices his wife standing in front of the fridge with the freezer section open. She is standing there with a dead pan look on her face STARING into the freezer. Her husband watches her awhile. She continues standing, not moving, not blinking, just staring into the freezer compartment! Finally after 10 minutes of witnessing her staring and staring straight into the freezer he can take no more. He says to his beautiful blonde wife "Honey, What in the hell are you doing?" She says, "Making orange juice." "Making orange juice?" he asks her baffled. "Yes", she says, "It says, 'concentrate' on the can!" The executive was interviewing a young blonde for a position in his company. He wanted to find out something about her personality so he asked, "If you could have a
My Sister, My Friend
I Still Miss You!!
I Still Miss You This yearning in my heart This confusion in my mind The words left unspoken Haunts me all the time Everyday I watch pass by With an emptiness in my life And a hole in my heart Where only you belong There are nights I wake up crying And wishing you were here To hold me in your arms And kiss away my tears There is something that keeps me holding on - What I'll never know But one day things will go my way And I'll have you in my arms
Skins N Such
OK for those who have my skins im sorry.... i used to much bandwich from photobucket what ever the frick that really means so..... again sorry.... Oh and for the such.... ummmmm the blogg i made to expose me me to all u beautiful ladies... well i dont think is workin to well lol i think it went the oppiste way then it should of went....but thank u i enjoy it :p so anyhow u keep coming i will keep playing.... lol sorry but i will play to an extent ok.... well all u beautiful ladies have a great day even though i no it wont be as beautiful without me neing there lol joke sorry..... ooh and if any guys r here piss off and have a great day as well......treat the ladies right now...... love ya all..... Tongue..... Shot at 2007-08-12
After Midnight....
Voices In My Head
At the moment, I am not doing well. I don't like being here in this situation. I don't like feeling so alone. I don't want to be invisible. I don't want to get the feeling that I'm expected to wait and wait and wait and wait for something to finally happen. When you get to the end of the rope, you either let go or you try to climb back up. I'm still dangling there... and it sucks I'm going to Dallas tonight on a red-eye flight! There's going to be a myspace meet at Billy Bob's and I'm going! I have a friend I already know there, and haven't seen her in a few years, so it was a great excuse to go see her. I made a bet with one of my other friends in the chat room that I wouldn't tell anyone I was going. Then *SHE* blabbed that to someone else and he's having a riot saying stuff in the room about me and my flight and the search process.. etc.. doh! Some people just AREN'T FUNNY. I'm going alone.. and determined not to be a naughty bird. So no drinking chocolate martinis... or
Too Much Time In My Pc Chair
The other day I was asked this question: "What do I wish for my kids?" I couldnt think of an answer at that moment but, after a bit of time to ponder it, I decided that what I would really want for my kids is: 1. That they have love in their life til the very end: Be it from me, their siblings, their own children, a mate, or friends. that is something I've always wanted for myself also, having seen people who have had no one who care or to care for them. I cannot think of a sadder fate than to be "virtually alone". I give thanks every night for my family and friends. By the way, thank you again lord. 2. That they never know extreme poverty: This can cover many things, as never being homeless or going hungry. But just because you have money doesnt mean you will always have a home, or something to eat, as we have all seen by the unforgiven absence of malice of hurricane katrina. What I mean to say is that they keep themselves in the state of mind to care for themselves
Witchcraft Classes
The Witch & The Skeptic has classes for witchcraft. If you're interested call me...1-866-410-6449.
My Crushes :)
If you gotta crush on me, you should just TELL me, so we can, you know, get the ball rollin'! Just playin. I just hate mystery!
Im So sorry you guys but i feel realllllly bad im gonna go lay down please forgive me..Tessa
STS-114 Discovery RTF launch. July 26, 2005.
Cam Show
New Kid
What is your name?: Dysfunctional_Goddess to some...IDLe_ThouGHTz to others...and to my MANY wrestling fans...Harley Quinn How old are you?: 29...or so When is your Birthday?: 2-23-... What is your zodiac sign?: picses (w/e...the fishys) Where were you born?: Gulfport, Ms Where do you live now?: godforsaken OOOOOOklahoma What color eyes do you have?: blue What color hair do you have?: depends on the day you ask How tall are you?: im less than tall...=D How much do you weigh? (Be Honest Ladies): more than 100 less than 135. =) What is your race?: 50 yard dash What is your worst fear?: filling out this damn quiz....-_- Do you smoke?: smoke what? Do you drink?: uh huh..gotta Do you cuss?: FUK NO! Do you use drugs?: Will you define drugs? Have you ever or will you ever steal?: who? Are you dependable and/or trustworthy?: yes Do you play in a band or play an instrum
I Almost Got Mugged
Okay, I've just had the strangest past couple of days i've had in quite a long time. It all started when I was walking home the other night, and it just so happens that the quickest route for me involves going down a back alley -- the kind of place where middle class gentlemen like myself are often mugged. In the past, I have not had any problems. I have, however on occasion, taken the long route home when there appeared to be tramps hanging about. So, on friday, I was taking the route as usual, and I noticed a couple of black guys hanging out on the corner.. That would not have normally bothered me, but as I drew closer I noticed that there were also quite a few youths with them. It appeared that one of them noticed me coming down the alleyway, and the lot of them began to work their way down the alley to meet me -- and by now you understand, I'm about to shit my pants, but I didnt run or anything. It's not like I had anything valuable on me, and I would look pretty stupi
How To Treat Women
How To Treat Your Woman 1. When she asks how she looks, shrug and say "could be better." This will keep her on her toes, and girls love that. 2. Never hold her hand. This can be interpreted as a sign of weakness. If she grabs your hand, squeeze hers really hard until she cries (this will impress her by showing her what a strong man you are). 3. Once a month, sneak up on her from behind and knock her over. Girls are like dogs; they love to be roughed up. 4. Call her in the middle of the night to ask if she's sleeping. If she is, say "you better be." Repeat this 4 or 5 times until morning. This will show her you care. 5. When she is upset about something, suggest to her that it might be her fault. This will pave the way for her own personal improvement, and every girl needs some improvement. 6. Recognize the small things, as they usually mean the most. Then when she's sleeping, steal all her small things and break them, because jewelry is for wussies and Asian ladies.
life's been busy, my kids back in school, summers over, the trees are starting to turn colors, winters comin' quick, things happen that make you stop and think about life real life, people you meet, friends you make, things you see and do every day, its all about choices the choices you make define the person you are, fubar is fun you can be whatever you want to be,, nobody knows but you,,, BUT... is it really you??? you can say anything you want to whoever you want, you can pretend because nobody sees and knows the "real" you but,, is that being true to yourself??? you may have alot of "friends", but can you truly say they are friends?? do you really know them on that level?? do you really care what happens to them in real life?? do they really care about your real life?? or are they just numbers on a web site that add up to you being "popular" it sucks when you think you know someone and they turn out to be a different person when you pu
Larne Colts Under 13s -07/08 Season Results
BARN UTD 5-4 LARNE COLTS (eaiyl) UNDER 13 The Colts, sponsored by The Olderfleet, travelled to Woodburn to play Barn United and found themselves a goal down straight from the opening kick-off. Then were two goals behind before Reece McGinley beat three defenders before firing home from a tight angle. The half ended with a two goal margin as Barn scored a third although there was more than a hint of offside. The start to the first half was repeated in the second as Barn grabbed a fourth. The Colts pulled a goal back when Darren Tennant made no mistake after a David Hunter pass. A rasping Thomas Spence free kick brought the score back to 4-3 before captain Robert Watson had a free kick cleared off the line. In a ding dong game, Barn scored their fifth prior to McGinley scoring his second of the game, again from a tight angle. Despite going forward until the end of the game, the Colts’ couldn’t score the equaliser. The match ball sponsor was Laurence Shaw of Seacliff Road.N
add me =)
Dont Ya Love Poems
Next Time--
Job rejected? Next time your application for a job is rejected... Dear [Interviewer' s Name ]: Thank you for your letter of [Date of Interview ]. After careful consideration I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal to offer me employment with your firm. This year I have had been particularly fortunate in receiving an unusually large number of rejection letters. With such a varied and promising field of candidates it is impossible for me to accept all refusals. Despite [ Firm's Name ]'s outstanding qualifications and previous experience in rejecting applicants, I find that your rejection does not meet with my needs at this time. Therefore, I will initiate employment with your firm immediately following graduation. I look forward to seeing you then. Best of luck in rejecting future candidates. Sincerely , [Your Name ]
Cry Cry!
I sit here listening to the white noise As words drift before my eyes. People crying out in complaint Of insignificant consecquence. Don't Cry to me of the things I've done wrong. Of minor sins that don't belong. Don't Cry to me cause I don't Care. My lifes my own and nothings fair. Don't Cry to me anymore Of something stupid or You'll get ignored. Lifes not fair and speach is free. Opinions vary and people disagree. But thats what makes us unique. So move on with it and Don't Cry to me!
Never Have I Fallen
Never Have I Fallen Your lips speak soft sweetness Your touch a cool caress I am lost in your magic My heart beats within your chest I think of you each morning And dream of you each night I think of your arms being around me And cannot express my delight Never have I fallen But I am quickly on my way You hold a heart in your hands That has never before been given away
Fu~salute Contest!!
Ok folks, I am GoInG to host a contest for the best Fu~Salute.1st place prize will be a 7 day blast, Second place will get choice of a ticker or Choice of BPG.Wanna enter??? The only rule i will have is it must be a FU approved salute......bombing WILL be to anyone and everyone.Contest will begin 9/29/07 at midnight cst and will close 10/6/07 at midnight cst Fumail me ur pic link ,The more the better....lets make the first contest i host kick ass!!! DJ*TwiZLeTTe*[WifeyOfWardenAli]InMaTe#663087@ fubar Ok folks, I am GoInG to host a contest for the best Fu~Salute.1st place prize will be a 7 day blast, Second place will get choice of a ticker or Choice of BPG.Wanna enter??? The only rule i will have is it must be a FU approved salute......bombing WILL be to anyone and everyone.Contest will begin 9/29/07 at midnight cst and will close 10/6/07 at midnight cst Fumail me ur pic link ,The more the better....lets
My Bros B'day Show Him Love !
halloween is lil hotties b'day if you have time please click the link and help her please . lil_hottie1031~Mr. Niceguy's Babydoll~@ fubar hey this is my real life brother and he is one of the coolest dudes on fubar so show him some birthday love and he will show it back when he gets off work ! Mr. Niceguy's™@ fubar
Porn Names Part2
I Know Who You Did Last Summer In Diana Jones & The Temple Of Poon Inspect Her Gadget Intercourse With A Vampire Interview With A Vibrator Jack/Off Jamaican Me Horny Juranal Park Jurassic Pork King Dong Kingdom Cum Laid In Manhattan Lap Dances With Wolves Legally Blown Legs Wide Open License To Thrill Little Oral Annie Lord Of The Cock Rings Lord Of The G-strings Lord Of The Rims Lord Of The Ringpiece Lust Of The Mohicans Malcolm XXX Mating For Guffman Meat Joe Black Meat The Parents Men In Back Miami Spice Mighty Joe Bung Mighty Joe Hung Mighty Joe Schlung Miracle On 69th Street Mission Erotica My Big Fat Greek Cock My Friend's Hot Mom Night Of The Giving Head Nurse Wetty NYPD Goo
My Rants
Spontaneous combustion Exploding feelings across The wide open page As if to say— “I am wide open for your inspection.” Fuck that!! Don’t inspect me! Respect me Who the fuck are you anyway? Who the fuck am I for that matter? What am I here for? What pain must we all endure? Here for the ride I guess! Always skeptical Always a receptacle For the shit of the world And of our own making Is dumped Pumped and; Thrown, In our face As a spectacle For all to see or More likely ignore!
You Know
I have alot of great friends and there are those that accecpted my friend request to get points. What I'm looking for are friends that I can talk to. If you still want to be my friend then let me know. I will be cleaning house the 1st of the year. I need a drink...who wants to buy Big Dan a drink I need a drink !!!!
This Is For My Family And Friends
I have this best family and friends... Louis, Howard and my sister in law mean so much to me and i love them with all of my heart... Kathy you are my bestfriend and you are like a sister to me and i would do anything for you and your 2 kids.... I am so glad we are bestfriends now and we are geting close.... You are there for me and you are really good to me when i need someone to talk to you are there for me... I love you guys so much... My brother howard is in the amry and i miss him so much but i am so proud of him.. PROUD ARMY SISTER... I love you and miss you howard... Louis you are a great brother and i love you with all of my heart and i am here for you no matter what happens... Amanda you are the bestsister in law and i love you very much and i am here for you to no matter what...
You Are The One
You Are The One Sometimes i sit and i wonder And i just can't seem to believe What a blessing it's been to be loved You're an angel sent to me You're the star who lights up my sky You're the one who made me see That you don't need wings to fly Your love has set me free Cause you are the one who makes me whole In my heart and in my soul And just like the sun you showed my the light I'm amazed and you're the reason why Before you i was so blind I didn't know which path to choose You poured all of this love in my heart And there's no way that I can lose And when i have no faith in myself You're the one who makes me strong I wouldn't have a story to tell Or an ending to my song Cause you are the one who makes me whole In my heart and in my soul And just like the sun you showed my the light I'm amazed and you're the reason why Oooohh you're the reason why You are the one who makes me whole In my heart and in my soul Just like the sun you showed m
About Me
My Life
so a couple of days ago i noticed that my lower back was starting to hurt? figured it was nothing as we drove home from Ob lobster fishing. i come home and go to bed. well the next morning my back is fucking killing me i can barely move!!! i am freaking out as Mark my daughters father drops Alexis off (my kid) i put strait in the crib. well for the rest of the day i just chilled in bed trying not to move to much but thats hard when you have an 8 month old daughter whos teething.....sounds like fun huh??? anyways around 8 my back completely gave out i couldnt move, walk nothing or id get this sharp pain like someone was pulling my spine right out of my back finally i called mark and he came and got alexis and i called 911 and went to Alvarado ER....was there an hour and said fuck it and went home! there was a man there who had a migraine from hell and had been waiting 3 hours. fuck that was my hell last night but i am feeling a little better today and guess what thursday is
My Too Be X-wife
she for got too bring with her,she the one after 3 moves she didnt do a dam thing but sit there now she want me too mail all the stuff she left behind,send me back the ring maybe ill think about it,im not even done paying for $8,000 dan ring yet,and she the one that could have stoped all this only had too show a little love like huggs and kiss instead ,of come in dave i need a lot too night bull,no we didnt have a probem there ,now she lives at some goat farm ,with some old lady shetell me you think she was a mess will the ones she with she tell is even messer there her,oh my now she has too clean up after this old lady that is letting and her horse stay there,this old lady allso has kids that come over and hug and kiss in frount of renie oh my i think i was kinda wright should i ask her if she wants me too pack up things for her you see we moved 3 times,and i did all the packing ec time,there is someone coming for her horse,ive beg and pleade with her no one can not say i didnt try,iv
howdy strangers. I am new here and just wanting to meet new and interesting people. See ya guys around
Life And Such
When I was a kid in my mid-teens, my sister who is 4 and a half years younger than me, would steal stuff from her family to give to her friends. In later years, she would snub her family to help her friends. We, my wife at the time and myself, were living with a friend in Texas when her electricity went out, My nephew and her son blew the box on the pole. It was going to cost $3000 to fix and for some reason the city would not fix it, even tho it was their box on the pole. Well, my friend was my ex-girlfriend and my sisters best friend. When we lost power, my wife was about 3-4 months pregnant. My sister took in her best friend and her two sons, one was 10 and the other was 15. Meanwhile, we were had no where to live but in a trailer with no electricity and no heat. I was working, but was making only $6 an hour, and being in Texas, the rent was more than we could afford in every place we looked at. During this time, we were watching my friends dog. The trailer got infested wit
Nightwish - Ever Dream (end Of An Era)
Over The Hills And Far Away They came for him one winter's night. Arrested, he was bound. They said there'd been a robbery, his pistol had been found. They marched him to the station house, he waited for the dawn. And as they led him to the dock, he knew that he'd been wronged. "You stand accused of robbery," he heard the bailiff say. He knew without an alibi, tomorrow's light would mourn his freedom. Over the hills and far away, for ten long years he'll count the days. Over the mountains and the seas, a prisoner's life for him there'll be. He knew that it would cost him dear, but yet he dare not say. Where he had been that fateful night, a secret it must stay. He had to fight back tears of rage. His heart beat like a drum. For with the wife of his best friend, he spent his final night of freedom. Over the hills and far away, he swears he will return one day. Far from the mountains and the seas, back in her arms he swears he'll be. Over the hills
HEY EVERYONE I ENTERED IN MY FIRST FUBAR CONTEST..ITS A COMMENT BOMB CONTEST AND I REALLY COULD USE ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAM'S HELP ALL LOVE IS RETURNED IF YOU MAKE 50 COMMENTS OR MORE YOU GET 5000FUBUCKS JUST MESSAGE ME WHEN YOU ARE DONE AND I WILL SEND I WILL ALSO RATE AND COMMENT ALL PICS IF YOU COMMENT ME MORE THEN 100 TIMES...THXS SO MUCH JUST CLICK THE PIC BELOW Well over the last few weeks times have been real hard..I hurt myself..slipped a disk in my back and have been off of work for a week..then on top of that they are gonna cut my financially we are struggling.. Relationship wise..we are also struggling to keep things afloat ..we're both so frustrated and stressed and we seem to take that out on one another not always intentionally but thats how things seem to go.. Personally I am falling apart..worrying about everything ...and accomplishing nothing...I am realizing now that I am very insecure..whether it has to do with my weight I really am not sure..but
I couldn't sleep... I spent a half an hour in the bathroom just staring at myself in the mirror... I don't understand what I want in life... I'm unhappy about everything it seems, and the bouts of joy I feel always feels synthetic to me. These past couple of months have confused me greatly. There is a constant flunctuation in my moods, but I've noticed I have grown more depressed than usual. I've been thinking a lot. In the past I usually could think clearly and just dig myself out of any rut, but this time I seem very disorientated. I don't know where to begin or if I want an all is just very confusing. I don't even know what I'm mind's half not here.
sorry if i keep on hurting you sorry if you don't like the things i say or do sorry if with you i always put up a fight sorry i just can't do anything right sorry if i'm way far from being an angel except compared to an angel from hell sorry if you think my excuses are lies sorry if it's so difficult quiting my vice sorry if i'm not too understanding sorry for all the headaches and pain i bring sorry if often it's hard for me to swallow my pride sorry if often i'm too blinded by anger to see your side sorry if i'm so complicated sorry i keep making you feel frustrated sorry i can't fight back the tears sorry if i keep you away from your peers sorry if i always complain about you not meeting my expectations sorry if sometimes i can't fight all these temptations sorry if i seem like a joke to you sorry if i don't appreciate all those sweet things you do sorry if i keep on repeating the same mistakes sorry i say stupid things and i can't find the break
Lit Submissions
I want to put this down before another year passes and the memory is wiped from my consciousness completely. I will try to relate the events as I remember them, though I am old now and can be unreliable. Still, the memory of that time is what I keep with me, rather than the actual facts. So this will be as close as I can remember it and probably as close as you can remember it since a) you weren't present for much of what I am relating, and b) wouldn't be able to do much better either without relying on wikipedia to confirm the true facts. I want to tell you about Christmas in France. Now, I'm sure that every American Exchange student in every different corner of France at any given time didn't witness the same sort of Christmas I did. I was in Grenoble in 1990. At that time, back in the States Bush Senior was gathering a coalition... and when I use the word "coalition" I mean more than just Great Britain along with a handful of Australian and Polish soldiers thrown in, to figh
Bright And Beautiful
Bright and beautiful future Those who preach endlessly about how bad things are, do so mainly to advance their own power and influence. Instead of being frightened into submission by the negative scenarios, choose to follow the positive possibilities.­ Life has always been challenging, and it will continue to be. Yet that is no reason to be gloomy or fearful, for in every challenge there is great opportunity. Whatever you focus on will grow stronger and more influential in your world. Choose to focus on creative, innovative, loving, respectful and beautiful ways to move forward. Those who obsess over assigning blame only end up making the problems worse. What you can do now is far more important than who is at fault. If you give your energy to fear and hatred, whatever you fear and whatever you despise will grow bigger and more imposing. Is that really what you want? The future is as bright and beautiful as you decide to see it. See it, live it, and make it so.
Breast Cancer
Just For Fun
Hey friends , I posted a Christmas tree on my page so when you stop by to leave me a comment , be sure to leave me a gift under my tree . Thanks Southern Babygirl for being the first to leave me a gift . "If you talk about me I got some advice... click your heels 3 times and say, "I wish I had a life!""
Rip Kevin Dubrow Lead Singer Of Quiet Riot
LOS ANGELES - Kevin DuBrow, lead singer of the popular 1980s heavy metal band Quiet Riot, has been found dead from unknown causes at his home in Las Vegas, authorities said on Monday. DuBrow, 52, was found dead at about 5:20 p.m. on Sunday, a spokeswoman for the Clark County Coroner’s Office said. She said an autopsy would be conducted to determine the cause of death. “I can’t even find the words to say,” Quiet Riot bandmate Frankie Banali said on his Web site. “Please respect my privacy as I mourn the passing and honor the memory of my dearest friend, Kevin DuBrow.” Quiet Riot, which was founded in the mid-1970s, topped the Billboard charts in 1983 with the album “Metal Health,” spurred on by the massive hit single “Cum on Feel the Noize.” The band has since endured break-ups and personnel changes but released a new album in 2006 and continued to tour sporadically.
The Man Song
Man Joke
The first blond guy joke ! The very first ever Blonde GUY joke..... And well worth the wait! An Irishman , a Mexican and a Blonde Guy were doing construction work on scaffolding on the 20th floor of a building. They were eating lunch and the Irishman said, "Corned beef and cabbage! If I get corned beef and cabbage one more time for lunch, I'm going to jump off this building." The Mexican opened his lunch box and exclaimed, "Burritos again! If I get burritos one more time I'm going to jump off, too." The blonde opened his lunch and said, "Bologna again! If I get a bologna sandwich one more time, I'm jumping too." The next day, the Irishman opened his lunch box, saw corned beef and cabbage, and jumped to his death. The Mexican opened his lunch, saw a burrito, and jumped, too. The blonde guy opened his lunch, saw the bologna and jumped to his death as well. At the funeral, the Irishman's wife was weeping. She said, "If I'd known how really tired he was of
School Papers
here is my most resent research paper. sorry about the format here, made some changes to get it on the blog. please let me know what you think. DO IT YOURSELF HOME FUNERALS The do it yourself home funerals are on the rise as seen on PBS and MSNBC, plus many other articles written about it. The funeral service professional should take note of this because home funerals are growing in popularity and are legal in all but five states. What is a home funeral? Reminiscent of earlier times, the family bathes and dresses the body (there is no embalming.) The casket is either purchased or built by the family. They will conduct the visitation and funeral service themselves and will transport the body to the cemetery or crematory. It should be noted that in these “earlier times”, families did what they had to do because the services of a funeral home weren't always available. There are several reasons why families choose home funerals. Often, the f
The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years o
Cna Yuo Raed Tihs?
i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! Credit is given and taken away from a Cambridge Study Three Old Men Are Out Walking. ABNER: Windy,isn't it? BARNEY: No,it's Thursday! CHARLIE: So am I. Lets go get a beer.
Disfunctionly Lost
well i have been on here for awhile and as time goes by things happen every1 is starting new stuff doing there own things and every1 is making lounges, talking shit and other things, then ya have the haters, this is a webiste for adults , this isnt myspace, where not kids. As time progresses more and more ppl come on fubar then later they wana do there own thing, when ppl make lounges and recruiting every1, there is only so many ppl on fubar not every1 can or chooses not to come in for there own reasons eventually as time goes by the lounges will b at war because of not enough members or something has happened. I just dont know what happened with team work and working together to make 1 big lounge and to be happy and not start drama. haters will b haters because they have there own reason why and they express it freely, i dont know whatever happen to if ya dont like something or someone keep it to yourself. Sometimes u get the misunderstanding and stuff but thats ok it can b worked out
What Was Better?
Single's Not Bad
Seems like people I watch who make finding "the one" a goal end up disappointed. A good friend focussed on living a full life being comfortable with who he is, then stumbled on his soulmate and they're living the dream. I think we put too much pressure on ourselves sometimes like being single isn't complete, and end up looking too hard or settling too soon. It's a tough call... If you're comfortable with yourself and your single life, when is the right time to commit to something good?
Today is my birthday !! I am 24 I turned 24 a 12:30 or 12:35 am. I'd love if I got a blast or something of the sort !! Just for my birthday !!
What Would You Do
if we meet what would you do a.shake hands b. kiss c. hug were would you want to go a. to a movie b. for a walk c. stay at my place d. eat sothing and talk if we went my place to wach movies a. would you sit on the couch with me b.sit somewere else if we went to a movie store a. would you just want your movies b. share and each get 3 c. don,t go a see whats on tv if you were with a man and it snowed that night a.would you get a motel b. stay but sleeep on the couch c. stay with me so i could keep you warm do you like a man to sleeep in a.nothing b. boxers c.don't care
New Job
just started a new job last week so dont think i forgot about any of you - xoxoxo - be on real soon
Gone Too Long...
Wow, I can't believe I haven't been on here in 2 months. Life sure can fly by when you're busy. Not much has changed, other than my hours at work which pretty much is why I haven't been on, because I used to come on before I left for work. I did finally change jobs, but alas, this one sucks as bad as the one I had before. It makes me wonder if there is really such a thing as a good job where you can be happy? I mean, I've had jobs that I've enjoyed, but I can't seem to find one that gives me fulfillment, ya know? I always end up in some paper-pushing job, which I don't actually hate, but it always turns in to more than I wanted. I'm not lazy, and am good at what I do, but I feel like I am wandering around out here lost in a sea of jobs. I have considered working from home, but all those jobs end up being some sort of scam, and I'm not that stupid. Is there really a homebased business that works? I always end up with some dickhead for a boss, or a woman who is trying to prove she has a
Something You Should Know
Hello my name is Sindy. You can call me Sindy or Sin and here is what you should know about me. 1. I'm very sweet until provoked 2. I'm a writer by trade and work in the IT Field 3. I love Greek and Egyptian Mythology...they are my favorite subjects 4. My favorite color is pink 5. My favorite food is Sushi 6. I love music...especially rock, classical and contemporary. My favs are G N R, Metallica (not st. anger ) Jeff Buckley, Three Days Grace...etc 7. I love my family and my friend Miso (she's on my page) and spending time with's my fav thing to do. 2nd and 3rd would be reading and listening to my ipod. 8. I'm here to make friends...not to help you get off 9. Respect me and I will respect you 10. I really do like to get to know people. What you like, what you don't etc...So if you're looking for a nice person to talk to and possibly make a good friend then hit me up. If you're just trying to talk about some dumb shit then keep going. 11. If i did not ask to see y
If I Die Tomorrow
If I Die Tomorrow I wake up to find myself After all these years And where all the time has gone Still seems so unclear Cause there's no one else Since I found you I know it's been so hard You should know If I die tomorrow As the minutes fade away I can't remember Have I said all I can say You're my everything You make me feel so alive If I die tomorrow It brings out the worst in me When you're not around I missed the sound of your voice The silence seems so loud Cause there's no one else Since I found you I know it's been so hard You should know If I die tomorrow As the minutes fade away I can't remember Have I said, all I can say You're my everything You make me feel so alive If I die tomorrow I spent all my life Looking for our innocence I've got nothing to lose Nothing to prove I won't make the same mistakes Now I know That everything will be okay If I die tomorrow If I die tomorrow As the minutes fade away I can't remember Hav
Commercialism, Capitolism, & Conspiracy
I've come to realize that our nation has been taking hits in the popularity department for years! Other countries are seeing that we are affluential enough to hold our own, and have been for some time! Our problem has always seemed,we love to stick our noses where it doesn't belong! It's been going on since we hightailed it out of Europe to found our own "Community" & Country! So first, we "borrowed" (more like stole) this land from it's current residents, the Native Americans! Then we started plotting on how to force feed out religious beliefs (Quaker at the time) to everyone around us, whether they liked it or not! Remember the witch burnings? A proud example of how our society "cleanses" the world around them! Then we have all of the wars... the great depression... too many negative aspects in America's legacy to mention (besides, my hands are getting tired!)! It just goes to show you how we like to bully everyone around us in close proximity, as well as overseas! Th
Truely Madly Deeply
Ill be your dream Ill be your wish Ill be your fantasy Ill be your hope Ill be your love Be everything that you need Ill love you more with every breath Truly madly deeply do I will be strong I will be faithful cause Im counting on A new beginning A reason for living A deeper meaning yeah Chorus I want to stand with you on A mountain I want to bath with you in the sea I want to lay like this forever Until the sky falls down on me And when the stars are shining Brightly in the velvet sky Ill make a wish send it to heaven Then make you want to cry The tears of joy for all the Pleasure in the certainty That were surrounded by the Comfort and protection of The highest powers In lonely hours The tears devour you Chorus Oh can you see it baby You dont have to close your eyes cause its standing right here Before you All that you need with surely come Ill be your dream Ill be your wish Ill be your fantasy Ill be your hope Ill be your love Be e
Pointz And Money
True Love
I just want to say that i never thought that i could ever fall in love again till i met Jason and i am very in love and happy and hope that i never lose him I love him very much I love my man and my girls with all my heart soul anall the love that i can give them they r my life my love my world.
Friends In Need
Hey all DJ Devil is in another contest so if you all would please be so helpful like you all have been before with me and ty here is the link to bomb im going for first place 250K fubucks so please come and give me a hand
I Did What I Had To Do
Woo Hoo
I am so excited. Tonite I won a Pontiac vibe , 2005. Its grey.. with 35,000 miles. Won it for 9500 on ebay. Now, to figure out how to get to Connecticut. lol. I think we found a ticket for 95 dollars , within 10minutes of the people . I am so excited!!
Subject: IBM - Mouse balls & Mouse ball inspector I don't know how they wrote this with a straight face. This was a real memo sent out by IBM to its employees in all seriousness. It went to all field engineers about a computer peripheral problem. The author of this memo was quite genuine. The engineers rolled on the floor! Especially note the last couple of sentences. 'If a mouse fails to operate or should it perform erratically, it may need a ball replacement. Mouse balls are now available as FRU (Field Replacement Units) Because of the delicate nature of this procedure, a replacement of mouse balls should only be attempted by properly trained personnel. Before proceeding, determine the type of mouse balls by examining the underside of the mouse. Domestic balls will be larger and harder than foreign balls. Ball removal procedures differ depending upon the manufacturer of the mouse. Foreign balls can be replaced using th
Wanna Own Me
Wanna Fuown me for a month??Click pic and in a comment place your bid!!~*Hugs*~
i thought i seen it all i guess i was wrong i found someone very stupid that i talk with on here and i have a ? maybe one of you can tell me how can you have a convosation with someone who hates to be questions, i dont see how you can this morning at 2am my lil cat die he or she was in bad health we could hear its lil body begen to cough i was hopeing it be diffrent from the other 3 that did die i was wrong i did everything i could think of the wose part was i was thinking of killing it be crushing its lil head in so it could pass quickly no more suffering but my heart could not do it so i jsut sit there helplys watching waiting i took the lil kitten and put it on my shoulders and just peting it to let it no i do care and love it whats even more wose is i dont have my ex or my roomate to dig the grave i have to be the one and i dont think i can i was up half of the night jsut crying i dont think ill have any more animals ever again
For Immediate Release!
JAN 21, 2008 From: Shipwrecked Productions LLC FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Initial Artist Announcement Shipwrecked Pirate Music Festival is pleased to welcome the following artists to the 2008 lineup: Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew, Swashbuckle, Potcheen, Salt Sea Pirates, The Jolly Rogers, Musical Blades. . . . and many more to come! Shipwrecked 2008 Early Bird Ticket - 2 Day Pass Early Bird Tickets! Be a part of the first ever all pirate music festival with camping – the 2008 Shipwrecked Pirate Music Festival! Limited quantities of tickets at the Early Bird rate are available so get yours now and tell all your friends too! All tickets will begin shipping in early April. Tickets are available at our website: See ye thar mateys! Captain Lash & Captain Kaos, Shipwrecked productions LLC
Rest In Peace Apollo 1
Rest In PeaceApollo 1 Astronauts
Im Thinking On Deleting My Profile
i thinking on deleting my profile since im not haveing any luck in meeting the right single females and just getting played with once they get some good cock from me and i want to continue the relationship they trun around and tell me it was all bout the money for a relationship with them and since im barely making any money or cant get my truck up and running cause of the lack of money coming in, they make excuses the reason why they dont want to be with me or i get the 1's who say they want to be fuck buddies or friends with benefits which to them it means " u only do me and no1 else" which thats not a friend with benefits or not what a fuck buddy is all about those 2 terms meaning who have sex with more then 1 person at a time with no strings attached and also practise safe sex when doing so...and then i also get the 1's where they stop cleaning certain areas on there body, what im meaning that dead rotten fish smell like dead fish rotting in the garbage can for weeks during the hot
Alittle about me...I love to laugh and have a good time meeting new people..I love all kinds of music..I dance around the room with my headset on (lol) I can be silly at times..I consider myself a good listener and a good friend always willing to help others..Im a working mom of 2 beautiful kids..I treasure my time with my kids..They are my whole world..I support all armed forces..I would love to meet new people so hit me up..
No Support
Here is the deal. I am taking CNA classes. Well it seems that the people that should be supporting me aren't. Infact some of them are saying that I am going to flunk out our drop out.Now mind u have not given any of them any reason what so ever to say things like that. So, I am a little unsure and annoyed about all this. I work hard for everything that I have now and everything that I will have in the future. I suppose the thing for me to do is to do well in the class and graduate and prove to everyone that they are wrong.
How To Get A
What am I doing wrong? Okay, I'm tired of beating around the bush. I'm a beautiful (spectacularly beautiful) 25 year old girl. I'm articulate and classy. I'm not from New York . I'm looking to get married to a guy who makes at least half a million a year. I know how that sounds, but keep in mind that a million a year is middle class in New York City, so I don't think I'm overreaching at all. Are there any guys who make 500K or more on this board? Any wives? Could you send me some tips? I dated a business man who makes average around 200 - 250. But that's where I seem to hit a roadblock. 250,000 won't get me to central park west. I know a woman in my yoga class who was married to an investment banker and lives in Tribeca, and she's not as pretty as I am, nor is she a great genius. So what is she doing right? How do I get to her level? Here are my questions specifically: - Where do you single rich men hang out? Give me specifics- bars, restaurants, gyms -What are you look
Just Surveys For You To Get To Know Me
Ty To All My Great Friends
Hi to all . I'm just back from one week at Holyday's house and i've sen that my giveaway was completed, so i want say a very special thank to all my friends and helpers on this giveaway. YU have to know that it is because i have friends like yu that i didn't delete my account when fubar had taken off all my points and fubucks recently it had really pissed me off coz i have hard worked on fubar since one year for 4 millions points reseted at zero. A big lot of yu aprreciate really my pics and i love yu for this, so i continue but my challenge was to become the first french godfather and now it's dead. My happy hour will be today at 6 AM fubar time it will be 3 PM here ad i want thank yu wiz rates during this HH send me shouts if yu want to be thanked i am afraid to forget someone (lol) yu were a big lot to help me in the giveaway ty one more time. I wish yu all a great day.
What The He!! Happened!
Please do not rate here, click on the link below and rate her blog so credit is given where credit is due. It's awesome and should be included in the Fubar Bible!!!!! Watch it all the way through. It runs slowly, but it's worth it. ;D ...and while you're there, fan her and show her some luv. It's a refreshing change to see such a genuine person on here. :D Thank you Cherrybomb! CLICK BELOW!
~understanding Men~
UNDERSTANDING MEN "IT'S A GUY THING" Translated: "There is no rational thought pattern connected with it, and you have no chance at all of making it logical." "CAN I HELP WITH DINNER?" Translated: "Why isn't it already on the table?" "UH HUH," "SURE, HONEY," OR "YES, DEAR" Translated: Absolutely nothing. It's a conditioned response. "IT WOULD TAKE TOO LONG TO EXPLAIN" Translated: "I have no idea how it works." "I WAS LISTENING TO YOU. IT'S JUST THAT I HAVE THINGS ON MY MIND." Translated: "That girl standing on the corner is a real babe." "TAKE A BREAK HONEY, YOU'RE WORKING TOO HARD." Translated: "I can't hear the game over the vacuum cleaner." "THAT'S INTERESTING, DEAR." Translated: "Are you still talking?" "YOU KNOW HOW BAD MY MEMORY IS." Translated: "I remember the theme song to 'F Troop', the address of the first girl I ever kissed, and the vehicle identification numbers of every car I've ever owned, but I forgot our anniversary." "I WAS JUST
My First Blog Here
Checkout my show at
Language Barrier No Longer...
I think I am getting the hang of this new kind of slang gangsta talkity speak… I thought a brick was something bricklayers used to make buildings, and houses, and shit, turns out it means that it is “cold”…as in “Turn up the heat, it’s brick in here!” I also thought “biscuits” were something you ate…it now means your shoes are old and dirty, however not to be mistaken for “kicks” which are shiny new shoes. “Bling” is no longer a sound effect(not to be mistaken for affect) but rather shiny gold jewelry…but on the flip side of that we now wear “ice” which are diamonds instead of putting it in a glass of soda and such. “I am going to jam”…make an exit…not, have jam…on my toast. We use to cook on the grill now a “grill” is your teeth, with or without braces, some people even purchase new “grills” made out of “bling” and or “ice”…sweet! which actually used to mean something tasted as such but now means that is really cool not to be mistaken as cold because that would be “brick” and
I am sitting here at the house bored as hell not wanting to go to work this morning, I know it is going to be a long rough day, Kids need this and that and it is cold and nasty out! Just wish I could climb back in my nice warm bed and sleep all day! But that just can't happen cuz if I do then nothing will get done and everything will fall to shit! Have to be down town at 9:30 then to work for the rest of the day till I come home and take care of everyone here, Maybe when I get home I will just go to bed and let them grab and grawl, on what they eat for dinner, hell there are plenty of leftovers!! Well thats it for now
Phone Number
M I L F... One Of These I Would Like One
yea i want a m i l f one time in my life... hhhmmm... Is Hiring
Hello my name is DJ Security i work for We are currently looking for DJ's, Advertising staff, and Security for when we do our live shows. Note if you want to DJ you have to be willing to travel for our live shows if you have any questions about DJing or advertising please contact or for any information. Plus we now do Web Hosting and Streaming if you want any information on this please contact we have a stinkeyeradio lounge here and on second life. If you decide to fill out an application for employment please go to and click on the DJ application link. You will need a referral to apply you can put DJ Security that is me. My yahoo is if you want to contact me. thank you and have a nice day
~~~~~~~~~~~~Wondering About You~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Laying in bed last night, I wondered how often you think of me. I wondered how often would we have sex - or maybe I should rephrase that and say I wondered how often we might sleep. There are a million things that go through my head at night, alone in the dark. ~One thing is for sure the next time I am able to have you in my bed I am going to make sure you clearly remember me and keep wanting me. I suppose that I would start out by kissing you. You know those kinds of kisses that make you melt against the other person. The kind of kisses that make you think the world just stopped and it is the two of us. The kiss that leaves you wanting and needing more. The kiss would be the start of things. ~I would relearn your body from head to toe and everything in between. I would kiss your body slowly and softly. Making sure that I would pay attention to your chest and nipples, since I have found out that turns you on. I
Autism Awareness
Alot of you have been asking where to make a donation to aGem4Life's Autism Awareness. Please click any of the pictures and they will take you to her donation page where you can make a donation for as much as you wish! Thank you all for your support in this effort to understand autism and call awareness to the many children who are affected by it! If you go through Autism Speaks they don't take donations smaller than $25. If you would like to make a donation but can not do $25 you can use paypal
I Guess
I guess you just don't know how much it hurts. I cannot think you know and just don't care. Destiny provides one's just deserts By turning out one just as would be fair. Just as a child learns to its delight That lying sets one fabulously free, So you say "love" to get the rapture right, Getting so the most you can from me. And then, of course, you tire of your pleasure, As those who seek but pleasure often do, And sacrifice by far the greater treasure Upon the altar where you worship you. Justice would demand you be the fool, But you are far more ignorant than cruel.
today sucks. it went awesome at first then everything went downhill. i smoked a little today but thats gone by now. I just wanna joose and to relax soemwhere. im tired and exhausted. march has been a rough month but whatever. i am now with a guy i wanna be with and away from the one i didnt wanna be with. the one i dont want is constantly trying to get back with me and the one i do wanna be with makes me smile everyday.
The pain of a girl, the tears that she cries, she feels there is no option, only to die. Instead she endures the pain, the things that she sees, and now realizes that love is a tease. A broken heart that never heals, only hatred inside is what she feels. Not hatred to anyone, but herself. Time will tell if things will change, but it seems it stays the same. She cannot love, she cannot hate, she does not understand her fate. She cries and cries alone at night, because what she sees is an ugly sight. Not on the outside, only in, and this is a battle she just can't win. The wounds in her soul are so deep, that at night she does not sleep. The things she has done haunts her mind, rage and hatred both combind. If things don't get better, she'll just give up. when she has no friends left to care, the pain is just too much to bare. She continues to cry and cry with each passing day, And then finally the feling has gone away. No more pain, no
Lucila Punzalan
Iz It Just Me....
Sup pplz! Well after being offline for a few dayz i was actually lookin forward to gettin back online, i mean it wasnt like i missed much really cus the person who means the most to me i communicate in other ways besides the pc. I seriously dont kno why it seems like everytime things seem to be going good or im actually happy for always fails! I kno u shudnt never really trust sumone completely online but after talkin to sumone day in and day out, its hard not to develop feelings and trust is a big one for me! Anutha thing, i just dont kno why sum females like to provoke, or like to try to start childish shyt! I mean grow the fuck up and leave me the hell alone...i wud really hate for simple bytchs to be a reason for me to give up sumone i really care about! For the most part i keep to myself on here, dont bother other females and i am respectful to all friends male and female alike...especially if i kno this persons gf/bf is on the site. Shyt i wud appreciate
Dreamers (written 1/23/08
I realize I was in a dark place when I wrote this blog entry back then. I have come a long way since then. I just wanted to share this and reflect a bit for myself as to where I was at that time and where I am now. Here it is. There are good things and bad things about being a Dreamer. Dreamers have really great dreams and when they are made into reality they affect the world in a positive way. They take the idea that was in that dream and use it to drive themselves to go further in life. It takes a dreamer to make amazing works of art, write amazing books and it even takes a dreamer to become a musician or a dancer. The downside to being a dreamer is you live in a fantasyworld quite a bit. Sometimes when you are like me you have a hard time distinguishing the two and what was a reality you think is a dream and what is a dream is your reality so to speak. It leads to a destructive path at times because you tend to think what was in your head is actually happe
For A Dear Friend
A friend of mine made this for Lady Kate and I agree 100% with everything she said. Please keep this goin and help her reach her goal of becomin fubars newest godmother before Friday. I will be doin everything I can to help her out. Thanks to everyone in advance! ~Donna Okay ya all i got to bring this to ur alls attention I got the very dear friend & she just simply amazes me!! She been fighting a fight tht no1 should go through but yet SHE WONT give up.... It's not in her nature!! The Fight she is fighting is The Fight Against Cancer!! Which she has been fighting for awhile... She has gone through surgery after surgery treatment after treatment & is still fighting the gd fight She has the strenght like no other person i knw.... The biggest heart u could ever come a
I'm very personable & easy to talk to, a good listener, ambitious. Very honest, open; probably the most caring person you'll ever know, and love children. I'm very romantic and like to cuddle. Can be trustworthy, faithful, outgoing, a great listener and very understanding. I'd describe myself as intelligent, well educated, attractive, sociable, and caring. Honest,truthful, confidant, affectionate, sincere, loving, passionate, spontaneous, with a great sense of humor, energetic, open-minded; responsible and serious when I have to be. I respect everyone for who they are and would like to be treated in a similar way myself. I love to find new experience and to share them with someone close, but I have no special person in my life to share my dreams and excitements with. My ideal partner would be someone who knows how to listen with his heart but can answer with his mind, confident and mature clever, and well educated; I want to find someone to treat me as good as I treat them. Someone who
{you} Played Ureself
All you ever did was tell me lies, Didn't you ever see that I was never suprised-You thought I was a fool,You thought I couldn't see-You thought you were playin' me- I think you were confused, I think you still are confused-You Played ureself '. You think that I wouldn't catch you,You didn't know that I knew, You still don't know.You didn't know how I knew. You didn't think you're girl would tell on you,You didn't think the others who knew would tell on you- You played ureself She was you're best friend in your eyes, but she told me the flip side, I guess she told me cause she wanted in my life,I was too good for your ass anyway.If you've seen her plan-You would've known I was the man that she desired to have.You were too blind to see-You played ureself '. I waited for you to throw you're cards,and you played it-but playin them didn't get you far enough,cause you played ureself '....
Back In Business
Hello all. Just wanted to let you all know that I am back in great health and feeling wonderful. It was a hard road for recovery after my surgery. but I feel like a million Bucks... Keep an eye out for my Birthday Blast. If you happen to see it please screen shot and send it to me. I have yet to see it. I am back in the lounge too. Working on making it the best lounge ever. Please come by and show me some love. MySpace Graphics & MySpace Awesome music, awesome Staff, NSFW (Adults only) Hope to see you there.
A Guy Asks A Girl
I stole this from Manly's mumms, he is a good buddy of mine. He is always making us laugh. Thank You Manly, Your Rock! There is a factory in Northern Minnesota which makes the Tickle Me Elmo Toys. The toy laughs when you tickle it under the arms. Well, Lena is hired at The Tickle Me Elmo factory and she reports for her first day promptly at 8:00 AM. The next day at 8:45 AM there is a knock at the Personnel Manager's door. The Foreman throws open the door and begins to rant about the new employee. He complains that she is incredibly slow and the whole line is backing up, putting the entire production line behind schedule. The Personnel Manager decides he should see this for himself, so the 2 men march down to the factory floor. When they get there the line is so backed up that there are Tickle Me Elmo's all over the factory floor and they're really beginning to pile up. At the end of the line stood Lena surrounded by mountains of Tickle Me Elmo's. She had a roll of p
Come See This!
Page By LiL_Star Artwork ©Ed Mironiuk
Creed To Live By
Don't undermine your worth by comparing yourself to others It is because we are different that each of us is special Don't set your goals by what other people deem important Only you know what is best for you Don't take for granted the things closest to your heart Cling to them as you would your life for without them life is meaningless Don't let life slip through your fingers by living in the past or for the future By living one day at a time you live all the days of your life Don't give up when you still have something to give Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying Don't be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect It is the fragile thread that binds us to each other Don't be afraid to encounter risks It is by taking chances that we learn to be brave Don't shut love out of your life by saying it is impossible to find The quickest way to receive love is to give love The fastest way to lose love is to hold i
My Fubar Family - Give Em Love
At times we all hit a wall and wonder WTF is going on ......... I read these quotes to remind myself, its not me ......... ************************************************* We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success; we often discover what will do, by finding out what will not do; and probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery ..... ************************************************* Take the good until you find something better, and in search for something better do not let the good slip away from you or die out. If you disregard it despite its worth, and pursue something better, what you had escapes you; but if you remain attached to what is good, you will always have it if nothing better follows ....... ************************************************* Love is a space in which all other emotions can be experienced ......... ************************************************* If you would learn the secret of right
Sci-fi & Fantasy
Magic Touch: Prelude by dragontatto Planet Venus, Sister Planet of Earth, 2103 Grace O'Connor spun around happily, showing her mother, her prom dress. It was a full skirted affair with off the shoulder sleeves in a pale blue. When she had first seen it in the window of store she knew that it was everything that she could have asked for. "It's lovely, dear." Her mother said affectionately. "You will knock his socks off." "Mother!" Gracie protested "How many times do I have to remind you that Rand is going with me as a friend? He'll be expected to marry a princess one day. He's not looking for a serious relationship. I'm a safe date to take to the prom." "So you say, my love. But don't forget the prophesy." "Aw, Mother. I can't believe that you believe something that Auntie Clara told you when I was but a few minutes old?" "Auntie Clara has always been right, sweetheart. She says that you will find your true mate during the final dance of the prom." "Yes, I kn
Check It Out...more Writing
I don't only write about sex for my is a book review that I did. The 'Skinny' on eating healthy Stop feeding your face with shit and you will get skinny. I am not so sure that it is quite that easy, but according to the authors of the trendy book "Skinny Bitch," that in combination with a few other lifestyle changes will help you become the skinny bitch you have always wanted to be. I started this book thinking it was going to be about another fad diet. A diet that helps you lose 50 pounds and then gain 75 as soon as you go off it. I also was skeptical because the book is actually written by two skinny bitches. What girl, or guy for that matter, wants to hear two skinny bitches tell them to give up fat ass bad habits - like smoking, drinking alcohol, guzzling diet soda like water and eating shit - I sure don't. But as I read the book, I actually understood and respected the points they were trying to make. And they weren't really preaching giving up bad
Moved To Amarillo Texas
so yeah i moved to amarillo texas...been up here since march 14th...and im lovin it... and im becoming a correctional work at the prison here.... good times good times.... moving is the best thing ive done so far this year lol
I have been dating for about 2 yrs now and the men or shall i say boys I have come across have been needy, insecure, sensitive, drunks or just plain pathetic. Aren't I supposed to be the one to ask If you think I am attracted or be ms sensitive I mean its nice to have a sensitive guy but when he starts acting a lil too sensitive theres something wrong. I came across another that just wanted to be joined at the hip wanted me to move in in the first week and every phonecall I got was What are you doing?, where are you?, and who are you with? Ummmmm (looks at hands) I did not know I was married and even if I was you do not need to know EVERY step I take or whether or not I am really taking a shit in the bathroom.. Excuse my expression. I just want something simple no drama no questioning like a detective, If I didnt give you a reason for you to think I am cheating Why accuse me of it? Just because your ex's cheated and treated you like shit does not mean I am going to be the
Wanna Own Me?
Wanna own me? just click the picture below and make a offer!!!
well, im new to this whole fubar thing. im used to myspace and facebook and this is different from either of those. im basicall just here to meet new people and have fun. i just moved back to the cf area, iv lived here most my life but moved away a couple years ago. message me sometime if ya wanna chat :)
June 02, 2008 Pisces (2/19-3/20) The greatest thing about the energy you'll be feeling today is that it will give you all the focus you need to take the most complicated ideas and make them simple enough for anyone to understand. That makes today a wonderful day for teaching people things or showing someone how to do something. You are a born teacher, although you rarely get the chance to play that role to your full potential. You can communicate with others in a way no one else can.
1 question. 1 chance. 1 honest answer. Thats all you get. You get to ask me 1 question. Any question, anything, no matter how crazy dirty or wrong it is. No catch. But I dare you to repost this. And see what people ask you. FuMail me and see what happens
Ufc's Chuck Iceman Lidell Drunk Interview
Tattoo Contest
Part Of Life
Girlfriend Application
Girls And Guys Night Out!
Little Me....
Ok so I am trying to figure out this midget deal. I just noticed it was on here but not sure what it really does for me. So if you read this and you know something, give my dumb a$$ the info. Thanks!
stop by scooters and head bang with us all imikimi - sharing creativity
Help Level Sweetpeabayba!
Hello my lovely Fubarians my Fu-Wifey in need of some help!! I don't ask often so i hope you don't mind!! She only needs like 60,000 to level!!! So head on over bling, rate bomb, comments!!! Whatever you got give it to her!!!
The Hottest Girl I Have Ever Seen
ash wants you@ fubar
Naughty Girl
You Were Naughty This Year You Were 80% Naughty, 20% Nice You may not have been good this year... But you sure had a really good time. And nothing from Santa could top that! Were You a Naughty Girl or Nice Girl this Year?
People !
ok ok .. so yeah im the quiet type, i keep myself to myself, i do how ever watch people .. and for some unknown reason .. not that this bothers me . jus wanted to pen it ,, well some ppl keep moving ma ass in the daytime .. further down family lists etc . and then come the evening .. i get moved back up ... LMFAO .. why not jus keep me in one damn place yanno ... i'm not stupid .. well not much anyways .. n e ways thats ma rant :D
Meets The Eye
May you know that a wisdom and a love transcend the things you will see and touch today. Walk in this light each step of the way. Never forget that there is more to this existence than the material side of things. And be blessed when you suddenly become aware of it: in the smile of a child, in the recognition of your own soul's existence,in the dread of death, and in the longing for immortality.
What's What With The What What?
Twenty seven year old single mother in Jacksonville Florida. Seeking friends and sugar daddy's... Which will you be? I need someone that can be a true friend because I certainly am.
Veracity Or Deception
“We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only little by little at a truth we find bitter.” ~Denis Diderot There always seems to be this constant struggle, or even debate amongst society, about whether it is appropriate to tell a lie rather then the truth; in order to manipulate certain situations. I myself am torn on a daily basis between what is right and what is wrong , and am often left at the end of the day contemplating the things I have said. At one point in my life I had been compulsive at times with my lying, saying whatever, whenever, to whomever just to pacify my way through life. But since those days I have changed, feeling that I should abide by nothing but the truth- regardless of how jarring it may be. So why is it most days, I feel like the truth has brought me nothing but an abundance of ill-fate and grief? I have learned that the power words can wield may be tremendous, and I now feel there is a necessary balance that should be r
Forget Him
Forget the way he held your hand Forget the way you played in the sand Forget the way he winked his eye Forget the way his smile made you die Forget they way he walked along Remember now that it's all gone Forget the way you kept him warm And stayed together during the storm Forget the calls on the phone Remember how he was never home? Forget how he made you a bet Remember the ring you never did get? Forget the day he asked you out And remember what it was all about Forget the day you couldn't be beat Remember the day he decided to cheat Forget all of the good times you had Forget them all, but remember the bad
Wws Levelers
Playboy Fantasy Club
New Party! R/F/A All members in the party (if you come across someone alresdy on your friends list send them a profile comment saying playboy fantasy party) Once you have added everyone please send a private message to both Summer and Tracy Thank you. Owner Summer~Uk~Leveler~Brit~Bomber~4~Sarges~Badgirls ~Fu~Owned~By~Tracy~@ fubar Owner ****TrAcY mEmBeR oF fuBaR uK wOrLd cRuIsE ******MeMbEr Of ThE bOoZe CrUiSe**@ fubar Co-Owner nath&ellie@
Helping Friends
Ok all, recently I found out the other day that someone on here had committed suicide, no I will not name names and I think it's high time that if somebody has a problem and they are considering taking there own life, they need to get a hold of a friend on here and/or call 911 or go to too! Now I would be more than happy to listen/read if somebody is having a problem and maybe just maybe I can help because to be quite honest and blunt, I don't like the thought of suicide for one and I damn sure wouldn't want anyone of my friends whether it be in real life or on Fubar or whatever the site is to be even remotely considering suicide, that isn't my cup of tea at all and I will do what I can, if not out of my experiences to help that person out, besides isn't that what friends are supposed to be for besides spending time with them and having fun but also to lean on them when the friend is having problems with god knows what.
Get 3 Fat Checks For The Work Of 1!
For All My Fans
I am trying to put up new pictures but my computer keps freezing but i'll have them up soon :)
Heartbreak & Love Is It All It's Cracked Up To Be?
Weekend Pimp Out For 2 Special Friends - (please Repost My Bully All Weekend Too) Thanks!
This weekend is my pimpout for two special friends on here, they have both been stuck at Fu-King far too long and are both very near to Godfather! They are both great friends and are always there to rate others, so lets repay their kindness and level them! ✞CHAINS 301™✞@ fubar Mini~Mike™@ fubar This pimpout was brought to you by ~*MȆäL §äÑĐư *~[real life] partner of~*K¡ŋĐ®έĐ_§p¡®¡†™*~@ fubar
Have You?
Are you on these trains yet? They are fun! Check them out! Click the links, rate the blogs, and hop on!!! Help Hazeleyed Soldier! Hop on my birthday train! Guestbook Train Take a Ride With the Beatles Stoner's 420 Train My Midget Can Beat Your Midget! Oh and by the way .... Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Team LOVE Captain ~ Fu Owned by Steve!@ fubar
The Squeeze Box Auction
Want A Blue Diamond
What Is Love?
What happens when it fails? When you still have no idea where to start looking and no one to turn to for help because those that know think one of two things either A: think the idea of you ever finding the woman you know as the one, doesn't exist. Or B: Smile at such a silly notion thought up by a young man with an imagination too big for his own good. People constantly tell me there is no such thing as perfection. I should tell you...I'm not looking for perfection. She wasn't perfect by any means, but she was mine... This is the part of the show where I start to think too much...yet again. Is it wrong of me to miss something that never existed to any of you? Think of me what you will, but for two years I was in love. I wish to feel what it's like to be in love with someone I can touch. Someone I can hold. Not just someone I have to dream about because that's the only way I could ever get to her. And of course none of you know what I'm looking for...I could however give you
Mixed Up World
ive been there and done that, im looking for miss right. help!!!!!!!!!!
Cheating Hurts
Cheating Hurts READ the ENTIRE thing ! ! ! Girl: is on the couch making out with a hot guy, her cellphone rings... Girl:Hey babe, I'll be right back. I need to take this call. Boy: Yeah okay. Sure. She walks into the next room. Girl: Hey! What's up? Guy [on her cellphone]: Nothing, hey hun, do you think we could go do something later tonight? What are the chances my boss let me get out early. Girl: Yeah, sounds great! Guy [on her cellphone]: Okay. I'm right by your house, I'll come to get you now. Girl: That's not such a good idea... Guy [on her cellphone]: Why not? Girl: I'm busy right now... sorry. Guy [on her cellphone]: With what? It's our anniversary! You didn't make any other plans did you...? In her head she yells, CRAP! Throws clothes back on quickly. Girl: No No... I was just eating... with the family. Guy [on her cellphone]: But I thought you said your family was away this weekend, up at your resort? The guy walks into her ho
LETS HELP Imagine BECOME A GODMOTHER IF WE CAN THERES 409 PICS AND SHE HAS SOME STASH ALSO Imagine~2nd Alarm Hottie~Owned By: Fireman 73 & THX1138~Owner of: Mr.Diamond-Rocky4Life-RavinJuggalo@ fubar BROUGHT TO YOU BY $Dj' BABY BOY${D.S.C}Pimp of the Pu$$cat Playmates Owned by ~ CynzDreams ~& Naughty by Nature~@ fubar
Just Life
I'm In A Holloween Auction!
this site is so fuckin shite.full of arseholes and tarts.why dont you lot all fuck off n get a much crap,so goodbye n bollocks to the lot of ya
Just Simply Beautiful
his music just touches my soul, and when i am struggling , as in now his verbage is so beautiful it helps.
My Personality Test Results...
Disorder | Rating Paranoid: Low Schizoid: Low Schizotypal: High Antisocial: Moderate Borderline: Moderate Histrionic: High Narcissistic: Moderate Avoidant: Very High Dependent: Very High Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate URL of the test: URL for more info:
Sheep Sleep
What do sheep count jumping the gate to help them sleep i wonder.....hhmmmm.
Thank You
YOU ALL ROCK!! Thank you all for helping me to GodMother during my first Happy Hour! A HUGE ROCKIN FOCKIN FU THANK YOU You all are the best friends a girl could have and I have mad love for each of you! My HH was bought to you by the letters S.U.P.E.R.M.A.N. (You are the turtle to my snail) hehe: Dakota21220
listen. i know youre reading this. whatever happened, im truly sorry. i didint mean to ruin everything. all i ever wanted was to make you happy and see your smiling face. if i could hold you in my arms for just a minute id be the happiest man on earth. im miserable without you. i miss you like crazy, and your not talking to me is making things worse. i dont know how to express what im losing... but i know its the best girl ive ever met. i love you. i miss you. i dont know what to do. im lost without you. Coming home at night, No one has called all day, No one to keep me company, No one to watch me slip away. Wanting someone to talk to, But there is no one to call, Wanting someone to care, But no one cares at all. Pacing endlessly, Looking for something to take the pain, Searching my heart and soul, Trying to find something there again. The seconds pass like hours, The hours pass like days, My heart burns all the time, Som
Taggggg You're It..
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 10 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. 1. I had no idea Casey's real name is Mary... 2. I waxed my chest once, and i almost pissed myself in pain 3. I hate pickles 4. I used to DJ on the weekends in Tampa, I know hard to believe if you know what I do for a living now... 5. I organize my dirty laundry by colors 6. I'm addicted to my IPOD and ITUNES 7. I killed a dog when I was 9, he bit me and I retaliated... 8. I'm actually pretty shy in person...for the first 5 9. I can't stand fu-hookers...seriously... 10. I'm actually not registered to vote as a Republican, but as an Independent 11. My family thinks I'm an under-achiever 12. I have an obsession with 13. I'm
I got pics..I will put them on here soon....
Hot Hot And Hotter
Well it thought i would give this one more try, anyone out there from the 206?
Don't Do This!
I am bored with love and it's passionless limbs that drape over my bed in a lethargic state of impotence while wearing the same red heart my soul picked up hitchhiking off highway serendipity Now here we are alone in togetherness trying to build dreams with two by fours and glue, but even a home won't tie us together when our hearts live alone Poetic vows cliched into nothingness like all words do, eventually and we allowed our bodies to become another pair of hollow shadows that make love to a wall instead of each other and we wonder why the roses are dying Hi Sexy, Your pics turns me on...WOW,U have got all what every fella would ask from a chic..If you dont mind,I would love to get to know you,Can you meet me on yahoo IM,chat with me or send me email, name is Bola,I am a 20 yrs old Nigerian Male,I know its very hard to see honest and truthful guys now adays but i want you to know that the person writing you now is Honest,kind,truthf
The Pegasus Project
Panties In A Bunch
What the hell is up with the idiots on here flagging pics that have been up for a while. Give your opinion and if you are one of those haters well screw you and go else where if you don't like the pics.
Am I Please Tell Me Am I Sexual Stalker And Pervert
Ok Ladies, I have talked to EACH of you personally and most of you on a daily basis. Up until recently I was seeing someone as you ALL know and I made it known I was taken. WELL, that being said the So-Called Fire Chief is spreading around rumors that I am a Sexual Deviant and Pervert (Which May Be True) but, HAVE I EVER BEEN ANYTHING BUT RESPECTFUL TO YOU LADIES??? I compliment you but, I keep it respectful and honest. I don't lie to you or tell you bull. If I say I'm gonna do something I do it. It may take me a few days but I get it done as fast as I can. So PLEASE comment here on how I have treated and talked to you. I feel we have a GREAT family starting here and I DO NOT want lies messing that up. So please EVERYONE comment About what you think of me as a person, even if its BAD I will NOT delete it. Thanks Ladies for being apart of ALL This I Appreciate You All "Colonel"
im a type of girl u cant fuck wit being Mexican Italian German im hot headed so watch out if i don't like what u say i might just ignore u or just stop talking to u im a Gemini i have 2 sides of me
I Am By Michelle Guppy
I am the little engine that did. When on my journey in life, my tracks led me to a mountain - a diagnosis of Autism - I looked at it with defeat - thinking there was no way I could climb over it. I then pondered the obstacle before me, and I then said to myself over and over, "I think I can, I think I can...," then I slowly started climbing the mountain saying to myself over and over, "I know I can, I know I can,...." and then I made it over that ominous diagnosis of Autism and continued my journey. I am the little engine that did. I am more devoted than Noah's wife. I am cooped up in this "houseboat" for 365 days and 365 nights a year, constantly taking care of and cleaning up after my "herd of animals." And when the storms of isolation and monotony become most unbearable, I do not jump ship. Instead I wait for the rainbow that is sure to come. I am Xena. Real life warrior goddess of Autism. With my steel plated armor I can fight anyone who gets in the way of progress for my child. I
Loving Life
dud i was as wild one year ago as they come here in tenn. then i found out about this man named Jesus when he was alive he loved me when he died he saved me when he was barred he carried my sins away he freed me when he arose
To Write Love On Her Arms
this is a cause near and dear to my hearts so i am dedicating an entire blog to information about To write love on her arms, the following is the story behind it To Write Love On Her Arms Pedro the Lion is loud in the speakers, and the city waits just outside our open windows. She sits and sings, legs crossed in the passenger seat, her pretty voice hiding in the volume. Music is a safe place and Pedro is her favorite. It hits me that she won't see this skyline for several weeks, and we will be without her. I lean forward, knowing this will be written, and I ask what she'd say if her story had an audience. She smiles. "Tell them to look up. Tell them to remember the stars." I would rather write her a song, because songs don't wait to resolve, and because songs mean so much to her. Stories wait for endings, but songs are brave things bold enough to sing when all they know is darkness. These words, like most words, will be written next to midnight, between hurricane and h
Naughty/semi Naughty
"NAUGHTY APPLiCATiON" (Copy and Paste the entire application in a fu-mail to me. Fill it out and send..) 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position ? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. How long would we have sex? 7. lights on or off? 8. Would you have to be drunk? 9. Would you take a shower with me? 10. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 11. Would you leave after or stay the night? 12. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 13. Condom or skin? 14. Do you give Oral pleasures? 15. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 16. Have sex on the first date? 17. Would you kiss me during sex? 18. Do you think I would be good in bed? 19. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Can I use you as a booty call? 23. Do you like foreplay? 24. What is foreplay to you? 25. Can we take pictures of the act? 26. Would you tell your friends about
420 Daddy
if you cant find something to do its on you out with you w/balls to wall
The Big Decision...
A man wakes up in the hospital, bandaged from head to foot. The doctor comes in and says, 'Ah, I see you've regained consciousness. Now, you probably won't remember, but you were in a pile-up on the freeway. You're going to be okay, you'll walk again and everything, but..... something happened. I'm trying to break this gently, but the fact is, your willy was chopped off in the wreck and we were unable to find it.' The man groans, but the doctor goes on, 'You've got $9000 in insurance compensation coming and we have the technology now to build you a new willy that will work as well as your old one did -better in fact! But the thing is, it doesn't come cheap. It's $1000 an inch.' The man perks up at this. 'So,' the doctor says, 'it's for you to decide how many inches you want. But it's something you'd better discuss with your wife. I mean, if you had a five inch one before, and you decide to go for a nine incher, she might be a bit put out. But if you had a nine inch one before
Dating Online
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. [2228] anti gay marriage article Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. marginwidth=
Dating Online
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Dating Online
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current Mood:apathetic Category: Blogging You cannot make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic, and then give in. One good turn gets most of the blankets. No matter how much I care, some people are just jackasses. It takes years to build up trust, and it only takes suspicion - not proof - to destroy it. Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defense. I've learned that whatever hits the fan will not be evenly distributed. You shouldn't compare yourself to others - they are more screwed up than you think. Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm. It is not what you wear; it is how you take it off. You can keep vomiting long after you think you're finished. I've learned to not sweat the petty things, and not pet the sweaty things. Ex's are like fungus, and keep coming back. Age is a very high price to pay for maturity. We are responsible for what we do, unless we are celebrities. Arti
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I'm asking for your help again! Message: Hey guys, my buds band made it into the final four of March Bandness. The winner will win thousands of dollars in equipment and money...get a year of radio play on a major market station and studio time to record an album. I am asking all of you to please please go to this link and vote for Xit27. You can vote over and over just by refreshing the page. I would appreciate it and if any of you want me to rtf with something, then let me know and I will. Send this link to all your friends to, please.

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