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Ahh... the Autobahn! It's a wonderful road to drive if you like going fast. It is not, however, the greatest route to drive if you're hauling a Little Tykes plastic house in the bed of your truck. So there I was bringing home a plastic house I bought from a friend. I had a deep freezer in the bed of the truck as well holding the house in place. I frequently checked the rear view mirror to check how the load was doing. All of a sudden the house begins to tip some from the wind. (The whole time my buddy is following me in his car since it's his deep freezer I'm transporting for him.) Then the damn roof of the house and 2 walls go flying out of my truck. AHHHHHH!!!!! NO!!!!!!! I quickly flip on my hazards and pull over on the 12 inch shoulder that probably wasn't even a shoulder to begin with. I jump outta the truck and go running back to the house in the middle of the road. Now picture a pregnant woman running up the autobahn, holding her belly and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Oh yeah laugh it up fuckers, laugh it up! I go running past my friend in his car and he's looking at me with this lost look on his face. I finally get back to the pieces of the house when he comes strolling up telling me to be careful. Damn it guy I would think a little bit of a hustle would have been in order since it is the highway and the pieces were blocking 1 of 2 lanes that were open due to construction. So we drag the pieces back to the truck and shove them in the bed and tie them down with my tow straps and head on our merry way. I drove like a little old lady for the rest of the trip not going any faster than 100kph. So the Autobahn... Great to drive it... Not great to run it!
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